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Not a PS3

I don’t get misty-eyed over technology very often, but it’s hard not to lament the passing of my Playstation 3. I’ve had this bad boy for quite a while now, having bought it on the first vacation that I took back home to Virginia after joining GameSpot back in 2004. So, that would place the purchase in the summer of 2007 or so. As I recall, Best Buy was running some kind of crazy $50 or $100-off deal that summer, and, having avoided the rather crazy original purchase price of the console, I decided to lay down my money and finally join the Blu-Ray Revolution.

All good things come to an end, though, and it looks like whatever crazy stuff that running GTAV does to a PS3 was finally the bullet in the head of my little workhorse. My girlfriend’s out of town, so I bought GTAV yesterday in the hopes of having some free time to spend on it this weekend, but unfortunately fate intervened. No more than half an hour after starting the game (I was getting into Franklin’s car after delivering the repossessed cars to the dealership), everything died rather violently, with the red LED on the system flashing over and over. I thought at first that something had just overheated, but nope: attempting to turn the system back on simply resulted in the infamous green light - yellow light of death - flashing red light sequence. My system’s gone on to the next world.

It’s hard for me to guess whether I’ve used my PS3 or my X360 more this generation. Certainly both of them have lagged pretty far behind my PC, but they both still have their uses. I prefer the 360’s controller slightly, but the PS3 had the advantage of being a better media center, especially since it ran so quiet and had a Blu-Ray drive. Honestly, I’ve probably used it more for playing Blu-Ray movies than I have for running exclusive games on it, but it’s still been a great device for checking out the inFamouses and Uncharteds of the last decade.

a PS3

Unfortunately its death leaves me without a Blu-Ray player for the moment, and since I prefer to get my Netflix discs in that format, I’m suddenly faced with a rather depressing lack of HD disciness in my life for the next couple of months, and possibly longer: I wasn’t exactly intending to nab either of the new consoles at launch.

So, what does an idiot like me? Order an ifixit repair kit, of course! I would’ve just bought a new PS3, but, you know - $50 versus $230. Pretty easy decision to at least try the repair kit first and see if it helps before plunging all the way into purchasing a brand new console that’s only going to get used for a couple of months. I guess I could’ve always just bought a Blu-Ray player, but still, that wouldn’t fix the goddamn copy of GTAV sitting around, taunting me. Like a dirty taunter.

Anyway, apparently these things take something like three hours to open up, apply new thermal paste stuff, and reseal, so that should be an interesting use of my weekend. Will update with pictures later if I don’t wind up throwing the whole damn thing out the window. I probably will, given that I just now looked at one of the guides for repairing one of these things, and it’s 50 goddamn steps long. Should be fun to grow a few more gray hairs this weekend.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Good luck with the repairs. When my first PS3 bit the dust a few years ago, I started to look into fixing it, but I just bought a new one because it was a few years ago, and this "new" one probably lasted longer than repairs would have.

As someone who is almost done with GTA V, I think it's worth going through the trouble to repair the console (at least until they announce a PC version in a month or two). It's a rad game.

Posted by CommonReason

Sorry for your loss Rorie. Rockstar killed my original PS3 with Red Dead Redemption, so hearing GTA V take the life of another is not incredibly surprising. I agree with MooseyMcMan though, it's worth trying to repair the thing if it means seeing the rest of the game through, it's just that good.

I wish you the best of luck this weekend.

Posted by ILikePopCans

Good luck and god speed. It would be really cool for you to do it in the office so it can be recorded for us to watch cough cough. Maybe have a knock off tested video like video.

Posted by Mento

You bought a PS3 in 2005? Fuck, man, I wish I had the connections you do.

Hope you manage to fix it. I've always been too skittish to open up one of my systems if it breaks down.

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

Ummm... The PS3 launched in November 2006, you could not have bought one in summer '05.

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I feel your pain. About 2 weeks ago my 360 purchased around the end of summer in 2007 went down to an E 74 error. I've since taken it apart, applied new thermal paste and currently have it working outside its shell with the fan turned around resting and blowing on the GPU and CPU heat sinks (otherwise the GPU heat sink gets ridiculously hot and the E 74 problem returns) and the DVD drive hooked up but lying on a short stack of books outside of the internal casing where the motherboard lies (so that it doesn't cover up the GPU heat sink that keeps getting super hot). The whole configuration looks absolutely ridiculous and it's nice and loud obviously, but for now it's working again. That's more than I thought it would be doing at this point at least. However, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the thing will stay out for the count; hopefully it'll last me a couple more months.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavor with your PS3.

