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@rollingzeppelin: Yeah but despite his obvious and idiotic misinterpretation of what he thought she wanted. He still came right out and told her what he wanted and expected from the relationship. Even the next day when he was sober he stood by what he said. Sure he tried to back peddle his way out of the fight, but he didn't try to throw off what he said as drunken ramblings. She now should know exactly where she stands with him.

Ok, so instead of treating the delicate situation with respect for this person you've been with for quite a while you just get the hard part over and done with when you're shit faced, and then "stick to your guns" by blaming the break-up on your made up thoughts on how your girlfriend wants the relationship to go. I can think of many ways to handle the situation better. The fact that he still tried to get sex after that just shows that he's using her and doesn't give a shit. People who use others like that are not ones to look up to, no matter how brutally honest they are about their diskishness.

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Yeah but is this guy really immature? He has told her exactly what he wants from the relationship. There are no games whatsoever in his conversation. He want to keep sleeping with her and then when it becomes convenient for him he wants to break up with her. I kind of respect that. Not him being a complete asshat about it, but the complete no games approach. I mean look it's kind of stunned the op. She's been told this and she still has to think about whether to break up with him or not. It's Ballsy.

The fact that he assumed she wanted certain things out of the relationship without even talking to her and then basing his decision of breaking up with her on a completely unsubstantiated assumption is not only immature but just plain stupid. There is nothing admirable or respectable about the way he acted, blurting out your dumb idiot thoughts when your bombed off your ass is not ballsy.

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@barfqueen: He sounds like an immature man-child. He should be talking to you instead of letting his imagination run wild about how you want the relationship to progress. I would say dump him, he doesn't sound like he's ready for a serious relationship yet.

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I want to start making some money but it's very hard when I'm still in grad school and have a broke girlfriend. I procrastinate way too much which makes me worried about my ability to do well in the future. From a superficial view of my life I'm doing very well for myself, but I'm pretty sure I have some sort of mental disease that makes it hard for me to concentrate on work or be truly happy. I should probably go see a doctor about it.

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What the hell kind of screen displays at 792p?

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@kylekrueger: Yeah, that would be quite nerve racking. It sounds like your right eye is in pretty dire need of the surgery though. It sucks that the treatment options for this are so limited. Good luck man, when you're feeling up to it, I'd be really interested to see updates on how your recovery is going.

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Although, I still wouldn't undertake the procedure myself, this review seems to indicate a reasonably low failure rate of the procedure.;year=2013;volume=6;issue=4;spage=8;epage=11;aulast=Messmer

Some longer term studies have been performed but the statistical power (ie the number of subjects) is still fairly low in my opinion, making the conclusions less significant. This review does seem to suggest that the results of the procedure are quite promising though. After giving it a quick read through, I'm a lot less concerned about the procedure than I was in my first post, but I still would not get it done unless my vision suddenly became much worse. I'm not sure about your situation, it may turn out to be the right way to go in your case.

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@kylekrueger: I also have keratoconus. My optometrist recommended not getting the corneal cross-linking surgery as my eyesight is still ok, although it gets pretty bad when I'm tired. How bad is your condition, are you still able to read at reasonable distances? The problem is that the surgery is still in the experimental stages and basically anyone that gets it done is essentially a test subject. I agreed that it is too risky as we don't know any sort of long-term effects or statistics on the procedure's success or failure rates. Also, as a biomedical engineering student, I would recommend against going for experimental surgeries, it's just not worth the risk. Unless you are nearly clinically blind I would not get it done until we have some real statistics on the procedure. Sorry.

Also, you're the first person I've talked to that also has keratoconus.

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I don't know why anyone would want to preorder a game in the first place these days. Is it just so you can say "preorder cancelled!" when your unrealistic expectations are dashed?

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This topic should be locked anyway for only having a short sentence and then pictures. Even if the sentence made any sense at all.