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Air Heads and Hershey's Cookies n Creme are so damn tasty. Jolly Ranchers hard candy and gummy versions are good. Mamba, Hi-Chews and especially lifesaver gummies.

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I still think about you every time I listen to the bombcast, and every time I think of you, I imagine your face in the clouds with your big jolly laugh. Rest in peace.

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@chuugoku: Thanks for the answers! I decided to re-roll once and got the same exact 3* sword. Ended up just saying whatever and went on to play, I'm now around level 30 and getting close to beating the Sephiroth event.

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Another question. The limit break for your Main character, "Judgement Grimoire", Is it affected by your physical or magical damage? I noticed that it does very little damage even though I have very high magical damage.

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Quick question, should I keep going through tutorial until I pull a really good relic? Or is the first relic always a 3* for everyone?

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@isomeri: I had a bus line that I ended up taking out because it just caused too much traffic problems for me. I have about 8 metro stations, 2 train stations, 2 harbors and 1 airport. I also only have 2 industrial areas and they have their own 6 way roads to highways so all those giant trucks don't clog up any other place. Once the office unlocked for me, I just went full out offices instead of industrial parks.

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I have about 110k population with 0 traffic problems, although some parts off the highways do look a little congested.

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Didn't realize there were so many games I am looking forward to playing.

No Man's Sky. Persona 5. Final Fantasy XIV. The Witcher 3. MGS5. Zelda: whatever it is now. Bloodbourne.

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I own a razer Tiamat 7.1. Honestly, I really like the sound coming out of it, but the material of the headset just feels flimsy and a bit cheap. I guess all that money went into making things sound better.

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Maybe it's his sex scene that they were into...