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Looks like I'll be watching The Rumble with an old college roommate and his friends this weekend. Unless Stardust comes through the curtain at no 6, see you guys in April!

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@papercut: Taking the Giant Bomb celebrity, Stardust, at number 6.

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@logan528: I really believe they have something with their backstage antics; but it's clashing with WWE's style of "saddle you with a gimmick that you are not allowed to bring any depth to, other than a name and a catch phrase for which to sell t-shirts." I have no problem with a face stable, and really wish they stuck with "Smart Athletic Friends" or whatever.

That weird, indie, non-sequitor.... "Adventure time" sort of attitude is very popular with young adults. They're throwing away money by not allowing these guys (and Stardust, for that matter) to go out there and get attention on their own.

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Can A New Day's full time gimmick be doing totally random improv skits backstage and slinking out of frame?

Not only are they really good at it, but it's literally the only thing I've enjoyed them doing.

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Sooo... I haven't watched WWE since a TV blew up in Dean Ambrose's face.

I had a good excuse, I spent the holidays abroad. It felt really good, you guys. And from what I read here and on twitter, it was the right move. I kind of want to just take a huge break.

But there is one thing motivating me...

@papercut: I, Roomrunner, am officially entering the Wizard Rumble. And if I do not leave as Wizard Champion or no 1 contender, I'm retiring from the wrestling thread until after Wrestlemania

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That youtube adventure thing is surprisingly well done.

If Vince doesn't want their talent to wrestle, they should have more free reign to work on stupid shit like this to express themselves. Miz and Lana were legit laugh out loud funny, as was the end of a corridor with a single crate on it being "the divas locker room".

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yeah, not being able to bomb into special rooms is ruining the game for me :(

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If they're going to push Roman the way it seems like they are, they really need to closely consider his gimmick.

Yeah. Or at the very least, motivate him with something. Part of why his TLC promo made him sound like Silent Hill voice actor was because he has nothing really to fight for. He's being shoved down our throats, so he can't come from a "nobody believes in me" angle. He's mad at nobody right now, and don't say Rollins. He ignored Seth's turn wholesale for a few months. Ambrose left a spot to fill, so he conveniently gave a crap again. The guy is nothing more than a look, three moves, and a "AWROOOOOOOOOO"

Also Brock needs a David to his Goliath for his downfall to feel meaningful. I don't hate Reigns, but he's booked like Superman right now. It would be straight up boring to watch the guy who'd has the carpet laid out for him all year just make this scary-dominant Brock Lesnar run go away.