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Barnett is going to take this no matter who he's up against

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this is amazing

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and this thread is why i spend the majority of my time on GAF

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@Budster said:
" All I can say is read Gods Debris "
horrible corruption of Occamz Razor.
even the author wont stand by the philosophical system....
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@mazik765:  sorry i thought you had mentioned religion. it was the guy quoting you that brought it up. my apologies.
still, practicality is rarely the issue. you cannot be sure. you can only operate under the assumption that you do have free will @Diamond: said it best
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@mazik765 said:
" Fate is complete garbage in my opinion. Saying you believe in fate is bascially saying that murderers shouldn't be charged for their crimes since they were fated to do so. But I guess the people charging him are fated to do so as well?  Free will. My major is Philosophy so I have thought about this quite a bit :/ "
haha ok let me pose this scenario.
you are placed in a cell that fits your body exactly. you cannot move at all. do you have free will? 
then change the size of the cell to the boundries of the country you currently live in. do you have free will?
then change the size of the cell to the size of earth itself. do you have free will?
then change it to the size of the universe. do you have free will?
the answer, regardless if you believe you have control or not, is that you dont. If you will to go to another planet, can you?
there is also an evolutionary angle to take on this. can you be sure that any of the actions you perform are of your thinking mind or are they subconsciously driven by natural selection?
free will vs fate is far less religious than philosophical. i dont think anyone takes religion seriously anymore.
check out the story of George Price and get back to me
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it almost seems like this post was just for the video...but nah, jeffs better than that......right?

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@Weltal said:
" Chet.  Though he might destroy you through the interwebs with his massive muscles if you call him that. "
why is this thread still going after this perfect post?
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xbox-scene has a good tutorial section

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@Bennyishere:  that i cannot deny, good sir.
@Vorbis said:
" @roofy said:
" i find it hilarious that brad types just as he talks, oh Podtoid, i will miss thee.  and yes, the resemblance is there "
The Electric Hydra has you covered. It lacks Samit but its off to a good start. "

add samit bashing and im all for it, right now i'll give it a try. thanks man