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Anybody else find it weird Patrick didn't have a GOTY skit? He's not showing his hand is he? [/conspiracy]

@shindig: He totally did. The one with his wife recording him trying to figure out a Plan B C. Did you miss a day?

[conspiracy] Patrick is going to his Plan A now. [/conspiracy]

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Interesting quote here:

Yes, Microsoft will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox.

Now, this could be them saying "Hey, Microsoft are publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider." But by specifying "on Xbox" they leave it open for Square Enix to publish the game on PC and even on Playstation. "We only said Microsoft was publishing the game on Xbox." And as a previous comment points out that Game Informer pointed out, Sony and Capcom were very clear that Street Fighter V will be console exclusive on Playstation 4. (Of course, even then that doesn't mean Super Ultra Street Fighter V Remix will be a Playstation 4 exclusive on consoles. Just that the original game will be.)

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Wait, they only got to decide the GOTY yesterday? The hell were they doing last week?

Hmm.. let's see, let's take 5 hours out for the regular bombcast and the powerbombcast, which leaves almost 6 hours for GOTY podcast stuff.

Recording the other four days of GotY podcasts as well as GotY videos. Each person will have their top ten video, which ends with them playing either their personal GotY or something close if they don't want to play Mordor or Bayonetta over and over. Additionally, they flimed skits and wrap arounds for the videos while they had everybody there.

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Poor Tim, he wanted to make something far grander than what he promised on his Kickstarter and as such the game keeps getting bigger and is taking far longer than it was originally supposed to. Honestly, I would probably rather have the game he is delivering than the game he promised. This is the big problem with Kickstarter, though. You find out about games way too soon and are given "release dates" before the game has even started production. So as the game takes longer to come out people get upset because they have been told to expect something at a date and time, which big publishers tend to keep hidden until a game is far enough along that they feel more secure in giving a release date. And even then, Evolve and Witcher 3 get pushed back by six months, and games like Hale, Drive Club, and Assassin's Creed get released as broken messes.

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I'm up for another raid on Saturday (or Friday) if anyone wants to run it. I've upgraded my Epilogue to one damage upgrade from being fully upgraded (which means it has bonus damage against oracles.)

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I will log in tonight after Unprofessional Fridays if you guys want to try to get the raid rolling.

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If you want to do the raid tonight check on the other raid thread. They were putting together a team for 6 PM PST and if everyone can play it would be a full raid party.

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PSN ID: ronaldb

Level/Class: 28/Warlock

Experience: New to raid. Have watched it run by a friend and watched it run by Brad.

Preferred time slot/Date: Friday 10/31 1 AM GMT would be great, run the raid right after Unprofessional Fridays ends. I could also run the Saturday 5 PM GMT.

Preferred raid level: Normal

Notes: Have a microphone that I use fairly often so I know it works.

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Switched the from East to East 2. Woo!

ronaldb on PSN

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Now presenting this with the new special feature: fully working sound! It's just more proof that Stardust is awesome and Eva Marie... well... she'll always have WWE Super Card.

And who is this Trin person? I have never heard of her outside of this Rumble stuff and she seems like the most amazing person alive.

Daniel Bryan heel turn, rooting for DLeazy instead of Dan. Also, Dan is the greatest heel in video games. Even over Don Mattrick.