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Best of luck, Vinny. Shine on, you crazy duder.

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...I say just convince PewDiePie to move somewhere. .

Might I suggest the grave?

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That was a really good read. Thanks for sharing.

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Really great tribute, Andy. Thanks for sharing it.

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Finally able to post here. I've been on a project for work pretty much nonstop since Sunday evening, and while I saw this news I wasn't really able to devote the time or will to write anything.

As I'm sure has been stated thousands of times before, this is an awful tragedy. To lose somebody so vibrant, so full of life, and so willing to share his light with the rest of us, is horrendous. To lose him so soon after the best days of his life just salts the wound a bit more. His is a voice that will be sorely missed by many more people than he probably ever imagined.

While I never met Ryan in person, like many people here I spent tens of hours a week with him in my ears, on my screens, and in my thoughts as a joke or antic would replay in my imagination. Knowing that there won't be new memories to add is dispiriting, but knowing that I can replay the old podcasts and videos is at least something. Ryan lives on.

If nothing else, this prompted me to talk to my best friend since high school today, and let him know how much I love him and how much it means to me to have had his friendship for the past 20something years. And my wife got the biggest hug ever when I got home from work today.

Thanks for everything, Ryan. It's been real.

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I'm holding out for Versus XV.

You do that. I'll be waiting for "XIII vs XV: Aerith's Return"

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People who bought this game are getting exactly what they deserve. Continuing to support these games with always-on DRM solutions implemented by companies with histories of atrocious customer service is only going to send the message that we as consumers have no rights.
But hey, who needs self control? Just buy everything you can (or can't) afford regardless of these issues.

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Its late on Sunday 10th. Just bought the game thinking the worst would be over. Nope... Can't connect... Sadface...

Congratulations, you are officially part of the problem.

"Oh, you've released a broken, DRM-ridden pile of anti-consumer garbage and are treating fans horribly? GREAT, here's my money!"

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I've been bouncing back and forth between SimCity 4 and CitiesXL Platinum. The former I've owned on Steam for a long time, and have spent a reasonable amount of time playing in the past. The latter I just purchased on Friday, both to have something new and as a passive aggressive "fuck you" to EA and the new SimCity's simplistic and minute plots.

Suffice it to say, I'm covered on city builders. I'm actually really enjoying CitiesXL. It has some issues as well, but at least city size and availability of subways aren't among them.

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This is hilarious to witness. It really is.