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Gonna enjoy this on PC.

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So I've been revisiting this game after 4 months or so. I'm on gmt timezone and on PC for the record. I've been mainly playing frontier defense, hardpoint and attrition ( team dm, domination and horde mode basically ), and it generally takes MAYBE a minute to get into a full lobby or an ongoing game. Player count is barely around 2000 ( judging by the ingame counter ), but since the matches are 6v6 it apparently doesn't slow matchmaking in any way. Just tried campaign today for kicks, since I've finished it at launch already, and it again took maybe 2 minutes to put me into a full game. But the titan types are apparently now unlocked through leveling, it used to be tied to campaign progression at launch.

Most of the people I've seen around had been newcomers, especially in attrition. Didn't encounter any untouchable uber players or teams during my 6-7 hours since my reinstall. I'm writing this because I've pondered whether or not to reinstall since I've also feared the player base would be too small to casually get in games for quick sessions. But that had never been the case for me. Very surprised about it actually.

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Way, WAY beyond what I've expected. It fixed every single gripe I had with the first one, from the color palette to the obligatory Platinum shoot-em-up levels, and has a shockingly amazing co-op to boot! Just what a sequel to an action game should be imho, all new arsenal, new enemies and setting, and an iteration on the combat system.

I've also really liked how they expanded Balder's character and his reason for plotting Jubileus' reincarnation. First game kinda threw him out of nowhere as an antagonist. And him being this ultimate evil that used Rosa only to have an offspring to sacrifice didn't really make sense, what with their union being implied of being one of passion and love rather than a Machiavellist venture.

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Bought after Zelda WiiU reveal, but I was already pretty much convinced after W101, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 news. Cost me way, WAY more than a PS4 or XB would though since my country doesn't have any official Nintendo presence after their licensed distributor closed up shop 3-4 years ago. Importing and customs assured that I paid multiple times its regular price.

Not buying wasn't really an option with its 2014-15 release schedule though ^__^ And I fortunately already have a beefy PC to play every big release, so other consoles can wait until the exclusives I want draw near.

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Well, Carmack had been licencing and open sourcing his stuff since forever. I doubt he left any loose ends that could give Zenimax any leverage.

But meh, we'll see. Hopefully this won't affect Carmack negatively on his endevours in VR. That's all that matters.

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I think the trailers have done a fine job of showcasing that this is of poor quality.

Non linear missions and physics based swinging. Dunno, that walkthrough kinda hit the right tones with me.

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Watch Noroi, and sleep no more.

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Great to see most of the issues of these studios are resolved. I've come to despise Paypal fairly quickly after its inception, and actively avoid items or services where its the mandatory payment option. Never had an issue with any other payment service yet ( though that may be because I regularly bathe in orphan tears for good luck ).

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Wow, alright then, whatever doubts I may have had about the Rift just vanished.

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I wouldn't say it's utterly reviled by everyone except me, but I usually find it necessary to point out that Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands is better than the 2008 game. Same goes for Warrior Within too.

As a lifelong PoP fan, Forgotten Sands was the only entry I put down and didn't finish. I couldn't understand if you're saying FS is better or worse than Warrior Within though.

I can almost feel my neckbeard growing. PoP has this effect on me.