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@alistercat: as for the turbo mode in your processor; its a simple over clocking feature that Intel builds into the K series of processors. Instead of fiddling with voltages and clock speeds, you can just set the system to use the turbo mode with a setting in the bios and you can be pretty certain it will be a stable overclock.

In other words, you have to choose to use the turbo feature, it's not dynamically applied.

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Do I get to play as Andre 3000?

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This seems like a terrible idea, turning a monopolistic competition market into an oligopoly. Do you like how the cabal of wireless providers run their market?

Ruin the competetion that drives innovation and prices down. Why? So you can get the one or two games that didn't come out that year on your console. No thanks.

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@corevi: Sega lost all its money from low sales and high development costs of their games.

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I would wait until bulbless projectors become more affordable. Replacing bulbs is gonna be a massive money sink that, to me, make the technology unfeasible.

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God forbid any games have some minorities in them. No let's keep the figure at 99% white dudes. Also, only eat Wonder bread and overcooked, unseasoned chicken breast.

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All these war simulators, ahem I mean gloryfiers, are a-ok but a game like this isn't. Figures.

I would not have played this either way but I'm compelled to point out the double standards we employ nowadays. It's okay to kill thousands upon thousands of arabs or russians in an annualized first person shooter which I will not call by name. But when the killing gets too real people get cold feet. Think about it, we're so very much indoctrinated to kill anything that wears a turban, balaklava or ushanka without ever thinking whether this person has a wife or kids at home. A short yelp and a brief red mist that vanishes into thin air marks their last moments on your screen. A sharp contrast with this game with full-blown gore, which represents death more accurately. Ultimately, it's all pixels but the power of imagery especially in videogames should not be underestimated. Some of those fps fanatics grow up to be soldiers, for the wrong reasons.

So why exactly are people rebelling to this game when we've carried out small genocides for over years?

You're entirely missing the point, and that analogy simply does not work.

In all of the annualized shooters you are talking about, they are just that - shooters. They are war games, two sides of armed combatants fighting one another. In Hatred, the player is tasked with killing unarmed civilians. Both feature killing, but that is about where the similarities end. Equating the two is extremely reductive.

That's where I'm coming from. Hatred is basically an entire game of No Russian from MW2.

And that isn't allowed? One mission is the cutoff?

The difference is that in MW2 the No Russian mission is supposed to be shocking and repulsive. You can play that entire mission without shooting a single person. That violence is used to establish (although in a really ham-fisted way) that the bad guy deserves to be hunted by the protagonist. In Hatred the violence is glorified, the goal of the game is to kill innocents, we're forced to listen to the ranting lunatic as if his ideas are meaningful. The way the camera angles itself to capture the goriest details to show innocent people being brutalized is reminiscent of snuff porn.

This game is meant to attract nihilists, psychopaths and extremely disturbed people. I don't see how a normal person could enjoy something so repulsive.

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What is the point of an 8gig SSD? It might be useful if you plan on running some small-footprint Linux distro, but no version of Windows nor indeed a lot of modern games will fit on that.

Photoshop and Sony Vegas are two small programs that take forever to load.

It looks like it's one of those hybrid drives. I think they're supposed to improve speed by caching data to the SSD but everything I've read about them is that they're just a gimmick and the SSD is useless since the speed is still limited by the HDD.