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So Fireproof Games is gonna make a modern military shooter next? :-)

But in all seriousness, I wonder how one could even monetize a game like The Room to be free to play. Extra puzzle boxes? Maybe you buy each successive level of the box?

You're only allowed a number of actions per hour. Each correct action earns you 1 monopoly money dollar, you can buy another action with 10 monopoly money dollars, or you can buy 10000 monopoly money dollars for $100 real-ass cash.

I'd just like to add that Meade keeps blaming engineering for the messed up state of mobile game, but he's blaming the wrong people. Engineers just want to build tech. Treating people like faceless sacks of cash is marketing's deal.

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I will just say this; Kreia is the reason why I can't trust the Theresa from Fable.

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As someone who can be picky, but not to the extent that Jeff or Dan is, I have faced my share of ridicule over my food choices. But Giantbomb seems like an accepting place for weird food likes and dislikes, so why not share some of them!

The one thing that always gets the weirdest reaction from people is the fact that I don't like cheese. I've never eaten a cheeseburger, because I cannot abide the idea of processed cheese sullying the delicious taste of a burger. This leads into the fact that I've never eaten a Big Mac from McDonalds. I basically don't mention that to anyone, I get some shocked looks, plus a couple people who have offered to buy me one. I could get it without cheese, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

Anyone else with strange likes and dislikes for food? Anyone else on my side of the anti-cheese?

I used to be the same as you. I'm slowly incorporating in cheese into my diet, some of it does in fact make the food better. I tried a Big Mac for the first time a few months ago after 25 years of not touching them, it wasn't that good. One of the main reasons I decided to start trying cheese in things was the weird looks and questions I'd get after saying I didn't want cheese. Saying I was lactose intolerant didn't work because someone would eventually see me drinking milk or eating ice cream.

I still can't stand any type of stinky cheese or feta though.

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Yup, would have definitely bought one for that price. Darn!

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Special Editions are a waste of money anyway so it's probably a good thing.

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I don't see much of a difference other than slightly better contrast with it on.

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Starcraft 2 I think. I just started doing my first build order in order to up my game and develop some strategy beyond intuition when I finally lost interest and the negative aspects of the multiplayer overcame my desire to become better at the game. I was in that weird place where I was levels of magnitude better than a casual player but levels of magnitude worse than the really good players so I just kinda got tired of it.

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Seems like something for the lawyers to iron out.

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I never had much faith in the OUYA. The idea that such a small team could release a competent console when giant companies take years to develop consoles that start their lives weaker than a mid range PC was a little absurd. You can't just slap a bunch of components together, put an aesthetically pleasing case on it and hope the machine will be good. I guess as an engineer I had a bit of a more grounded point of view than all the people who were so hyped about it.

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The actual subscriber content isn't that compelling for me. So I would need to see some new content that catches my interest, like the daily videos of the staff's favourite games suggested above, I really liked the quick look of Divinity and watching Brad play though that might be cool. Either that or another discount, I didn't see a reason to subscribe during the previous discount because the content was pretty thin but it seems to be really picking up with the new hires.