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Don't buy it! Not optimized for the PS3 at all. Terrible controls, same exact graphics as the phone versions. Looks ugly on the big-screen.

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Check out my new blog! I'm trying to tackle my pile of shame and this blog will follow those misadventures!

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So I guess it's a little early for an April Fool's joke? This can't be real, except Nintendo is that kind of crazy.

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So while my wife and I were watching Buffy the other day I started wondering "What if there were Vampire Zombies?" As in Vampires turned into Zombies. My wife said that Vampires already were Zombies because they are undead and feed off the living. But I said no, there are differences. Also I seem to recall there being vampire zombies in a recent game or movie. So what does everyone think? Are vampire zombies? Can Vampires turn into zombies and vice versa?

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Everytime I hear about Rocket Riot that Tracy Morgan Theme song plays in my head. "A rocket, I'm taking a rocket. Packing my suitcase, I'll be there soon."

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Agnogenic said:
"When I really want a game, I have to empty my cue and only have that game in there. Otherwise I get games at the bottom or middle of my cue just because they are "available now" instead of high availability. I finally got them to ship Shadow of the Colossus today after several days of waiting."
That trick had been working for me, but it hasn't lately.  I've been waiting for Godfather 2 or Resident Evil 5 for days now. The other trick that sometimes work is having a new release at the top of your queue and returning something the day it comes out. But it's harder to time that now. I think I'm caught between Shipping Centers or something.
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Seriously it seems like its taking even longer for Gamefly to receive my games and to ship new ones.  Their availability is terrible now. You used to be able to put a few newer games on there and just wait until they're available. Last week I had three days of no shipping the five games on my list  till I finally loaded it with a ton of stuff I didn't really want.  Right now I've been waiting another three days for them to ship my next game, after it took them almost all of last week to receive my  return.  Skate 2 has been listed at "High" availability for the last two days.

I wish they would stop having a big game blowout every month and actually CARRY games. If this gets any more ridiculous I might have to switch back to Blockbuster's terrible service.

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I hope this is true. I want me some Pure.

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For Just Videogames I listen to:
Bombcast, Gamescoop, Three Red Lights, Listen Up, and Nintendo Voice Chat. And I try to keep up with NoobToob,Gamespot, Rebel FM, the Wiire podcast, Wii Like to Podcast, OXM, and Major Nelson.
I also listen to many NPR podcasts, Movies You Should See, Popcorn Mafia, Savage Love, PTI, Mike and MIke...etc...

I listen to them all day at work basically..

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People point out to me all the time I'm descended from the Axis of Power.
But I was raised mostly Japanese-Italian American.

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