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They need to announce a Legend of Dragoon remake or sequel.

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In the announcement, it said "There are more details below, but even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look." I tried to refund a 2 year old game that I played for 3 minutes. But, all it says is that it is out of the refund rules window and there's no way to request it. How am I suppose to ask for a refund anyway?

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Ah, okay thanks. I love exploring every part of the world so I thought it was some big secret dungeon I could get into

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There's this monster den that leads deep down. Along the way are level 20+ ghosts, and at the end is a door that I can not get through. I can see through the mini map that there is more inside. The monster's Den is North West of Rogne.

Anyone been there and get through?

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Tales of Vesperia and Abyss is a good one, everyone that has played it can get behind that. My personal favorite is Tales of Eternia for the PSX, it's a bit old at this point. The combat might be a bit clunky but I loved the story and world it's set in. Especially the part about there being another world right above their own.

edit: After everything that has happened to Luke in abyss, i was able to get over his whiny-ness and forgive him. He really matured

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Whip for belmonts. Sword for Alucard.

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Try clearing your browser cache/cookies?

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Who doesn't love Nanako?! One of the few video game characters that just melts your heart. Anyway, I didn't realize how similar sounding the VA's were between the English and Japanese voices for Nanako was.

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Air Heads and Hershey's Cookies n Creme are so damn tasty. Jolly Ranchers hard candy and gummy versions are good. Mamba, Hi-Chews and especially lifesaver gummies.

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I still think about you every time I listen to the bombcast, and every time I think of you, I imagine your face in the clouds with your big jolly laugh. Rest in peace.