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Seeing Marvel Heroes on there makes me want to scoff in disgust, but he's got Velvet Sundown on there too. Damn it! Can't not love Jeff.

Marvel Heroes is one of the best games on Steam sooo

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Two weeks later and this is still happening. No other site has this issue for me.

(This exact problem happened in like 2009 and it was between Whiskey's Amazon servers and ISPs if I remember correctly)

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Just like to jump in and say I've been getting issues the past few days with watching the video content too, its only playing a few seconds then buffering. My download speed for a GB video is currently almost at 0kbps, but my internet connection is fine.

I'm on 150Mb down, 30Mb up fibre in Ireland too, so maybe there's something up?

Been having this exact problem for about a week. 300/30 speed for me and I'm pulling like a few kilobytes from GB sometimes.

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@rolyatkcinmai: Are you limiting admins to mods only? I am on every single night so I am available to do invite requests. I had one guy ask me today but he could not get an invite, in-game name is gmujimbo . You probably see me on there a lot... addicted to this damn game.


No, sorry. I'm only online once in a while in MH. Try contacting Ross who is on there much more often (rmanthorp). Alternatively add me to Steam first and send me a message.

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Sticking to the canon games;

3 > 4 (Yeah, controversial) > Peace Walker > Ground Zeroes > 2 > Rising > 1 > Portable Ops

Never played Metal Gear 1 or 2 so can't rank those.

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oh we talkin bout the loomy narty up in here?

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Hey guys! Sorry, it was starting to require a bit too much time/effort (fighting against invaders at every angle) and I just don't have the time to check this throughout the day, so rather than let the (cheating) AI take over my at-the-time largest empire in the game I abandoned every star and sent all fleets back to the capital (the stars you see popping up pink here are ones they're capturing on their way back to "Rad").

I feel bad quitting so early, but it was a fun experiment and I definitely see the appeal (a bit too much perhaps). I thought abandoning everything was the fairest way to leave since there's no actual leave button and I signed in with my Google account so it's not like I could just hand it off to someone else who wanted to play.

I don't care who wins, but I really hope you guys beat the shit out of those cheating AIs.

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Alright we hit rank 5 tonight in the platoon so I was able to accept the next 50 people in line. If you were a PS4-only player I rejected your invite so that you can apply to the other platoon we have going.

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@rolyatkcinmai: Really?! How so?

The one way down to the south came to life and instantly jumped to level 2 weapons tech (despite having one science) and the one to the south east is producing more ships than just about anyone else with a third of the systems and having only been in existence for ~12 hours.

@sweep said:

I think we're basically at the point where there's no neutral stars left. So now the fighting begins. There's already some pretty interesting borders springing up which make me think either someone has a really weird alliance or someone is getting fuuuckkkkeeddd uppppp ;D

The fighting "begins"? I've had motherfuckers coming at me from all angles for days.