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I remember getting my Dreamcast for Christmas of 99. I was 13 and was the most amazed 13 year old when I saw Sonic Adventure. I could not stop playing that game. The semi-open world, great gameplay and graphics that I couldn't imagine before seeing them in action. I also remember all the time I spent playing Phantasy Star Online and enjoying what a next generation Resident Evil looked like in Code Veronica. It is sad to see it gone, but as Peter Moore put it so well, it introduced so many things that are must have features in our current generation of consoles.

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I totally lost at Brad's quote on the recent podcast about putting the Street Fighter The Movie bag of popcorn in the microwave and the ghost of Raul Julia coming out of it.

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I enjoyed Jared on the podcast. To echo what some of the others have said, Jared's movie trailer voice overs were great. His information on EVO and arcade cabinets were something I enjoyed and he added a different perspective which I'm always open to.

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@Snapstacle: Hehe and that is why I'm waiting for the Pre to be offered by Verizon.
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I am with Cincinnati Bell and plan to switch to Verizon (in six months) for the Palm Pre because AT&T has such horrible customer service and their plans are terrible. So I'd love to see a Palm Pre application.