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Cripsy as Esports analyst

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Something besides a FPS or Sports game would be nice. What sucks it that after launch there is nothing for months.

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That would be great for me :)

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Any way to be able to switch Z and X button its screwing me up badly

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Well I think we will get more resolution with the desmond story because I thought they would at least try an pull the whole mayan calendar thing or whatever. And to do it in the game after the date has passed would be a waste in my opinion. But there will defintely be more games. The B team will work on the sequels. The A team will start the next gerneation of AC on new consoles.

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I just got my shipping email yesterday as well so it seems like they are starting to roll out

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There was a song near the end of the spelunky braking brad during the live show. Anyone know what its called or who its by. ITs kind of driving me nuts.

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Am I blind i cant see where to put my code in for the store

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White Cards:

Drill Bucket

A Great Green Macaw

Black Cards:

In his next movie Nic Cage will play the role of *blank* as well as his love interest *blank*

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DOTA 2 and Dust, Im sure once ACIII is out it will be up there though.