Nagging Wiki/Forum Bugs

Hey, I've seen a lot of people in various threads lately mentioning wiki/forum bugs/features that disappeared with the redesign, often without being as specific as I'd need to have them to file an actual bug for them. Since we have a couple of engineers back on the site working on various stuff, feel to just reply to this thread with stuff that's been bugging you as a forum user or wiki editor and I'll try to double-check and see if we have it filed somewhere. If not, I can file it. Thanks!

gonna chomp dem bugs

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The double posting issue seems prominent, but I believe that has already been brought up.

The biggest issue I have is with posts often being slow to actually post (as in, it gets stuck on the John Vignocchi head animation for a good minute before posting). Also, the site saying that a post didn't post but it actually did upon refresh (I would bet this is partly where the double post issue is coming from).

If you want browser/OS, I have experienced this on Windows 7 with the most recent version of Chrome, OS X 10.8.5 on Safari 6.whatever (the most recent one), and on Chrome (again most recent. I keep my stuff up to date), and on both OpenSUSE and Fedora 19 on Firefox and Chrome.

Edit: For example, it took over 30 seconds for the system to post this. It used to be practically instant. On Sea Serpent it was certainly much faster too.

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The fact that when you post something it sometimes leads to an error message even though it actually posted. This is the cause of a ton of double posts. It's quite annoying.

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@bocam said:

The fact that when you post something it sometimes leads to an error message even though it actually posted. This is the cause of a ton of double posts. It's quite annoying.

I've said this in another thread, but I'm pretty sure this has more to do with forms in general being very sluggish. I've had similar problems on wikis where I'd only delete or add a small amount of information and wait quite a bit of time for that info to go through. Happens on smaller pages, too.

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When I upload images from URLs, the editing view that follows is broken. The new images won't load and the editing dialog is useless. They show up like normal if I reload the page though. This is using Firefox 24.0 on Linux.

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I'm no longer getting any notifications that someone has replied to me or quoted me, that's what's bugging me the most. I like to get into discussions not write throw away comments without knowing that anyone has even read it.

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@rollingzeppelin: Can you check your settings and see that they're all turned on? Notifications haven't been down for a while.

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@rorie: It also happens in Chromium (open source Chrome) 28.0.1500.71 at least. That's the browsers I have have on this machine.

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@rorie: Ah somehow my notifications were disabled in my settings, hopefully it works now. Didn't even know you could toggle them ha ha.

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Wiki editing stuff, most of them minor. It's been pretty stable around here, to be fair:

  • Same problem as posting: occasionally, the site doesn't acknowledge the edit and either returns to the text editor or spends forever on the loading animation. In both cases the post/edit always goes through, it just needs a refresh. Wiki edits might take a little longer before they're live, but nothing like the delays we had immediately after the site relaunch.
  • Very occasionally, the drop down menu will appear while adding, say, a developer to a release or a wiki page and then refuse to leave. It will vanish after a refresh, though. I can't figure out if I'm doing anything specific to make it happen, apologies.
  • This is a really minor one: If you remove an image from a gallery (after hitting the X and accepting that you really want to remove it) and then add it a different gallery, the gallery name won't show up underneath the image. It will have still been added to that gallery, so it's not a serious problem, but I thought I'd mention it.
  • Seems to take a long while for the search engine (the basic one, at the top of the page) to display a game's release year and/or consoles after adding that information to the page. Like, days. I will say that if you create a page, it'll be in that search engine almost immediately - just not the additional info.

I dunno if this is the place for this, but I'll add a few improvements that people have suggested in the past too. If the engineers are tinkering with the code anyway, might as well mention them:

  • It's been mentioned that while the wiki will automatically fill in the "original release date" window after creating a Release, other sections that could benefit from a similar convenience (like Developer, Publisher or Platform) do not. It'd be handy for creating new pages if a lot of that info could be automatically filled in after adding the releases, which should be the first thing anyone does after making a new page (well, after adding all the box art images for those releases at least).
  • There's no means for a regular user to remove releases or images, even ones they've added themselves. If it's possible, I'd like the option to remove your own in case of a double post (see above) or a factual error - it's a little embarrassing to ask a mod to fix your own blunders. I can definitely see the wisdom in not allowing users to delete images/releases created by other users, so leave that as a moderator-only task.
  • That prophesied Giant Bomb Wiki Style Guide. Just a list of in-house rules (no italics/bold for game titles, no subjectivity, no 2nd person, no past/future tense, romaji for Japanese Releases, etc.) put somewhere prominent would suffice for now, though I know Jeff has plans for some wiki "how-to"s down the road if he means to elaborate on them there.

I'll just state that I'm using the latest versions of Chrome (29.0.1547.76m) and Windows 7.

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Bring back wiki tasks!

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I don't know if this exactly falls under the purview of this post, but the plex video app hasn't been playing subscriber videos for a while, and is acting a bit funky with regular videos. I put a slightly more detailed writeup of the issue here