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Sounds cool. Also, only $10 more than what Amazon sells regular Uncharted 2 for.

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I got it for some people, but it takes me way longer than 20 seconds. 

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I plan on getting the old Rock Band instruments cheap, buy them midi adapter for the keyboard I have at home, and then buy the game standalone.

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It seems like there's hardly anyone going on the regular server, why would three seperate servers that can only be filled by subscribers get much traffic?

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@SSully said:
" @rook538 said:
" @No0b0rAmA said:
" Hard bot = Low level gold "
What? I could beat Very Hard AI (before I stopped playing against AI) and I'm in Bronze. "
If you can beat the very hard AI you should be top of bronze or entering silver. Most bronze players dont play as good as the very hard comp and this is coming from someone who got out of the bronze league recently.  "
Yeah, if I played a lot more I could probably get into silver league. Even if I won all my games so far (besides placement) I would most likely be in bronze. But, it seems like I'm going about 50/50. I do seem to only usually play against silver or gold players though.
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@No0b0rAmA said:
" Hard bot = Low level gold "
What? I could beat Very Hard AI (before I stopped playing against AI) and I'm in Bronze.
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I'm normally not very into strategy games. Before Starcraft 2, my only RTS was Age of Mythology, which I almost exclusively played the singleplayer in. But, after all the huge hype surrounding Blizzard's new game, I finally gave in and bought it. At first, it was a pretty fun game. I played through the first five or so story missions in one sitting. But then, my experience sort of just fell apart. I played it only a little each day, it just seemed too boring, too much work, or maybe something else. Either way, it wasn't the game I wanted it to be. I played probably 10 or 15 matches against the AI in total, before I hopped online. I was pretty intimidated at the thought of facing real people. I had some rough build orders for my faction, Terran, and was decent against the computer (I could beat up to Very Hard). But even then, for some strange unknown reason, I was still afraid. 
After my first 3 placement matches, I was feeling a little more confident. I was already developing hate for banshees, but it seemed manageable. I believe my next match I played as Protoss, against another Protoss player. Long story short he super massed void rays, gg. I was beginning to see my weaknesses, like needing to be more aggressive earlier, instead of waiting for 125+ supply to attack. I decided to play some more Terran. I was basically got destroyed by banshees my next game, who were now by far my least favorite unit in the game. So I decided to just stop playing Starcraft 2. It felt like Super Street Fighter IV to me -- hard to play, hard to master. It didn't feel fun, being annoyed by losing through regular strategies, like cloaked banshee harass. The singleplayer, for whatever reason, wasn't very appealing to me either. 
Yesterday, I decided to finish the singleplayer. I don't know why. Maybe I wanted to finish the story. Well, I did. Overall, I think that the singleplayer was pretty good. I thought the last mission was easily the best, even though I accidentally played it on casual (I'd been going through on Normal up to about that point). I don't think the singleplayer missions were as good as a lot of people said, but everything out of the missions was really well done. I wanted to do everything I could while out of the missions. Upgrading units, researching things, and getting mercenaries were all great things in the game. The way that more units unlocked as you went along was really cool too. It felt like you armies could be more powerful as time went on. So, my main enjoyment out of the singleplayer seemed to be not the actual missions, but everything else.  
After finishing the story, I wanted to give the online another shot. I went on as Protoss this time. I decided to skip the rest of my practice matches. I seriously hate those rocks. I got placed into the bronze league, where I am now. I'm doing pretty well so far, fourth in my division. I expect to drop soon though. Not counting placements, I have 4 wins, 2 losses. I lost to two Zergs, one who 6 pooled and another who out macroed me. I'm practicing my build order, and I think I'm getting better. I still need to get some form of a game plan in my head, but I'm getting there. But for today, I'm done. I'll see what happens as I get a little further into Starcraft 2. It may actually reach my expectations. 
If anyone wants to add me, my username is biofio, code is 786.

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You need to constantly producing units from all of your buildings. Or do something with them. You're sitting on a huge pile of minerals and gas and you aren't doing anything with it. You should always be doing something with your money. If you don't have enough gas, then make marines. Build some more barracks, expand. You'll find that your army is a lot bigger than it used to be. 
Your units weren't placed that well. They could have been a lot more aggressive  to those other units coming if they were in a place they could attack that choke point. Your marines and siege tanks probably would've destroyed his army before they even got close to your ramp. 
You played pretty well, but you had too much money. You should also be more aggressive. After you kill all his workers, move out to attack his base. Your force would've probably beaten his, and you could've beaten him earlier. You don't want to give your opponent a lot of time to recover and rebuild his army.

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Even if the developers are fixing problems they notice during the promotional betas, the point is that that isn't they're primary focus. If it was, they  would get those codes out to a lot more people instead of just the ones just pre-ordering their game. I wouldn't really call it a demo though, in my mind demos help you decide whether to buy a game or not, not a "thank you" from the game companies for buying their game.

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