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The fact that it's for a good cause takes away the part that normally annoys me about these viral things. It's what sets it apart from things like the Harlem shake fad.

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I'm in the same boat as you. Didn't want to buy it cause I'm not sure if it's complete enough to be enjoyable.

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I don't want to read the article because I don't want to waste my time. Is he saying that this game is wrong and therefore people shouldn't like it or that it shouldn't be made in the first place? If it's the latter then fuck that guy, if it's the former then he's entitled to his opinion but I'm not buying it.

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I voted for what I want to come next, a new Midnight Club!

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Audiosurf, believe it or not. I played that game about 2 times.

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Hmm, might be time again to slap on the gold metal. Premium content is on the up and up these days.

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@darkstalker: It just seems like a lot of revered franchises they own seem to be taking a nose dive in terms of quality lately. Dragon Age 2, SimCity, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 4 took months to be playable. The fact that they are not allowing anyone to review it until after it comes out screams "get as many early adopters and preorders before the reviews pan the crap out of the game". It just seems like a lot of their games are getting all the soul trimmed and cut away in favour exploring ways to monetize the living crap out of everything. This doesn't seem like a decision that a developer, someone interested in producing a fun piece of software for the enjoyment of their customers, would make. It seems more like a decision made by people who only have the goal of maximizing profits on their mind, and that seems to me like a bill befitting EA. Again, the common denominator between all these developers who have seen the quality of their work go down is being owned by EA; I think that's a little more than just coincidence. I can see how working under those conditions would be soul crushing for anyone who truly cares about the work they produce.

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Man, Maxis is really shitting the bed lately isn't it? We need Will Wright to come back and whip these fools into shape. I don't know what EA does to suck the life out of every developer they own but it is very effective.

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I think I've had this conversation 100 times before. Gameplay trumps graphics, I'd give my reasons but it's probably already been stated in this thread.

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Oh man the sous vide quote had me trying so damn hard to contain my laughter and failing. I had to apologize to my girlfriend after waking her up.