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@isomeri: I had a bus line that I ended up taking out because it just caused too much traffic problems for me. I have about 8 metro stations, 2 train stations, 2 harbors and 1 airport. I also only have 2 industrial areas and they have their own 6 way roads to highways so all those giant trucks don't clog up any other place. Once the office unlocked for me, I just went full out offices instead of industrial parks.

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I have about 110k population with 0 traffic problems, although some parts off the highways do look a little congested.

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Didn't realize there were so many games I am looking forward to playing.

No Man's Sky. Persona 5. Final Fantasy XIV. The Witcher 3. MGS5. Zelda: whatever it is now. Bloodbourne.

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I own a razer Tiamat 7.1. Honestly, I really like the sound coming out of it, but the material of the headset just feels flimsy and a bit cheap. I guess all that money went into making things sound better.

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Maybe it's his sex scene that they were into...

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@turbomonkey138: I keep hearing/reading things on how Sony is not paying for a timed exclusive deal, but is actually paying/helping on the development side. Them(Sony) saying that it is not a timed exclusive, but a console exclusive leads to that being the case of Sony actually bringing SFV to fruition. Think of it like the Nintendo/Bayonetta situation, SFV wouldn't have been made without Sony's help. Though, I still honestly believed it would've been made anyway without Sony's help somehow, but just later than sooner.

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@deadpancakes: Missed most of the stream. What kind of Big news?

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People still playing this? Can I get an invite; name is Rehdas.3056

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I've had two Nvidia cards die on me, and AMD cards have been reliable. So, I'm not even going to consider buying Nvidia again, unless we start looking at Nvidia getting twice the performance in most games for the same amount of money. I know everyone's experience is different, and Nvidia is reliable for most people, but I can only go by personal experience. Brands get only one or two chances from me before I write them off as too unreliable to buy, despite how well they may perform.

Watch Dogs is running well for me, and both my GPU and CPU are AMD. I'm not concerned with comparisons, because I'm not in the market for a new card. All I know is that I'm happy with my performance and the way the game looks.

Judging by those benchmarks, Watch Dogs is horribly optimized (the system requirements seem to agree).

+1. Like you said everyone has their personal preference for these things. I'm the opposite of you. I've had radeon cards die on me, while my next two Nvidia cards are still with me. My GTX 480 is in a box and my gtx 660 Ti is still running strong from day 1. It's just all based on personal experiences and preferences with Drivers and how the UI runs and updates for most people.

All in all, just go with what you have known and like best everyone!