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Well it's that time of year again where everyone is making their top whatever of whatever lists, so while I'm not big into the whole blogging thing, I thought what the heck, why not jump on the bandwagon and create my own year end lists. Like most people, I wasn't able to play everything that came out this year, but I managed to play most of the heavy hitters. (If you're interested in seeing the games I managed to play, check out my2011 Games I Playedlist)

Honorable Mentions

Top 10 of 2011

Most Disappointing - Games I was either expecting more from or didn't enjoy as mush as everyone else seemed to.

Most Surprisingly Good - Games I enjoyed but everyone else seemed to either dislike or straight up hated

Funniest - Games that legitimately made me laugh

Best Looking - Technical

Best Looking - Artistic

Favorite Story - The stories I enjoyed most this year.

Worst Story - The stories I thought were either disappointing, poorly written/told, or just plain dumb

Favorite Ending - The endings that were the most satisfying to me this year

Most Improved Sequel - The game I thought was leaps and bounds better than the one that came before it

Best Debut - Favorite new game to come out in 2011

Favorite Voice Actor - My favorite voice acting performances

  • 10 - Sonita Henry (Ellie Langford - Dead Space 2)
  • 09 - Mark Hamill ( The Joker - Batman Arkham City)
  • 08 - Gregory Ellis (Johnson - Shadows of the Damned)
  • 07 - Eve Myles (Merrill - Dragon Age 2)
  • 06 - Nolan North (Nathan Drake - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)
  • 05 - Emily Rose (Elena Fisher - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)
  • 04 - Ellen McLain (GLaDOS - Portal 2)
  • 03 - Gunner Wright (Issac Clarke - Dead Space 2)
  • 02 - Stephen Merchant (Wheatley - Portal 2)
  • 01 - Troy Baker (Default male voice - Saints Row: The Third)

Favorite New Character

  • Wheatley - Portal 2

My 2011's 2010 Game of the Year - The Game that released in 2010 and I was still playing in 2011

Top 10 Games I'm looking forward to in 2012

If you are someone who read any of this...A) Like I said, I didn't get to play all the games that came out this year such as Skyrim, Skyward Sword and Resistance 3 and as you can tell by the lists above, I have some tastes in games that don't match "popular opinion," so you are probably going to completely disagree with my choices and think I'm crazy, but remember it's my own personal list...B) Damn you must be really bored and have absolutely nothing better to do, but thanks for reading anyways

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NFS Hot Pursuit 2 is my favorite racing game, so I'm really looking forward to see what Criterion does with this new Hot Pursuit

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Terminator TSCC

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Star Trek

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Took me 73 hours on normal. I took my time and explored everywhere. I did all the loyalty missions, took all the conversation paths with crew members to their end point, did all the side quests and N7 missions, talked to everyone I came across, scaned over 50% of the planets to depletion untill I realized I had way more minerals then I needed to get all the upgrades, bought almost all the things that stores had to offer accept for maybe 2 or 3 items, reached level 30 and got everyone out alive.

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 Inception, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass and Prince of Persia

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 F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

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Possible Top 10 2010 list

1. Mass Effect 2

The first Mass Effect is my favorite game this gen, so Mass 2 is at the top of my list. I'm looking forward to learning about the new characters and finding out how my choices from the first game affect this one.

2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

I am a big fan of this series especially Chaos Theory, so im looking forward to playing the next chapter in Sam Fisher's story. I like what Ubisoft Montreal is doing with the presentation of this game and the mark and execute looks awesome

3. Heavy Rain

Story is the main reason I play games, I don't bother with muti-player, so Heavy Rain is right up my ally. I also really liked Indigo Prophecy, so i'm interested to see what Quantic Dream has up their sleeve's with this one.

4. Dead Space 2

Dead Space was my game of the year in 2008, so more Dead Space sounds good to me.

5. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

I loved the over-the-top bat shit crazy style, the simple but flashy and fun combat and characters of the first NMH's, so to get a chance to revisit Santa Destroy again is something i'm looking forward too.

6. Bayonetta

I enjoy the Devil May Cry series, and Bayonetta look's like that but with a female lead instead of Dante, and an even more over-the-top style.

7. God of War III

I just recently finished playing the God of War collection and remembering how awesome the second game was and how it ended, got me looking forward to seeing how a God of War game on the PS3 will turn out and how the story ends.

8. Alpha Protocol

I hope this game turns out good because Splinter Cell meets Mass Effect is an interesting concept to me.

9. Red Dead Redemption

I never played the first Red Dead game, but I am still looking forward to RDR. I liked GTA, and I like western themed games, so a combination of the two sounds like fun.

10. BioShock 2

The only reason this one is not higher on the list is because i'm worried how the game will turn out without Ken Levine and his team heading up the project. Everything i've seen from Bioshock 2 just looks like more Bioshock, which isn't a bad thing, I just don't think it will be as special or have the same impact on me as the first Bioshock did.

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