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@recspec: IC title seems to be back where it was before WHC showed up. Most of this bracket is made up of former WHC title holders who suddenly give a shit about IC again.

Anyways, Cesaro has this. It's so obvious. It kind of bums me out how predictable the booking could be some times. Swagger had no TV entrance, so I knew he was jobbing to Sheamus; and if Sheamus is winning, well, they never book face v face, then obviously Barrett is taking it. I didn't even bother watching the Barrett match, because the result was so telegraphed.

Cesaro is going to the finals because he has a huge "destined for glory" angle going right now. Barrett will lose and injure Sheamus, just like Swagger, so Sheamus won't look too weak when he loses to Cesaro.

I can only hope they plant a seed with Cesaro v Sheamus, just in case he doesn't click with Big E. They seem like the perfect long running feud.

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Alex Navarro winning the rumble is the high mark of Al Snow's career.

Another great moment that hasn't been mentioned - Jared Rea cutting a sick promo on Wrestlemania 2000 after his elimination, and the room's nuclear reaction.

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I was watching the Bo Dallas video promos just now, and this thought came to me: if they are going where I think they are with this character, they could give the entire mid card clusterfuck dead zone something to do.

Picture this: A newcomer with no kayfabe credentials arrives on the scene and asserts himself as a positive motivational mentor to all the "has beens" of 2012-2013. Ziggler, Ryder, Kofi, Miz, Mark Henry... You've got a ton of personalities there. A lot of different ways to react to being subjected to unwanted tutelage.

I want to see a Bo Dallas "Strive For Success" Invitational Battle Royale where he just patrols the outside of the ring with a live mic giving empty words of encouragement or "constructive criticism" to the competitors.

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Paige's debut could have been better. There wasn't much logic to "nobody knows who I am or why I belong here, but I interrupted you to show respect." Also, the match was over in a heartbeat. If I had no idea who she was, I would assume it's more "Divas clusterfuck nonsense shenanigans."

At least good matches are coming, right?

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WM is over, and so is my break from watching wrestling. I did it last year so I didn't have to see any of champion Rock, and with Batista's RR win, I figured I should just make it a yearly thing. At least this year, I'm smart enough to come back for the RAW after WM, which is usually the best thing ever.

Should be fun asking you guys to catch me up on the last few months.

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Two questions.

1. Doesn't this DLC disprove Bioshock Infinite's original ending? The way I interpreted it was that Liz pinpointed and killed the Booker that chooses baptism, and kills him: thus preventing Columbia, the Lutece's quantum inventions, and Elizabeth (that's why they all disappear).

Apparently that isn't what happened? Liz only killed one Comstock there? If so, what's the point of that? If you can't end all Comstocks/Columbias, what's the point of killing any? Were all the Lizes that disappeared just branches from that timeline?

2. I understand that timelord Liz goes to Rapture to ensure the safety of Sally (which is kind of crazy, for the same reason as Comstock listed above. If you desperately want to save one, you must want to save all of them - a practical impossibility)

I understand timelord Liz loses her powers when she sees her own body... I don't understand why. Nor why she lost her memory in the beginning of the episode, why she needed the Luteses to bring her there instead of warping there, or why she no longer has a missing pinkie.

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My experience with Dark Souls has been that if you cannot confidently steamroll through all the enimes between you and the boss, you aren't ready for the boss.

Making that journey easier is just building them up for more disappointment when they hit a wall with a boss they shouldn't be fighting yet.

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@ozzdog12: Yeah, predictability is the biggest problem with WWE. There is a huge gap, almost like there is with the financial classes in our society, that is so obvious, you just know where everything is going. And it's sad, because the Rumble is supposed to project unpredictability, but you know it's only gonna be one of four logical people to win. Guys like Cody Rhodes and Big E might as well be Heath Slater in the Rumble. Last night it was Batista, Punk, Reigns, and maybe Sheamus, and 26 Heath Slaters.

uh yeah, I didn't weigh in much on the show last night, but I'm kinda glad it's bad. I up and left the moment Rock won the title last year and promised not to come back until he was gone. Turned out to be pretty good for me, and I already planned to do it this year too. It was nice of WWE to encourage that behavior with yet another lousy Big Show match, lousy title match, and a boring Rumble that concluded with handing a part-timer I wasn't even around for in the first place a golden ticket. Don't care how gimmicky Elimination Chamber is, the product is mainstream pandering garbage this time of year. So I'm skipping it again. See you on the Monday after Mania!

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Bad News Barrett better be involved in the rumble

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@papercut: I'm calling Goldust at #13

So I missed Raw last night. If I don't care about Batista, is anything worth watching?