Oh, and am I wrong in thinking the PS3 came out in November of 2006? So if it was on sale in the summer, I would think that you've probably owned it since 2007 at the earliest.

Posted by csl316

Good luck!

One of the weirdest things caused by such a long generation is realizing how my primary system habits changed over the years. Started all 360, then mostly PS3, then PC and Steam, now back to PS3.

The big events of system-replacements, the short time period where the Wii got a lot of play, the year my Blu Ray collection got out of control... There's a whole bunch of lore at this point.

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I had the same problem with my launch model PS3 (the moment it died is the only reason I remember DeathSpank), and fixed it successfully with the iFixit kit/guide...

...for a bit. It fired back up, just long enough for me to move all of my save files to the just-launched Playstation Plus Cloud, and then it died again not long after (I can't remember if I managed to play something on it). Your mileage may vary, but I would caution you against getting your hopes up too high for your PS3's longevity - this doesn't really fix the solder problem, just patches it up a bit.

Hopefully that doesn't bring you down too much, and I've heard plenty of stories of PS3s that came back to life and never died again, so maybe I just had a bout of bad luck. I also had it vertical for some of that time, which I suspect may not have helped it out any - you may have better luck if you keep yours horizontal, the way God intended.

Good luck, Rorie! I hope you can get some GTA in, or at least liberate any save files you care about.

Posted by Duecenage


LA Noire did the same thing to my PS3, I got mine the summer after launch, and used that thing like crazy! I found it humorous that it happened when I got to the arson desk, like my PS3 couldn't handle the heat or something!

Posted by Tireyo

-_- They don't make them tough like they used to.

Posted by TruthTellah

Oh thank god. I came into this thread, saw the lead shot of a beautiful dog, and thought you had tragically lost a pet.

Posted by AlKusanagi

I still pour one out every summer for the loss of my faithful launch Dreamcast "Sakura" that went to the great mod-heap in the sky back in '06. That thing literally traveled around the world with me.

I am also amazed that my launch PS2 is still working 12 years later, when I went through 2 PS3s and a half dozen 360s this generation.

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Oh thank god. I came into this thread, saw the lead shot of a beautiful dog, and thought you had tragically lost a pet.

Rorie doesn't have pets of his own. He only molests the random ones he encounters on the street.

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@mcghee said:

@truthtellah said:

Oh thank god. I came into this thread, saw the lead shot of a beautiful dog, and thought you had tragically lost a pet.

Rorie doesn't have pets of his own. He only molests the random ones he encounters on the street.

Well now I imagine Rorie just visiting the pet store everyday to swim in a pile of puppies.

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I can't take it anymore Rorie. I'm calling you out as the dirty pet-ist that you are. Every one of these threads it's dog dog dog. Never is there a cat in sight. Why are such a pet-ist Rorie? Why do you hate the Felis Catus so much?All I'm asking for is equal representation.

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My PS3 started to make a low humming noise while playing GTAV (almost like the clicking noise my ps2 made back in the day, but not as severe), though it didn't cause any harm to performance or break the console. Glad I was able to beat the game, since it might be the last game I play this gen (unless Beyond: Two Souls, Rain, and Arkham Origins prove to be worth checking out).

And I'm so on the fence of getting a console near launch or not... I usually wait until the e3 after the consoles have been launched so I can get a better sense of the consoles' quality and what games they'll have, but man does Watchdogs look awesome on next gen and complete shit on current gen. Might just save up for a pc....

Posted by Klarion18

Ever since Black Ops 2, my PS3 has had an issue reading discs. It would take me ejecting and putting in discs multiple times to actually read them. I've just come to the conclusion that it's not worth the repair since I can still use the PS3 to play digital games. Just being able to buy and download GTA5 day of release has been pretty sweet and I'm pretty happy not having to deal with discs. Just wished I could get the games in my library digital as well, but oh well hopefully next generation will start adding some of those features.

Posted by Aetheldod

Awwwwv :( hope you can fix it soon Rorie :D

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Posted by Vuud

Yo Imma pour a 40 on the curb for Rorie's OG PS3.

