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An easy enough question, and I'll start. Favourite: Doomguard; least favourite: Polymorph, so powerful for so cheap. Yeah, I play a Warlock, so what?

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good reggie should be in charge of the US stuff anyways iwata is bad at speaking english and makes people bored when he speaks cause he never sounds like he cares and the sad part is even if iwata is fired the guy in charge of deciding the ceo of nintendo is just as out of touch with reality as iwata has been i mean iwata is a ceo who single handedly admitted he failed multipule times even took a pay cut while admitting he failed and is still left in charge so forgive me if i don't feel bad for this guy for trying to be 50 places at once instead of being smart about each part of the world iwata doesint need to be fired he just needs to stop trying to be the voice of every part of nintendo outside of japan and let the respective people who can speak those languages speak to there people

Let me introduce you to something called a 'full-stop' or 'period'. It looks like this: .

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An apple a day keeps Dr. Mario away. Two years of financial losses and he induces you into a coma.

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It's majorly (even fatally) flawed but Heavy Rain was still my favourite exclusive.

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Anyone think Microsoft will follow Sony's lead (again) this generation after the positive noises coming out about Project Morpheus? If Sony gets VR right, it's surely bad news for Microsoft, especially if they're still only offering Kinect - as impressive as the Kinect technology is, it would look archaic next to a functioning, fun VR set.

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Also, and I know it's silly, but Jamies new haircut just takes away from the swagger of the character.

It is silly but I totally agree, not a fan of his short hair.

I think that's the point the producers are going for, that he's no longer the golden boy (pun about Lannister hair-colour unintended) and the world has moved on without him (like his hand) - think Samson.

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@jjweatherman: So its because of the dual graphics chips that the battery is so bad compared to the other laptops, I guess that makes sense, needs more power to run both of them. And you don't think the price of an SSD is worth it yet to do something like this, maybe in a few years?

I don't think you ever need to buy an SSD if you go with something like that Lenovo. The hybrid drive in there should be perfect for you. In your case, an SSD would be just way too expensive for the insignificant bit of luxury it'd provide.

And I bet it really wouldn't help battery life perceptibly. Laptops like the ones you're looking at just aren't built to run all day without a power source. If you want that, there are slimmer, more power-efficient options. But then of course you don't get the gaming power you want. You'll just have to know going in that the battery life on the type of computer you want isn't ever going to be good. This is why I much prefer a portable laptop like a MacBook Air coupled with a proper gaming PC, but that's understandably not always an option.

I agree with this guy, you said you were student, and, as a student who just recently got an Air, I can say that it's been a revelation. Its portability and quick functionality means that I can do work in cafes, on trains, anywhere really, increasing productivity; the quality of the pre-loaded software (Pages, etc.) and the compatibility with uploading to Office means the saved hassle of getting Word and the like on a Windows laptop. But, if you definitely want to play games on your laptop, an Air isn't the choice - you know your priorities better than I do!

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I'm a European and I approve of this idea! Looking forward to this Drew, and it's cool that it'll be free on the webpage, does that mean it will be available to download for free as well? Great to see this diversification of content and the staff going off on the tangents they're interested in, keeps the site fresh.

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I live in the UK and, honestly, if I didn't follow games I probably wouldn't know that the thing existed. There is practically no marketing push at all that I've seen, except for Nintendo randomly sponsoring the coverage of the Tour De France with the Wii U, which is a niche sporting event on a niche channel. I don't know what they expect to happen, but their efforts so far aren't ever going to amount to much.