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Podcast is up. Guess who is on it.

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I hope on the podcast Jeff introduces Brad and Drew, and then introduces his "Special guests, IGN's..."

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@hailinel said:

We're all going to listen to the Bombcast tomorrow expecting the announcement and it'll just be three solid hours of Jeff making fart noises into the microphone.

Jeff is going to announce that Brad left for IGN.

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Guys, I think Jeff is doing all of this because we named Yoshi "Gerstman" during SGDQ this week...

Or, according to Patrick, we named Jeff "Yoshi."

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@aots16: Now that I think about it more........and the fact that IGN has nothing posted which they would (I would think), I'm guessing these are the new hires, but I don't know, damn you Gerstmann!

Jeff never says what positions with what they company they have.

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Jeff is the best troll ever.

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Raintree, NC

It's actually Charlotte, but I tried it in the map and it brings me to the right location.

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Raw was hurt by the fact that Bryan was on his honeymoon, but what could they do? The Intercontinental tournament is nice way to push that belt and raise it up to secondary championship status. Meanwhile, I think Ambrose may have lost the actual US belt, which is why he never has it and they never mention it. Either that, or he hopes to become the longest reigning US champion of all time because no one remembers he has it. He's coming for you, Lex Luger!

I was happy to see Layla return to her roots.

The beat down at the end worked because of the commentary calling out how Evolution needed 11 other guys to beat down The Shield before they came out.

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Yeah, Patrick, don't take the OP talk as a negative. From what I saw in the big last stream the majority of chat was using it as a positive "Holy shit, Patrick is so OP murdering these fools!" and laughing watching as you were taking out the bosses. You were OP through hard work in the game and smart levelling. And it's the kind of thing that makes the Souls games fun, when you get into the late game you get strong enough or skilled enough or just plain lucky enough to run through tearing everything up. And it FEELS GOOD! By the time you are taking out enemies that were one hitting you at the beginning of the game in one hit you feel vindicated.

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Enjoying the daily, have a blank list when I check the scores. Damn Dota players.

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