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With Ambrose out, Bayley is my favorite wrestler right now.

Ok, with all this $9.99 stuff, i never noticed Network offers a 12.99 a month package. Can I just order the network for the two PPVs i care about (Rumble, MiTB), and just cancel the very next day, and have it for the month of that PPV?

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I actually gasped just looking at that Rollins gif.

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I'm really glad that this thread exists.

Seconded. For the past few months, video game discussion on the internet has been a depressing cesspool. Aside from that crazy dude who sent everyone here a private message, wrasslin talk has been pretty drama-free.

Anwyays, I hear KENTA is on NXT programming tonight?

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I haven't bought a wrestling videogame since the 2003.

I'd totally buy 2K15 for PC, just to easily mess with CAW.

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Thought I just made a Raw reaction post, but can't find it now, ugh. anyway, here it is again...

Bray Wyatt is done. I can't take him seriously anymore. I can only picture him wide eyed, afraid, and confused, after a lousy over-one-shoulder Cena German suplex. Get Harper and Rowan away from him.

As much as I would love to see Swagger become Bo's protégé, this feud will just be Bo saying "BO lieve" a lot until Swagger beats him at NoC. Bo should have a stable. Just give him everyone in the failed NoD v2. Bo eventually being surrounded and beat-down by a group of people who have had enough of his crap would be a better payoff than the same thing every week he's doing with Swagger.

Gold & Stardust doing ANYTHING (i.e. heel turn) is exciting, but I wonder where they go from this. Their quirky weird attitudes are all they have, but it pops the crowd. Without that, what do they do, just slink around and scowl?

Miz's shenanigans are amazing, but don't mean as much when he's not hiding behind a title.

Cesero vs Sheamus is the PERFECT matchup, but there is zero heat under this, and the US title is wasted being around the waist of either these guys.

Roman finally coming at Seth seems like too little too late. He selfishly chased the title, while Dean fought the righteous battle. And now he's back to feed off the crumbs Dean left, with 20% of the animosity. Orton's doing nothing now. I'd rather see him go after Kane/Seth, playing the role of disgruntled outcast of the Authority.

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I'm hesitant to believe NXT characters will find their way to a video game. Doesn't that go against the nature of NXT's non-canon universe where gimmicks can be reworked/repackaged with no worries?

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With 3MB gone and WWE's history with anti-bullying, it seems like a waste of money and goodwill to younger audiences not to use Rybaxel as dumb jock bullies for fan faves like Ryder and Kofi to overcome.

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I can't tell if Bo's Raw segment was just to further along Jack's losing streak storyline, of if this is a push for him to take on this "life coach of the undercard" role that I so desperately wish for.

I don't like watching Bo wrestle, but love watching him annoy the shit out of people.

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Is this WWE card game thing *actually* good?

No. It's just a curiosity. "Does an IRS card exist?" "Can I get any better Super Rare cards than Fandango?"