G4 has lost it...


This woman is probably the most annoying person I have ever seen on video. She goes off saying the game is sexist and that is depicts women as a whole as insecure little b******, Adam limits the stuff she can use because she could easily accidentally kill someone of his squad if she gets carried away, that isn't her waiting for a man to tell her what to do... that is her being so bad ass that if she isn't restrained she might blow up his whole squad Lol.

If this woman likes the Twilight series then she is the fattest Hypocrite I have ever seen. She complains that Samus is pulled off as a whiny teenager(Also she has been through a lot, why wouldn't she be depressed? She had feeling for that little Metroid and it was blown to pieces right in front of her) when the main character in that series is so insecure and venerable that it could be seen as a mental illness. If her man isn't at least 5 feet near her she just shuts down and goes catatonic Lol.

And then they complained about how you regain health, this part PISSED me off! Halo, COD, Kill Zone, Gears, Batman, MoH, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption and many other games have health systems where you take cover and regain health and they dog THIS game(which is like the 20th game to use it) for using a version of it that makes sense? I guess you should tell those kids that are playing Modern Warfare 2 the same thing. "Just hide behind a rock and think about healing after getting shot or better yet blown to pieces buy an RPG, you will totally magically heal"
These people are obviously Nintendo haters or something. When she started talking about Pee... I threw up a bit...

Do you guys this lady got the facts right? Do you think the game is sexist? and do you think it is right to complain about a health system that has been around for a long ass time?
Made this as a topic and it got closed so I blogged it Lol


The Endurnce Run really is helping Deadly Premonition's sales!

I love it! I was worried this game would bomb because of some of the big websites unfair reviews. The reader reviews are pretty much consistently positive but not many people pay attention to those. I have made several topics at Gametrailers about this game and have got quite a few people to buy it but this takes the cake! At first I think I was liking the Vinny Episodes more because they didn't seem to bothered by the games limitations  and in the beginning brad was complaining a bit to much, but now the Brad and Ryan episodes are defiantly the better ones.  They have clearly warmed up to the game and their commentary is truly hilarious.  Ryan yelling out the commands in the chance sequence was great and I don't think I have ever laughed so much at a video when Brad was freaking out about the" bees" Lol. When ever he said "I think they are coming with" when they were going out side of the hotel i was laughing pretty hard. But the best part was when they finally found out how to bust through doors, you could see the light bulb go off Lol. Lately it seems the Vinny team is losing interest and I'm finding it harder to watch there episodes.


I really hope some of you fellow Giant Bomb enthusiasts do go out and buy this underrated, critically abused, oddly nostalgic and hilarious game. It deserves the sales and I guarantee you will have a blast playing it if you can look past it's shot comings! This game is defiantly a breath of fresh air in this age of HD gaming and hope to see more like it.