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Because Giantbomb, apply directly to the forehead. Giantbomb, apply directly to the forehead. Giantbomb, apply directly to the forehead.

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Not really, I hope the movie and and the new Battlefront are good but if they're not I won't be bothered.

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It was a Blackberry, it was a very functional phone but it had next to no app support so I moved on to greener pastures.

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Never heard of it. There's so many damn space games coming out now after years and years of nothing, it's weird.

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@quipido: if you want to hear some real mellow shit check out Chet Baker. His trumpet playing is so down tempo, almost sleepy sounding but in a good way. I like his singing too but its not for everyone. I'd definitely suggest at least checking out his instrumental stuff.

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No, you expose yourself to what you choose to expose yourself to, if the game contains subject matter that you can't handle then you should stop playing.

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@joshwent: I'll admit to being wrong about it not being a word. Never knew it had actually been used seriously and just thought it was used by people who want to sound smarter

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@krullban said:

@kishinfoulux: but why though? It's kind of true. Majority of the complaints about the souls games basically amount to it not being a hand holding simulator.

I see legit questions get asked and it's always "git gud". No matter what.

Yeah I'm mad because I'm not a childish imbecile. You got me.

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@kishinfoulux: Did they kick your cat or something?

I just hate elitism and they are the worst of the worst. They act like master gamers, which is funny because even by their own admission the games are "easy". Also don't ever criticize their beloved games. I've literally seen a bunch of fans defending the damn load times. I'm not even joking about that. Did you know long load times are good? Well guess what? Souls fanboys think they are.

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git gud scrub

This is the perfect response to this topic.

No it's the typical Souls fanboy childish response. Continuing the fine tradition of being the worst fans in gaming.

You've clearly never met a moba player, let alone played against 9 high-skilled and arrogant jerks.

Yeah true I know they're up there as well.

@secondpersonshooter said:

@kishinfoulux: the souls fan base is awesome. The "git Gud" thing usually is in a response for someone complaining about game mechanics that are very much deliberate choices and attributing them to "artificial difficulty". Souls isn't here to cater to how you like to game, you have to play by its rules. As for the specific complaint in the OP here, the character movement being off has really never even crossed my mind.

There are people in the fanbase that are great like ENB, but for every one of him, there are tons of asshats. And no "git gud" is just thrown out willy knilly to EVERYTHING. It's like this stupid meme that they find hilarious or something when in reality it's dumb as shit.

1. Who cares? People can respond how they want to. Ignore the people that post meaningless replies.

2. Calling people imbeciles while denouncing elitism is a tad ironic no?

3. Who cares about what people think of themselves as, if you don't like them, don't talk to them. Maybe they're just proud that they mastered a difficult game, which they should be.

4. Again, if the community bothers you so much don't engage with it.

Do something constructive with your time instead of ruminating on people you don't like.

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@altairre: I agree with you, however irregardless is not a word.

OP, instead of fighting the controls and wishing they were something they're not, try accepting that the game controls differently than what you are used to and try to adapt to it with zeal,knowing that you are esentailly mastering a new skill.

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@shagge said:

Just be careful. The problem with the manic part is that it's not always fun. I was suspected of having schizophrenia for a while because of how... well, insane... I end up acting.

It's not uncommon for anger to sneak in as well, and anger plus mania is a terrifying mix. I remember when I was a teenager and I literally hoisted my friend by the collar and slammed him down to the floor, all because he had my cigarettes in his pocket. It's not like I was particularly strong, either... I was just so nonsensically enraged and filled with energy.

Granted, teenage hormones plus a lack of treatment made things far worse, but right up to now I have to fight like hell to not let myself get angry when I'm manic. I focus on my desire to laugh instead, but even then I often managed to get into trouble before I knew how to keep it more in check. Remember Tom Green? That's how I would act, except compulsively. I once (around the same age as the cigarette incident) found myself standing at a street corner for three or four hours just twirling a curtain rod and singing nonsense. To me, it was the height of comedy. I was a goddamn brilliant performance artist in my mind. But the second I started coming down, I saw my actions for what they actually were, and it scared and confused the shit out of me.

Nowadays it's not nearly as extreme, but it still affects my behavior in ways that I'm not always happy about.

Of course, like the depression half, it's different for everybody. I have other disorders besides bipolar, which makes a difference as well. But I've seen similar stories from other manics. Mania never gets the same spotlight that depression does, though, so I just wanted to share a bit of my own experiences with it.

On the happier side, it really does stoke creativity to an amazing degree (just look at all of my aborted projects that I lost interest in the moment the mania stopped!). And in short, manageable bursts, it's exhilarating. I had one on Friday that felt great and made me more social, then slowly let off and never went into depression. If my thoughts weren't racing and scrambled, I'd have never known anything was abnormal.

Edit: One great thing that actually comes with both extremes is that music sounds amazing.

Lots to talk about here and I want to get deeper into it but I'll just be quick right now. Like I said, not sure if this is mania, it is my first euphoric experience in my life. I got angry on Thursday but for good reason, my landlord decided that I because I was 3 days late on giving them my 3 months notice, they would renew my lease for an entire year. It's all worked out now but at the time it was infuriating. But other than that I've just been way way way way way happier, more social, more motivated, more productive.

I picked up my trumpet for the 1st time in 7 years and played a high note that took years of practice when I was at my peak capability! WTF!?!

Oh, I wanted to say that a journal that I dictate using voice recognition software has been super helpful to focus my scrambled thoughts. If you hate writing like I do the dictation lowers that barrier and you can just whip out your phone, sa what's on your mind and put it away in no time flat.