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Cloud IS an asshole, and I kind of like it. He has a good amount of arrogance, confidence and strength to be a capable leader. As for why he's like that, he's a 1st Class Soldier. Anything else related to his attitude, you'll find out more along the way. Cloud is my 3rd most liked FF character behind Vivi and Laguna. What he goes through and what his overall story arc ends up being just made him a likeable character. At the least, He's no Squall and that's good enough.

Also, what happened to FFIX? I thought that was the next one.

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I immediately thought of my favorite battle theme from a JRPG. Think the title of it is 'Silver Will' from one of the Trails in the Sky's game.

A more classic/older one that came to mind for me is Jenova Absolute from FFVII. Just sounds very menacing.

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Xenoblade. That world was amazing.

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Only thing I noticed that was new(Besides the +1/2 rings) in NG+ was that if you have both the twin prince weapons, they can be combined into a new Greatsword.

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@a_turtle: If you read the Solaire shield & chest item description, it pretty much just says that Solaire was a normal dude. And if you read the item description for the nameless king's weapons & soul, it's said that he is the heir to lightning.

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The nameless King was a great boss fight. Probably my favorite boss fight of any Souls game. Also, He's Gwyn's firstborn.

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I want to play this game but no funds atm. Not even enough for the cheapest bundle/pre access. I'll have to wait until the free launch, hopefully by then we'll have a bigger guild?

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If you have access to the sewers, check the Shadow dudes shop every day. Sometime he'll sell iridium sprinklers which are 24? blocks I think. They can also be found in the secret shop that appears on fri/sun.

Not sure if it's just me, but the song at your farm makes me think of Chrono Cross. I just can't figure out which CC song it reminds me of.

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Pet your animals daily. Let them out in the mornings and shut their barn/coop doors once they return. Make sure you use the grass starters in the fenced area outside their barn/coop. After doing that only a daily basis, I noticed they do not eat any of the hay I put inside. I went through one full season without using a single hay and all my barn animals are 5Hearts and are all happy. It really helps on saving hay for winter

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To maximize the space on your farm. I'd recommend building your barn and coop next to each other but not too close, then fencing them into together. That way you can let out your farm animals into one fenced area.

Also, build a chest everywhere. In your barn. In your coop. At your crop fields. At your tree fields. At the mine entrance. In your house.

Keep all non star items. Sell all star items, they sell at a higher price.

Last thing I'd recommend is go find the mod for the worms. I didn't realize the worms existed until winter rolled by, which made them a bit more visible. The mod will turn the worms into a crack in the ground, helping you out a lot.

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Should I hold off on clearing my land of grass before building a silo? That way I get hay instead of fiber, right?

Also, is there a use for trash or should I just sell it/get rid of it?

Try and get the silo up before you clear out all the grass on your farm. You'll need hay stacked up and ready for winter