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Bit.Trip 6: The Return of The Beat 0

 The Nintendo Wii Shop is about to lose its only respectable game series: Bit.Trip.  Since its debut in early 2009, Bit.Trip Beat, the series has been delivering incredible music and retro visuals to accompany zen like gameplay that most rhythm games lack. These games aren't just "good for a WiiWare game".  Collectively, the first three Bit.Trip games was my 2009 game of the year.  Yes, I loved Bit.Trip more than Uncharted 2. Bookending the six game series, Bit.Trip Flux is essentially a refined...

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My mods; let me show you them 0

Reviewer's note:  I realize this is a game from summer 2010, but there were a number of loading issues with this title that have been since patched.  Also, I feel when dealing with a strong community oriented game, it's only fair to give it a few months to breathe.  I feel those two things make it a different game than it was at release. ----- Something eventually will topple Mario Kart.  I probably won't happen this generation, but you can't fault a compony for trying.  United Front's debut, Mo...

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no new challengers allowed 3

If I can explain Super Street Fighter IV briefly, it would be a very fun looking playground set, only with no building instructions and a large percentage of useless equipment.  I've been playing videogames for over 20 years; and while I admit I do not have a competitive personality, I feel I'm well rounded and adaptive to many genres.  The level of play gap is the fighting genre's greatest flaw, but I was lured in by SSFIV's nostalgia factor and colorful cast of characters.  Never in all my yea...

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I like you a lot Fragile, but let's stay friends. 0

A game like Fragile could not have come at a better time.  Last year, the the very landscape of Arkham Asylum captivated gamers with its detail and density.  Silent Hill made a surprising comeback on the Wii with its new exploratory format.  Fragile has been knocking on America's door for quite a while, touting its original environment of a ruined uninhabited Tokyo.  Having a personal love for exploring abandoned buildings, this rushed right to the top of my 2010 anticipation list.  And now upon...

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