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@Gizmo said:
" The art style instantly makes me less interested in the game. "
Why does that sound so familiar?   Oh yeah, I heard the exact same things after Disgaea was released...  Too bad that game never went anywhere, eh?
Anyway, pre-ordered it, saved 2 bucks, and am loving every minute of it.....but damn the game is hard!   I must be  a masochist.
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@NoXious said:
" Oh oh, I foresee no more Dave & Mike Quick Looks if the move is done.Is this true? Will we loose our source of hilarity and PC Quick Looks?! Nooooooo!!! "
Yeah.   My one worry is Matt and Dave will be factored out, being in another location....
Congrats anyway....Say, is another one of the sites taking your old basement area?
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Am I the only one that hears his music and thinks:  "Hot Damn!  Yakko Warner!"
I think I am just getting old....

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To get back to the topic at hand:
Absolutely changing my main for Super 4.  I main'ed Cammy and that was only because I really did not sync with anyone else and she had one of the lowest usage % online when I choose her.
Guy was my main in the Alpha Series, and when Makoto came out in Third Strike I player her exclusively.  I can't wait to see how they fare in Super 4 and I will be playing WAY more than SF4, as I will not have a "replacement" main.

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  Here you go everyone:
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@freakin said:

" @NathanXplosion said:

" If this is all true, there is no way in hell this will be DLC and your kidding yourself if you think it will be. This will be a arcade release that we probably won't see a home version of till late 2010/early 2011. I never understood peoples complaints about the constant upgrades to the Street Fighter series. It's not like Capcom has a gun to your head and will pull the trigger if you don't buy it. "
If you think Capcom is that foolish you are kidding yourself.  Noone is going to buy a new game that is pretty similar to their current one, not when they already have all the big names in the current version.  But those same people would no doubt buy the same stuff as add-on content.  I'm sure there will be a Super SF4 in stores, but it will still be add on content for the current game, and probably pretty expensive. "
Ahem....see Madden XX.  Hell, just look at the whole of the EA sports model and try to say that again..
Personally, I would be willing to re buy a whole new street fighter 4 for 2 things:  Makoto (she rocks socks across the block) AND most importantly fix the da** net code and the overall online presentation.  For online presentation, see Super Street Fighter 2 TurboHD and for net code see Blazblue.   Seriously, are online lobbys too much to ask for?   How about a quick match that takes us straight into the game?    Or perhaps not kicking us out of the search lobby after failing to connect to a game so we have to start the search completely over?  Blind character choice for all ranked matches? A true bracket tournament style along with the one introduced in the DLC?  Blah, blah, etc, etc.
#7 Posted by rolvtd (39 posts) -

I played Persona for the PS1 when it first came out, but I didn't become a real fan until Nocturne.
Oi, I really am old aren't I?

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@Hailinel said:
" @LaszloKovacs: I believe he mistyped.  Persona 2:  Eternal Punishment was indeed released in the U.S.  However, Persona 2's first half, Persona 2:  Innocent Sin, was not. "
Point that EVERYONE should review their posts before posting after 3 am.  Thanks for the correction.
#9 Posted by rolvtd (39 posts) -

I'll admit that I am first day for this game.....
However, I personally feel that if Atlus DOES release this game, I think it;s kinda of a wasted opportunity.  We all have the opportunity to go to a used game shop and buy P3:FES as long as you have a PS2/PS3.  What we DON'T have an opportunity to do very realistically is play Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Yay, I can overpay for a rare PS1 game too!) and NONE of us have a chance to play a US version of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.  
Do I want P3 on the PSP?  Yes....oh pardon me, I mean HELL YES!   But I just want Atlus' effort in the immediate future to be for 2 games I never got a chance to pick up/play.

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I am actually from near the Bay Area (Fairfield and Sacramento) but moved here to Lewisville (about 20 mins away from Dallas) in 2000.   Would love to meet both Brad and get a shot at Borderlands!

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