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Grabbed the new Towa Tei album (Cute) yesterday. He's an art-pop, Shibuya-kei artist, so you never know exactly what you're gonna get with him. Sometimes too much art, sometimes too much pop. This is one of those albums where he gets it just right. I guess the best way to describe this album here is a more radio friendly / less abrasive version of that Clarence Clarity album.

Also got This is The Sonics because the story alone grabbed me. They were a garage rock band from the 60s. They're all in their 70s now, and haven't put out an album since 1968. And the most amazing thing, it rocks. No one is allowed to ever again make an excuse about reunions not living up to their prime, or chalk up losing touch to getting old. It's simple garage rock, but is better than it has any right to be.

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Oh, I just realized it's July. We're halfway through the year! How about some top fives?

My top five (so far)

  1. Built To Spill - Untethered Moon
  2. blur - The Magic Whip
  3. The Go! Team - The Scene Between
  4. Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake - Modern Surf Classics
  5. John Carpenter - Lost Themes
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While we're talking about screaming, the new Refused album... oof.

Sometimes I feel like The Shape of Punk To Come gets too much credit, but it did very much influence hardcore bands across the world (GlassJAw, Number Girl...) to incorporate high production values and effects into their albums, so there's that.

Freedom on the other hand has little to no experimentation. It's a lot of bland big heavy arena rock. Dennis Lyxzen's tenure in The (International) Noise Conspiracy (who themselves fizzled out after their second album) carries over into Refused here with a lot of ham-fisted politics and embarrassing attempts at pop.


I also went and got the Drenge sophomore jinx album, Undertow. While it doesn't have the punch of their debut, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. I like the melodic post-punk direction they went with some of their songs. It allows an excuse for them in the future to be more than just a simple garage rock band, if they want to be.


The new Radio Dept. single, "Occupied" is A-MA-ZING. Listen to this, please, and thank you.


Recently, I also went into more detail about albums I've posted about (Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Hop Along, Blur...)

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@namoo said:

Fair enough. My point still stands that if it was a diva in that position and she was getting attacked for it everyone would love to voice their support for her cause. Its just hypocrisy at its finest.

Take that, imaginary hypocrites!

If it was an alien in that position, we would all be like "Hey settle down, alien. Maybe you should have made first contact with us before we made Body Snatchers and Mars Attacks"

If he was doing sick skateboard tricks while tweeting, everyone would be praising him for his rad moves.

If it were girl John Cena, she'd effortlessly throw us into the sun before we could get a single retort in.

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Don't buy new games.

I would love to put this on a billboard

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Brock is yet to cash in his rematch clause. He has always had a title shot.

His punishment was being forced to sit at home and watch months of smarmy Rollins promos without being about to use it.

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Woods had to jump Alex. If he went through the proper channels, WWE would try to get Sheamus on the couch instead.

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30 Helens Agree

porn's next

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Looking for my favorite Dusty promo. It was an old one. Don't even know what promotion. It's ringside with Vince, and Dusty is wearing a big yellow floppy cap. It's fun to watch, because you can see Vince trying not to smile, clearly in awe of Dusty's promo skills.

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Money in The Bank has been the one PPV I traditionally never miss. But the show is just so boring now... I'm gonna go see Bad Religion on Sunday night instead.