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You are my hero, dear sir or madam.

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Are there any people who are super into Playstation Home who could kind of tell me what it's all about? I remember Sony making a big deal about it, but it seems like that has died down. Thanks!

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I know it isn't the greatest from a variety standpoint, but I still enjoyed it. It just isn't showing up in the column...this is frustrating...

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Did no one get this for PS3? lol

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There is just the UPlay code for the online unfortunately.

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That's where I thought it would have been, but it isn't there.

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Hey everyone I just bought a new copy of Revelations. I was reading online that the first game is on the Blu-Ray disc, but I can't find it anywhere. Was it just in the first run of production or am I missing it somewhere? Thank you!

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1. Legend of Dragoon


3. Halo: Combat Evolved

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Thanks for all of the feedback. Maybe someone should start a discussion topic about the two series where everyone can always go back to (if someone hasn't done it already).

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So I just recently finished FMA Brotherhood for the first time and was wondering if I should go back and watch the original series now. I know that Brotherhood sticks to the manga but I'm curious if I should push on. Thanks!