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Well, Carmack had been licencing and open sourcing his stuff since forever. I doubt he left any loose ends that could give Zenimax any leverage.

But meh, we'll see. Hopefully this won't affect Carmack negatively on his endevours in VR. That's all that matters.

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I think the trailers have done a fine job of showcasing that this is of poor quality.

Non linear missions and physics based swinging. Dunno, that walkthrough kinda hit the right tones with me.

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Watch Noroi, and sleep no more.

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Great to see most of the issues of these studios are resolved. I've come to despise Paypal fairly quickly after its inception, and actively avoid items or services where its the mandatory payment option. Never had an issue with any other payment service yet ( though that may be because I regularly bathe in orphan tears for good luck ).

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Wow, alright then, whatever doubts I may have had about the Rift just vanished.

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I wouldn't say it's utterly reviled by everyone except me, but I usually find it necessary to point out that Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands is better than the 2008 game. Same goes for Warrior Within too.

As a lifelong PoP fan, Forgotten Sands was the only entry I put down and didn't finish. I couldn't understand if you're saying FS is better or worse than Warrior Within though.

I can almost feel my neckbeard growing. PoP has this effect on me.

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Damn, I love a lot of "average" games, but it's hard to think of one universally hated.

Oh yeah, I guess Dirge of Cerberus was widely hated, while I loved it. It was surprisingly robust, and gunplay was polished as hell. Tri barrel customization was fun to play with etc.

I should probably hook up my PS2 to play that.

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Was about to shop around for an XL after skimming through this thread. Then I found a Zelda Edition OG 3DS for roughly 90 euros, new, with warranty. So I got that ^^ The cheapest XL's I could find were around 300 euros, so no contest there.

Would double dip for an XL though, if they make a Zelda Edition down the line.

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Doesn't matter. I can play with the face buttons if required. I'm not a tender snowflake who must be conditioned just the right way to play a game comfortably.

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None. I don't trust either of them. Had ALL the consoles last gen, and I was not impressed with their services. PS4 so far at least doesn't seem like it totally hates the customer, but yeah not betting on that lasting.

XB1 is just a big test to see how many peeps would buy the latest box that actively works against their basic consumer rights. Will be interesting to see how many people buy it just because Microsoft yelled loudly enough how valuable and essential it is for human beings.

You'd have to be a HUGE commodity fetishist to buy these day 1. Like on "probably need to see a professional" levels.