I'm Rorie, AmAA

Hey! It's been a fun first week here on the Bomb and Comic Vine. Mostly what I've been doing is getting used to all of the many, many tools that are used behind the scenes as part of the support system here. Giant Bomb is not a completely self-contained site, as we rely heavily on a third-party support site to help us run all of our support stuff. So anything you send to support@giantbomb.com actually goes to our account on another website, which makes it easier for us to track those issues over the time periods it can take to resolve them rather than deal with lengthy email chains. From the support site, issues are thrown into github for our engineering and design team to crack them, or I hop over to another site for billing support if someone got double charged or something like that, or I use yet another site to deal with issues with our store orders. So there are a lot of new logins and passwords to remember now, but I'm getting a handle on it. Hopefully we can reduce the amount of time you guys wait on answers to queries by a substantial amount going forward. Hopefully!

look at this pup

Anyway, I was dealing with a lot of incoming messages last week across PMs, Twitter, responses to my blog, and a few other sources. I tried my best to get back to almost everyone who asked a direct question, but I figured that if anyone had any questions regarding recent developments and what's going on around here, I'd be happy to try and answer them now that I've had a chance to breathe a bit. You're welcome to ask things in the comments or send me a PM. There will be another Ramblin' Rorie at some point, but until I have time to do that I figured some of you might still have some lingering questions. So, ask me anything, but let's try to keep the questions about Rampart.

Edit: Sorry, I should've quoted people in my responses. In the past I've hit posting limits, so I responded to a bunch of people in each reply. Hopefully it's not too confusing!

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Cake or pie?

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Rorie, do you like my pug video?

What kind of dogs do you have?

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So you're back with the Whiskey Media crew? Awesome! (haven't really kept up)

Anyways - best movie you've seen so far in 2013? Worst?

Posted by GValo

Are you looking forward to seeing Alex again and have you considered continuing the "radio show"?

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Matthew Rorie - Are you going to play the new Neverwinter MMO? I was going to.. but then saw their f2p model...

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How many puppies would it realistically take for you to willingly sacrifice yourself for their survival?

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Can we be friends?

Posted by superkebabi

Do you have a dog?

Posted by Grimmy616

When was the last time you checked out Screened and what do you think about what the site has become?

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Considering your love for Drive, (if I can remember my screened days well enough) are you looking forward to see Only God Forgives?

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Welcome home.

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Want to talk about the dogs your family had when you were a boy?

Posted by TheHakku

So... how ya doin'?

Posted by Vyper

Great to have you back Rorie! We know you are a supreme puppy lover, but how do you feel about kittens?

Posted by snide

What's the biggest difference working with engineers instead of editors, who I assume you're more comfortable around.

Posted by Phatmac

Hey Rorie, glad to have you here! :) The big block buster summer movies are coming fast so I'd like to know which of them you're looking forward to the most. PUP!

Posted by Triumvir

I find the layout on the New Games page to be clunky. It could really use the ability to collapse and open each week individually, as just scrolling down can be a minor pain. Any plans to revamp that page?

Also, I am planning on getting a dog soon: Welsh corgi or Newfoundland dog?

Posted by Brackynews

You try too hard Mat The Wrorie! But thank you for being paws-on with the community all the dang time.

I'll ask what I asked on Twitter, are you cool with doing a quick video with Homer? Apparently he's still around CBSi but haven't seen that dude in ages. Since this, actually. Maybe I'm presuming a lot, but something with you and the GS dudes we never seem to see would give me personally the warm fuzzies.

Also this video doesn't have enough views. COMMUNITY MOBILIZE!

Lover of Big Ideas. <3

Posted by Cazamalos

this is not really a question, i just remembered the weird indie low budget movies you screened at the Whiskey's Live Fridays and i laughed

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Do you like cool art?

Posted by NoobSauceG7
My Dog, Rocky, says hi!

Posted by cooljammer00

What's your favorite part about Apple's Macintosh line of personal computers?

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Why do you smell so wonderful?

Posted by huss

I feel like a lot of us already know a bit too much about you (at least in Internet terms). I just hope you manage to get in on some video content despite being more on the other side of things.

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Are you going to do more Random PC games? Any idea on what you want to do for the next one?

Posted by Mesklinite

Favorite food place near your new work place!?

Posted by JakePike218

Will there be more planned GB Flght Club with all the flight simulator games that you guys received?

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apart from WoW, what are you playing right now? and have you played guild wars 2?

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Is this the best video ever filmed?

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Rorie, is there a reason you don't own a pup yourself? Apartment conditions? Likely to eat the pup up and have to get another? Unable to decide on what breed?

We've really missed you Rorie, so glad to have you back.

Also, is it weird that I have this? (P.S. what does it say under your name?)

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Favorite game made by people you used to work with?

