Rock Band

I am a huge fan of music.  I can never get enough.  Rock Band, in my opinion is such a great, interactive way for me to enjoy something I like so much.  I love being able to hang out with four of my buddies (sometimes after a couple...  or many drinks) and playing those little plastic guitars until we can't keep our eyes open any longer.   
Gradually though I have noticed something a bit troubling.  I am getting slightly older (only 25 at the time of writing this).  My friends and my wife are not as interested in playing as I am anymore.  I have a closet full of instruments that aren't being used and every time I suggest a good old "Rock Band" night, more and more I see some eye rolling.  
Why the hell would anyone get tired of drunken Rock Band is totally beyond me :)
With the addition of the pro series guitar and the new keyboard; I am totally excited about Rock Band 3.  I am also an actual guitar player.  So it is really appealing to me to be able to continue working on my real guitar skills even while playing one of my favorite genre of games.  Of course, we have yet to see how well the pro Strat is going to actually work.  I would imagine that common little mistakes made on a real guitar that do not effect your playing, could really screw up your score on Rock Band.  But maybe that will just make me that much more precise in my actual guitar playing.
I mostly wrote this to complete a quest...  and the topic is really due to the fact that everywhere I look in my mancave there is a plastic instrument of some sort.  I do love music though and Rock Band is just another way for me to enjoy it. 
Maybe I can make writing in my blog a regular thing...  but of course that is what I said about my actual blog... that did not last long. 
-Roflgar OUT!