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oh sweet another thing to send to twitter....

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I have picked up Bioshock again, but the Big Daddys are certainly kicking my ass over and over. What's your ways to take these superhuman defenders fall into a heap of a lifeless diving suit. My tactics are pop all mines, grenades, armor piecing pistol bullets, then once that's all gone, run like hell using the shotgun,machine gun, and the incinerate plasmid.
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If anyone hasnt gotten it yet, 
1. is where these creatures come together to ----- each other.

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Definitely plausible and perhaps a direct cause-effect.  Fast and the Furious was released in 2001, and the first Need for Speed Underground was released in 2003. This comes right around the typical time frame for game development (2-3 years).
BTW they were great games, Underground 1,2, and most wanted are some of my favorite racing games. Played countless hours of them.

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Predator,Harrier,Chopper Gunner

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A restaurant named Panda Express, fast food Chinese, pretty delicious and within walking distance, they're hiring and I'm  gettin back from a surgery a month ago so cant do any heavy lifting yet, so I cant work in retail due to heavy boxes they'll make me life due to me bein 6ft and 220lbs.
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I LOVED Fallout 3 (played 60 hrs on it until I accidentally saved over my main file :P )
But waiting for judgement before droppin 60 bucks on a game bethesda published and didnt develop
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@21stCenturyJesus:  lol worded it odd, but i'm wondering what others are excited about, so I can make my own list.
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"Eclipse wasn't a bad movie." My friend whos an army and videogame buff

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