Posted by Snail
  1. You're no longer writing editorial articles for a living. Are you going to miss that? I really enjoyed reading your stuff on Screened - that was great coverage.
  2. Is it better for you guys if we send bug reports to the support@giantbomb.com e-mail, or if we post them in the bug report forum? I figure that issues that benefit from feedback from other users should go in the forums, but for those that don't, is it more convenient for your end of things to get them on that e-mail service?

It's awesome to have you back Rorie!

Posted by lacke

Will you do any game coverage? I would love to see some MMO coverage since many of the major gaming sites have been lackluster in that front in my opinion.

Posted by dprabon

Heyo, sad to see Dave go, but it's great to have you back!!!!!!

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@willthemagicasian: @grimmy616: @whiskeyabe: @granderojo: @jaydee: hi!

@hershey07: More of a pie guy I guess!

@commodorejenkins: you're a puppy

@beatlebrainiac: Man, I haven't really seen a lot of movies this year. I would really have to think about the best...I haven't seen a lot of new movies that have really impressed me, but I still need to see the new Malick and The Place Beyond The Pines and a few other things. As far as the worst goes, on blu-ray, the Total Recall remake, Expendables 2, and Battleship were all pretty powerfully stupid. I guess Battleship was kind of kooky fun, but TR and Expendables 2...it was hard to find anything redeemable there.

@newslowsad: that pup is not happy! Or is the happiest! I do not have any dogs at the moment. I live in a very small (one-room) apartment, so I would not feel good about leaving a dog alone all day while I was at work. We'll see in the future though.

Edited by Rorie

@gvalo: It's always fun to see Alex! Not sure I'll get a chance to hook up with him in person until PAX, though; I'm not going to E3 (I'll be posting trailers from the office). So we'll see! I definitely want to continue the radio show when I can figure out all the technical stuff. I think doing that kind of thing is really fun. It's been too long.

@jumbs: I've heard a lot of good things about it, but then I heard a lot of bad things about the f2p model, like the most powerful health potion being something you need to buy with real money. I'll give it a try, but it'll have to knock me out of my socks to keep me interested. We'll see!

@lackingsaint: A fair amount! I still like living a lot. It would take a lot of puppy lives for me to consider giving up my own life to save them. Probably in the five figure range. It's not like we're running out of puppies.

@darktoad450: Yes! On GB especially. In real life I am a hard nut to crack.

@superkebabi: Nope! My apartment is very small. I don't think it'd be fair to the pup to leave him in a single room all day long. I get my kicks vicariously.

@grimmy616: Obviously I'm pretty disappointed by the fact that BermanBraun has put virtually no resources into building that site. (And I say this as a complete outsider who doesn't know anything behind the scenes! Maybe they have something big planned for it.) When we created it we were hoping that it would be an authentic rival to IMDB as a wiki (and not to toot our own horn, but I still think our video stuff was as unique as you'll find on any major film/tv site), but it seems to be something that they're content to let it founder. It could've been something really great, so it stinks that they don't seem to be willing to put any money into it. FinalDasa was always a really good community member, and I'm glad to see him take over the reins at least! I hope they're paying him well, and I would love nothing less for that site to become a force in the movie coverage business.

Posted by Rorie

@iceland: Definitely. I still need to see Place Beyond The Pines, too. I really like Ryan Gosling, god help me.

@zaph: Thanks!

@danterandal19: I saw Amazing Spider-Man finally! Isn't she a wonderful dame? I haven't seen Gangster Squad yet, but from what I've heard I'm not missing much. I'll just watch Easy A again, I guess.

@themasterds: Hmm, we didn't really ever own any dogs; we mostly dogsat for my grandparents when they went on trips, which was pretty often. They always had Boston Terriers, so we went from Skippy to Bizzy to Beau to Princess with a few siblings here and there. They have a new pup that I haven't met yet! I need to go down to San Diego to catch up. Tough to travel now, though.

@thehakku: Doing a lot better now. Surprising how a paycheck will do that to you!

@vyper: I really like kittens a lot. I don't see a lot of conflict here. Kittens are pretty adorable, if a lot more diffident than puppies are when you meet them. Kittens don't need to be petted; they're happy to make you work for their affections. But I like rubbing them.

@snide: It's been weird, they gave me your old desk! Honestly I'd be happier over in the GB area since those are the guys I really need to talk to every day, but so far it's been nice to be able to bug Danny and Simon when needed. I feel bad for Danny as he's probably getting pulled in a million different directions right now. So far, so good; I just can't get used to this tiny desk they gave me. I don't know if this chair was yours, but man, CBSi needs to get on the ball in terms of ergonomics. I'm on the verge of ordering my own inflatable ball. Apart from that, not too many differences; I just need to be aware that people are really busy with their own work and my issue with some duder needing a password reset might not always be super pressing. But I'm learning!

