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I finished the Backyard last night beating the Immortal One. It took me several days and when I beat him I jumped for joy. This is a game I put down for years only to pick it back up again last year. I really wanted to get the achievements for the Backyard. I didn't realize that the Immortal One was going to be the bastard that he was. I had no knowledge of any online strategies so I just kept adjusting my equipment, strategies, and relied on pure luck. I used status ailments like Delay, Aliment Break, Slower, and Jamming. They seemed to work just enough to throw him off. I used various powerful rings and had Sed in the back row. Sarah and Ming were my support characters. My only strategy was to keep powering up with All-Powerus, Wind Bound, All-Generatus, All-Barricadus and wail on him with physical attacks. I didn't use Divide even once. I got hit with Divide when his hit points started getting low. Except for Sed, the immortal members survived the assault because of the Persistence Skill. All-Generatus came in handy when it continously healed the party after each turn. A few members did get knocked out but Seth and Kaim survived and I just kept wailing on The Immortal One until Sarah and Ming woke back up. I got him down to 39000+ hit points. The Immortal One casts Divide again only this time most of the party survives since his hit points were low enough that the damage was less than 9999 when it hit. Then, I became extremely surprised when I got him down to 24000+, then I look up and after enough wailing he's in the yellow with 10000+ to go. I am beside myself. Then the next turn comes. We're already powered up with All-Powerus even though we took Quivering Sound Waves. But the party does enough damage, particularly Kaim with a hit over 6000+. The Immortal One dies. I'm a happy man.