Posted by Christoffer

You have to commend it for lasting almost exactly a whole generation, though. Not a small feat in this age of cheap self-destructive home electronics.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Some where out there.....probably in japan Ken Kutaragi is laughing at us all.

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You can't break it more, I don't think, I mean it doesn't work, so the worse you can do is it will never work again. It's worth a try. May your hand be steady.

Posted by Seppli

It truely is the worst timing, to have a hardware failure so close to a generational shift. Either wait it out and get a new box and be left out in the cold for two months. Or throw 200+ bucks out of the window for a system that'll be out of commission so soon.

It takes a brave man to do-it-yourself. I remember sweating blood and tears replacing my CPU cooler a couple of years back. Great feeling though. The best of luck to you.

Posted by YoThatLimp

I hate to be that guy @rorie, but Giantbomb does have a history of creating premium content out of fixing electronics ;)

Posted by Winsord

I've still got my launch model, 60GB PS3. The amount of disk drive access GTA V has been doing is somewhat terrifying, so here's hoping my console doesn't explode like yours. I just replaced the hard drive in it a month ago too, so it breaking at this point would pretty much be the worst thing. The Super Slim PS3s are 'only' $200, and then it'd just be swapping the HDD out, but the timing could not be any worse (especially for me personally, seeing as GT6 is coming out on the PS3 in December).

Posted by MildMolasses

You live in a strange world where you xbox is louder than your PS3. My PS3 sounds like a fucking vacuum

Posted by probablytuna

Good luck with the repair! I've experienced one PS3 breaking down on me. I distinctly remember that moment, my brother was playing MGS4 and he was having a shootout with the PMC when all off a sudden the screen froze and we waited a few minutes before restarting the console. Next thing you know, the disc drive was screwed and couldn't read any discs we put in. I ended up buying my brother's PS3 that he bought at the end of that year and so far it's still running fine and well.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

Just send it to They repair many types of eletronics and they do a very good job from what I have read. Also, Gophermods is very honest that they only have a 95% success rate and that repairs can last two years, two months, or as long as you have it. I had a friend send hios until to Gophermods and they repaired his...just sayin'.

For $80 + shipping you can get you system fixed, and they do it pretty fast. You have a nice machine, it might be worth teh $80 to get a backwards capatable w/ flash memory slots fixed.

Posted by Rorie

@monkeyking1969: Ah, I dunno, I already got the kit, so I figure I'll give it a whirl and see if I can do it myself. I'm not super technical, but I'll give it a while. Maybe stream it if I can figure out how to do it with my camera.

Posted by Rorie

@christoffer: Yep, it definitely lasted a long time. Maybe being vertical for so long finally made it give up the ghost.

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Ahhh I remember when my launch ps3 died. I had pre-ordered God of War III, and just 3 days before it came out, it bit the dust with the YLOD. I looked up some youtube videos on how to solve the problem, but they seem like a bit of a hassle(The ones were you reflow the sodering, using a heat gun), and I didn't have the tools needed. Luckily I had recived a tax refund that month, so I just went with the lazy option and bought myself a slim. Handed the old one off to a friend of mine, and said that if he was able to fix it, he could just keep it. He was acutally able to fix it using the heat gun method, so it still lives this day today... Though it being on life support.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

"I'm not super technical, but I'll give it a while."

No super technical as in... frends keep shoving bananas in the tail pipe of my car and it only takes me an hour to figure out why my car doesn't start.

or a Apollo 13 astronaut, can you improvised a way to join the cube-shaped lithium hydroxide (LiOH) Command Module canister for scrubbing carbon dioxide through a cylindrical canister-sockets by drawing air through them with a space suit return hose.

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My PS3 problem isn't quite a YLOD symptoms, but it sure is a bummer to completely lose access to years of save games. Guess I might as well try the ifixit kit too, before chucking it.

Copy that floppy kids, or get PSN+.

Posted by tread311

I just went through and replaced my launch PS3 and launch 360 with slims in hopes that they will last the test of time. I had almost no confidence in the first gen hardware kicking around much longer. That being said, I used to repair the RROD in the Xbox pretty easily and this shouldn't be any harder than that. You will probably not have too much difficulty. The only thing is that it isn't a guarantee to work or to last.