Hey guys,

I'll be heading up to PAX Prime this weekend and roaming the hallways and gaming rooms. If you're traveling along, be sure to look for me and flag me down, as I'll be bringing along plenty of stuff to give away. I asked our warehouse guys to dig up some of the last remaining copies of some shirts that have been discontinued or not restocked in a while, and they managed to find a few copies of the Giant Bomb Throwback Logo hoodie, the GLHB shirt, and a few other things that I'm shipping up there to give away.

They also seem to have found a bunch of posters that the crew signed and were shoved away and forgotten somewhere, so those are going to be up for grabs, as well; bring a poster tube, because you won't want to be carrying one of these around all day! (And don't worry if you can't make it, as I'm going to be bringing some of this stuff back to the office for future giveaways.)

I'm also going to have plenty of codes for things like free premium access (mostly monthlies, but probably a few yearlies, too), discounts on T-Shirts, and other weird stuff. If you see me wandering around, feel free to say hi and I'll give you something. Don't be surprised if I challenge you to a game of something, though. I'm bringing a couple of Magic decks, Cards Against Humanity, and I'll see what else I can whip up. Worst comes to worst we can rock-paper-scissors for supremacy.

I'll also be tweeting my location from time to time, so be sure to follow my personal twitter and the GB twitter account if you want to figure out where I'll be hanging out.

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What Magic decks you taking? You play Commander at all?

Posted by Rorie

@fattony12000: I'm just bringing a couple of Magic 2014 starter decks, so I don't have to care if I lose them and I can shuffle them without protectors.

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@rorie said:

@fattony12000: I'm just bringing a couple of Magic 2014 starter decks, so I don't have to care if I lose them and I can shuffle them without protectors.

Fuckin' buck wild.

Well, have fun everyone.

(I want to play Commander with you and Brad Muir, by the way.)

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I'll be there in spirit.

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If I find you I'm challenging you to starter deck battles of the WoW: TCG. Your recent foray into Hearthstone should prove helpful.

You will also see pictures of my 8-week-old puppies.

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I will definitely lose to you at Magic! So that will be great!

Posted by Rorie
Posted by Rorie

@yoshimitz707: I haven't played in a long time, so there's that, at least!

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I used to be a huge Magic fan. One of my old gaming buddies shared some information on a new CCG coming out which I just recently signed up for the beta for, called Card Hunter:

When I looked at who was involved in the design I saw Richard Garfield's name in there and am very interested in this now!

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If only I had the beta copies of the My Little Pony card game. Then it'd be an even playing field since I haven't played that at all yet!