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I thought that Final Fantasy XII was incredible. The only issue I had was that it took a year longer to be released in Britain. Amazing writing in that game. 

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Unlike most people that have intrpreted this as you saying 'Giantbomb needs to change their scoring system', I know what you mean.
Dude is having a go at metacritic having a universal standard when it doesn't properly convey the review. Not this site's 5 star system.
Did anyone actually read the post or just reply to the thread name?

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@lordofultima: What you are failing to understand is that it promotes elitism. The subscription isn't even properly in motion yet people have already developed a superoirity complex and are acting very hubristic.
I'm sorry but principle has bigger effect on people than you think.
It does for me.
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@lordofultima said:
" @SquirrelGOD said:
" @Mystyr_E said:
"I think many people would've subscribed UNTIL they heard the Bombcast split. "
Um, not really.  Those that subscribe don't have the Bombcast split for them. "
lmao, yeah that is pretty silly. "I would have subscribed, but now that I hear you're splitting the bombcast up for non-members, I REFUSE to be a member!" "
Not really. It's founded on principle.
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@mason_pat said:
" Wait, what? I have to pay to support a system in order to show that I don't support the system? "
That is correct. 
Or is it?
I don't even...
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@Brodehouse said:
" @DystopiaX:  That seems like a semantic argument, and still not germaine to the point.  The point is about the statement "we are not that website".  This is the kind of move emblematic of that website.  This feels like the exact kind of thing they said they would never do, and now they've done it.  It's a break in trust, and that causes cognitive dissonance for the users. "
You conveyed my whole point a lot more eloquently and succinctly than I did. But yeah, that.
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  Yeah, their reasoning for doing this is completely contradictory.
They don't want to segregate their community but the whole website is pretty much one big in-joke between the staff and the users. Giantbomb is like a mini South Park (if I may be analogous here) in the sense that any joke that is relatively funny will be absolutely hilarious to the user base and will be quoted for weeks. Creating a division like this takes half of your community out of your in-joke; they will have no idea what you are referencing.
They are going to change the format of the podcast so the whole nature of what they record will no longer be free-flowing. I have no idea what they intend to do but one can assume that they will dedicate the first hour to the relevant news and maybe what they have been playing. But setting a cap on how long you can talk about something is completely against the nature of what they do. They only really move on to the next topic when they have exhausted their thoughts. You can't help but feel like they will all be aware of how long they have left to discuss what they feel they need to.
The whole 'It takes up over ten man hours' is such a ridiculous assertion to make as well because that’s not how the world works. That's the kind of logic that Matt Hughes (the UFC fighter) applies. He claims to be like the 14 time Middleweight champion or something fucking stupid like that. Ryan even said himself in the podcast just there that he doesn't do as much editing as he used to. It just seems like they are trying to justify this decision to themselves more than anything else. 
When they left Gamespot I'm sure they had a bunch of offers be it in game journalism or development or something in that vein but they decided to pursue independent game journalism which is commendable. Admirable even. They built up a pretty reverent user base - which they now intend to exploit by making them pay for a feature that has been available for the last two years. At the end of the day though, they are playing and reviewing video games. They are traveling the world. Things could be a whole lot worse.
In all honesty it comes across as taking advantage of all of the users that suck up to them, the people that send them all kinds of retarded things like hundreds of Twinkies, for monetary gain. They are literally saying: "Join our yearly subscription so we can act all crazy and stupid!"
Although I am probably in the minority here I won’t be paying for a yearly subscription or anything for that matter. It's not that I can't afford to; this is something based on principle. They specifically said they didn't want to create a division in their community and that is exactly what this act accomplishes.
It's a shame as well because I love this website. It probably one of the sites I visit the most. I personally thought that the bombcast was the premier feature on their website. Maybe they realised that...     
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Although some people may agree that the advertisment is a little too much, people are instantly going to argue with you simply because of the name of this thread. 
Also, on a side-note, I don't like the way ODST Is portraying all of the Romeo's of this world; it cuts me deep.

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Well, considering that you are trying to play multi-player in a game that has a sequel, the people still playing will be overtly good to the point that you can't compete with. The same can be said for a game like halo 2. You have to also take into consideration that at the time, like others have said, the game was influential. It is unfair to compare it to games that are currently relevent.

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This map pack should tide COD palyers until Modern Warfare 2. Oh, on the 360 please.