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I know this is kind of a basic question, but I'm still confused about it. So the purpose of the Reapers is to preserve organic life yet every 50,000 years they come and annihilate advanced organic species?

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I was wondering what people thought about different armors actually have different effects in multiplayer? In the descriptions for the armors some are geared more toward close range fighting etc. Each armor is a tradeoff much like each weapon. Does anyone think this could work? Just curious for some thoughts.

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Regardless of how safe 343 played it, it seems like another solid entry and who knows? Maybe they are saving dramatic changes for the other two games in the trilogy. I feel like this game (just judging from the reviews I have read) might do a decent job of being a transitional Halo. It introduces new enemies while still keeping the old maybe to do something crazy with Halo 5.

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Whenever I try to use my 360 controller, my computer recognizes it and has already installed the drivers, but when I start up Walking Dead I can't find an option to switch control settings. Any help would be awesome, thanks everyone.

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You are my hero, dear sir or madam.

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Are there any people who are super into Playstation Home who could kind of tell me what it's all about? I remember Sony making a big deal about it, but it seems like that has died down. Thanks!

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I know it isn't the greatest from a variety standpoint, but I still enjoyed it. It just isn't showing up in the column...this is frustrating...

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Did no one get this for PS3? lol

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There is just the UPlay code for the online unfortunately.

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That's where I thought it would have been, but it isn't there.