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Kick and Fennick was a pleasant surprise that I truly enjoyed and is worth the $8.00 if you don't have PS Plus.

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FFXV, MGS 5, Persona 5 and mostly Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm 42 hours into Xenoblade on Wii and love it.

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For me it added to the immersion quite a bit. Really enjoyed it.

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I feel like it doesn't matter whether or not we wanted the ending and it isn't our place to demand a different one. It was Supergiant's artistic vision so there is nothing inherently right or wrong about it; it just is. At first I was hesitant about whether or not I liked the ending, but I eventually warmed up to it. Supergiant does a frustratingly fantastic job of creating worlds that I want to know everything about but at the same time the mystery surrounding them is enthralling.

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Can you actually do anything with the cannisters or are those simply showing the trapped souls within the Transistor since their names eventually pop up in turn()

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I got a decent amount of social links to 10 but not all and some side stuff yeah. Granted I just remembered that I posted this in the regular P3 forum instead of the P3P one (which is the version I played) if that makes a difference.

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So I just finished the game after 65 hours and really enjoyed most of it. I'm always curious to see who other players use in their teams in RPGs so who did you all go with? My regular team ended up being MC, Akihiko, Ken and Koromaru. I did use Mitsuru instead of Koromaru for awhile before she wasn't available for that period of time in the story and I didn't want to grind her back up to where the others were at level-wise.

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Is there any way to delete games but keep the icons? I'm out of space but like to keep a virtual library of all my games.

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The Legend of Dragoon