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xfinity is spotty with LU. Sometimes they have the ep up day of. Some days I won't see it for weeks. Some days only the ESP version is availible. Looks like I'll be playing the waiting game for this one :(

@biggiedubs: In any promotion I would love a feud where two babyfaces act like complete heels only to each other. Everywhere else on the show, they cut positive promos, work the crowd, fight the bad guys; but for some reason cheat, interfere, and sneak attack when it comes down to just them.

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Can we all agree that the only good part of Raw last night was Seth Rollins owning that childish Justin Bieber insult?

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Just watched LU:

  • Marty the Moth is such a poseur. It's probably the most brilliant way to get heat with that smart temple crowd.
  • Really enjoyed Vampiro's frustration in trying to get non-generic answers out of Mundo.
  • Dario's office is officially my favorite weapon in wrestling.
  • Not to take anything away from "the dropkick", but Havoc's brawl with The Crew just before it was actually my moment of the match. Especially rebounding off the ladder dump into them.
  • Shout-out to Vampiro's call of "the dropkick" as well: just getting up and taking a walk. Hilarious
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It's the vigilante Joe!

The only thing I know about Joe is Steiner calling him fat. He just looks like a next gen Tazz. Especially when scowling. His run in was really drab too. They posed for so long, it had me thinking something else was going to happen (nothing did). I really hated that main event.

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Well... I must eat my words on Hot Chip's new album. It has really impressed me. Calling their album Why Make Sense? led me on that their "art attack" style of The Warning / Made in The Dark was coming back. I felt burned by that not being true. Turns out most of the new album feels more like a sequel to Coming on Strong, and even the kind of songs they were writing before that. Just a bunch of simple, stupid, trashy fun. Only now, they are synth layering veterans; so even a seemingly juvenile approach sounds amazing.

Despite already being released, the whole album is still streaming at, so check it out while you still can. I'm probably buying the LP. The record is good enough, and stupid LE pressings like unique colors push me over the edge.

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MITB Will be on June 14th so it will on the same time as the Bethesda press event. So plan accordingly?

Money in The Bank: brought to you by Nuka Cola?

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Man... what the hell happened to Metric? I'm now convinced Live it Out was a total fluke, because I haven't come close to liking anything they's done since. They've been offensively bland, but "The Shade" is whole new level of awful. It reeks of the kind of disposable pop formula you typically hear at an amusement park or Today Show performance.

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I didn't watch last night.

How did Sandow go from childishly mocking Axel to teaming up with him?

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New things from the past week

  • Listened to the new Hop Along album, Painted Shut, a few times. I'm not as blown away by it as I hoped to be, but still insist Hop Along is a band everyone should check out. Frances Quinlan has such an unpredictable cadence and range in her singing that it makes every song compelling. They also have a knack for making songs that aren't instantly catchy, but "click" halfway through to catch you by surprise.
  • The new Polysics EP has been digested. They still act a bit too "cute" for my liking, but the songs have grown on me. Some have subtle experimentation to them. There is a moment of "Ski Ski Die Ski(n)" that actually sounds quite lovely and serene. Adjectives I thought I'd never assign to a band like that.
  • I've only seen one comment on the new Squarepusher album, Damogen Furies here, and it wasn't a positive one. Shame. Even though it's nothing new for Squarepusher, I really dug it. Wrote a whole bunch about it here.
  • I'm cautiously pessimistic about the new Hot Chip album out next week. I'm a fan of their more "out there" string of albums (The Warning and Made in The Dark), and not so much their last two. With a title like Why Make Sense?, I'd expect something truly bonkers. The leaked tracks from it that I've heard seem to be nothing of the sort. Preparing for the worst...
  • With every 8 new releases I grab, i make an 8-Tracks playlist. Here's the second one of 2015.