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Put in my vote for 80 Days. Don't necessarily need to see a QL but hope it comes up some time during GotY discussions.

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Great list, #1, and work this year with the Xbox One-80 story and the morning show, Patrick.

And yet it's hard to remember this year without thinking about Ryan. I'm glad you included that photo - reminds me of how much fun and energy he brought to the job and with his friends.

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Thanks for the review spotlight! First time writing out my thoughts about a game in such a long format. Maybe I'll do that more often now!

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Stunned and saddened. Hearing Ryan Davis' personality and passion for life and video games weekly helped me get through terrible times and I'll never forget it. Rest in Peace.

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This is great news. I was growing tired of Hayter's voice "acting."

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Re-ordering lists works now! But when I tried to edit the lists sometime last week, I somehow made three duplicate lists that I can't edit or delete. It just gives me a server error (HTTP Error 500) every time I click on the list.

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Game streaming, game footage sharing, hibernate, 8gb of unified gddr5, remote play, and more - it just seemed like Sony was pitch perfect on the PS4 design and capabilities. Then it brought out a great mix of developers and third party support. Only misstep, in my opinion, was not showing a prototype box. It would've been nice to see the philosophy of the system in physical form.

In over 15 years of gaming, I've never bought a console at launch and wasn't planning on doing so for this next generation but the PS4 has my attention.