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Im calling it now Vbomb and Mirror Vbomb team up

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i woke up thinking this was a joke that there honeymoon was over and now Ryan was a changed man but this is real and im not sure how to feel even though it been a year sense i discovered this site i feel as if Ryan been a part of my life for years i will miss him his charisma in podcast and opinions always made me smile my heart goes out to the rest of the crew his poor wife i can only imagine how horrible this must be for her all i can think is FUCK RYAN DAVIS your gone too soon from this world

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@hellbound: looking at Birth by sleep will set up villain for 3 and who sora going to help but ya you should be good

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@bunnymud: cause its held like a blade also main character needs a ridiculous weapon think Squalls gunblade or clouds buster sword

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My Xbox as of yesterday has stopped connecting to Xbox live now nothing has changed iv gone though all the steps on Xbox troubleshoot and my dad bless his soul attempted to converse with one of there online tech chat . i have tried power cycling, manual ip and dns . we have internet in the house it goes all the way up to Xbox live then says Cant sign in try again and the only tips it gives are rest modem for 30 seconds and port forwarding which i cant seem to find on my router menu and i don't think it the problem sense it worked fine the past couple months i have googled this problem and it seems to happen alot but everyone fix is different and none have worked for me so far any help would be great

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i googled "8 gb GDDR5 memory" for fun into google shopping $3,300 for a graphics card holy crap .

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  • Mossflower though i think it a sequel iv only read it
  • City of beast,kingdom of the golden dragon both by by Isabel Allende
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i dont post much but over the past few months iv been here i know shit now i can better understand why a game is shit and why i should play a game i never would have played before good stuff

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Star wars Galaxy's i have a unopened pc game box with all the expansions never got to play it never will can only wait for SWTOR to go f2p so i can finish that story

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Music is Music some's good some's bad . Really great music though in my opinion is music that you never tire of and always feel fresh waves of energy and emotion from

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