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@phatmac: One of the great things about not working on movies anymore is not watching trailers or keeping up with films - I know what I want to see and I'd prefer to let them surprise me rather than get them spoiled through trailers. I'm kinda pessimistic about this summer, but I really hope that Star Trek: Into Darkness and maybe Elysium are good! I'll see a bunch of things, but I'm dimming down my hopes rather than go crazy with the expectations.

@triumvir: I agree with the New Games page criticism. The way that it doesn't even seem to know what day it is is pretty frustrating to me. Send me a PM to remind me and I'll try to open an issue for it.

I am a Corgi fan! Save a lot of money on food, too. I do like the big dogs, but it's up to you and the amount of space you have!

@brackynews: Homer is great and he's really not on enough videos. I'll see if I can rope him into something silly at some point soon.

@cazamalos: Hah yeah, that lady was way too nice to let us show her movies. They were pretty bad, but she seemed to not mind the exposure. Hope we made her some money at least!

@teenagejesussuperstar: Cool art is the best. That might be the most embarrassing video Rich Gallup ever got me to do.

@noobsauceg7: I chomp him

Posted by Rorie

@cooljammer00: The hardware of those things is pretty crazy, and I'd be happy to have one if I didn't have to pay twice as much as a PC for the same stuff. But that OS...man! Can't deal with it.

@shaun: I really don't! I'm trying to bike to work every day so now I especially won't. Ever. I sweat a lot, at all times. Point the sun at me and I sweat. I do not smell like a normal person would.

@huss: Yep, it'll be fun to do some of that stuff. I'm only going to do it if I'm helping out, though. I don't want to screw up the sweet magic that the GB crew already has! But if I can do some premium stuff without taxing Vinny and those guys, I'll be sure to do it.

@cheesetriangles: Yep, definitely planning on it. I need to look through the binder and see what's what. I'd love to go back to some stuff that I loved growing up like Master of Magic, X-COM, and Freespace, but we'll see!

@mesklinite: Henry's Hunan! But that's a bit of a cheat since it was also near Whiskey as well. Right now I'm focusing on losing a bit of weight, so I might switch to lunchtime salads brought from home for a while...we'll see. Biking helps a bunch, so maybe I can still splurge on crappy lunches for a while.

@jakepike218: Definitely! Looking forward to bringing that back. Hope to have some plans in place soon. Maybe not in the next couple of weeks, but soon.

@posh: I have played GW2, but I'm currently locked out since I completely forgot my password and security question. I'm working my way through Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and a couple other things right now. Nothing super spectacular, although I'm not very far in TR. I need to install Dragon's Dogma since I've heard so much about it.

@bob_loblaw: still the best thing ever! Pretty sure we featured it on a Whiskey show once.

@alwaysbeclothing: Just a small apartment! I'd love to have one if I didn't work all day and had a bigger place. I just feel guilty leaving dogs alone all day. I think of pups as basically like two-year old children. I think when dogs are alone all day they must get really bored and I don't like to think of them that way.

It probably says "YAH!" Dunno why, though!

@arbitrarywater: NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer is still one of the best RPGs that no one has played. Amazing story in that game.

@snail: 1: I will probably be writing stuff from time to time, here on my blog if nothing else. My output while I was unemployed probably shows how much I really have the inner drive to write - I'll get pretty revved up about something and write 2,000 words about it, but then I'll take three weeks off before I write anything else. (Although I do have a lot of stuff that I started and abandoned from that period.) But I wouldn't be surprised to see some writing from me here from time to time.

2: That's a pretty good breakdown of it. I'm in our support email queue more often than I am on the bug reports forum, and the support@giantbomb.com email address is really easy to assign to engineers when we receive those emails, so stuff that you doubt is affecting a lot of people? Great to send to support. The bug reports forum is also really valuable, though. Hopefully we can handle both of them equally going forward. Thanks for reporting bugs anywhere, though!

@lacke: I'll definitely be doing some coverage here and there, but I won't be a regular contributor to the site. I'd love to support more MMO coverage where it's needed. Doesn't seem like there are a lot of MMOs on the horizon, though. :(

@dprabon: Thanks, good to be here!

Posted by Scratch

We all know about your affinity towards dogs. How do you feel about cats?

Posted by shodan2020

Rorie! It's great to see you back! Here is a picture of my dogs:

Kallie is a black lab/chow mix and 12.

Lola is a chihuahua and 4. :)

Posted by cooljammer00

So since you stated that you actually kinda need to be near the GB guys to do your job, and in fact should be away from the engineers so you don't bother them to the point where they resent you, what are the odds they move you to say....Sara's old desk? Or will work never get done if you're having too much fun?

Posted by MichaelBach

Good to have you back!

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