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Things get stale, people get tired, the giantbomb staff just need to add new features, fresh up the current ones or bring back the old ones. I felt Giantbomb getting stale and back fresh multiples times over the course of my years of membership, and don't see a reason to feel they are "doomed" to a continuous downfall(not saying anyone is saying that, though).

(These following examples are from my personal perspective. )

I rarely watched the original ILM beyond the cool song the first few times, then the Ryan remix type came to, and I started watched it everyday. It eventually went stale and predictable and I stopped watching, but then they started doing mailbag-like style videos, and that caught my interest again, and I enjoyed watching the work area. They made their videos like that since, and they're due for a change, although I don't know who can replace Ryan as the "host".

I greatly enjoyed the Whiskey Media show because it was just the BLLSL on a weekly basic. After several months, they ran dry on ideas, and realized that themselves, it went to me from live to watching archives. I was only bit bummed when they took it away, but knew something would replace it, which that was UPF, which I loved and watched live every Friday again. They were great until they ran out of games they wanted to play eventually, but then Vinny came up with a theme for game to bring to every UPF and it was great again. Now, they're on the process of drying, and I tab out when they play Windjammer/Nidhogg(So boring to me), although watching them play real-cutscenes-type games(What is that genre called?) are still always a blast to watch whenever they find one to play.

I watched a few TNTs, and enjoyed watching Brad die for a few weeks, then lost interest due to them playing FPS ever so often. Then, they started doing in-house multiplayer games, and TNTs was a blast again, and I loved them. It went low again after a few months until they started leech off UPF type of content, which made them enjoyable to watch again. Personally, these TNTs weren't stale again by the time it stopped, so I wouldn't really need something new to watch it if they bring it back.

Some of their features still entertain me as greatly as ever, though. I love their GOTY work every year, their e3 production are excellent, and I always look forward for the PAX videos and live podcast. I like the regular podcast just as much and I get extra content with the jars and wrestling wolves(although Alex is kinda boring), although I miss Nintendownloads(but understand why it can't happen again) and Vinny's shenanigans last week felt off.

Some of the other content I would like back are the Wednesday Release show, the Endurance run(of course), the How-GB-works videos, the unnamed Let's play old games like Pokémon Snap/Sim Golf type of content, and just the random videos that sometimes put on, subscriber or not. More mailbags, please~

At this point, a growing number of features are getting stale/have disappeared, but I feel they're still putting out new features/contents as they can think of(even if they're features I'm not interested in), so I feel they're working hard, especially after the long "drought" they had after being bought out by CBSi. I'm feeling a comeback of "I feel like doing this, so let's do it." kind of attitude that has made them so entertaining in the past after seeing them putting off those souls content. Hearing Jeff say their subscriber numbers are growing well makes me feel they're doing well with the site growth despite having lost so many members of their ready staff and video friends. I still greatly agree they need more staff, main team or off-the-camera team. More decent games coming out wouldn't hurt either.

This was just my opinion in this subject~

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@humanity: Agreed, just a tad more moderation could make it more popular and then the GB team would be more inclined to post on it. As of now, I think the GB staff goes to places that just have population, where they're sure to be heard.

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I find Neogaf as good or bad as any other forums, but on a bigger volume of traffic. I dislike 90% of it, but comes there on a casual basis for the remaining 10% in which I find pertinent gaming information, recent news/release discussions, thoughtful user debates and analyses and the local giantbomb threads. I am respectful to those giantbomb staff that tolerates the rest of the community to read it, not being closeminded enough to avoid it altogether.

I can find worst threads and users on the smaller official giantbomb forums, which makes me cautious when navigating through them, and similarly, the giantbomb forums has a bad reputation, especially in topics regarding the staff, from my reading experience. I don't doubt many would stick to comment sections and live chat.

Even though I'm never going to want to be part of neogaf community, I find lurking there is fine, as long as you don't take everything seriously and get trolled or frustrated by part of the community.

I would call them a different flavor of the PA forums which I also go to.

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Vinny bought a racing wheel.

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After listening to the bombcast, I would like to point that the 5 points to next perk to buy new tomes is incorrect or has more variables than that. I was given the occasion to buy the Adept (50) tomes at level 35 destruction as well has Adept alteration at 40. They didn't respawn from the stores the next day, but I had the spells already then.

Also, opposed to Brad's assumption, you can find higher levels of spell tomes without the appropriate spell skill level. I found a lightning Adept spell from a dungeon at destruction level 30~ as well as having a bunch of Apprentice spells of Illusion and one expert spell a few days later despite keeping my illusion level below 20(18, to be exact).