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How do Lightning and Amodar compare in terms of Chichu and Cloudburst?

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I didn't know that the larger nodes gave you more stats of the class that you're leveling up...I feel like I just screwed up my entire playthrough lol now it is too late unless there is a magical respec option haha

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I didn't even know you could mess up your stats, but of course that would happen to me! Also I saw a video where someone had a Twilight Odin which seems like it would be really good but maybe not as good as this Chichu. Anyway my stats are Noel 552 strength, 434 magic, equipped with Vairadanda and 100 accessory capacity and Serah is at 428 strength, 632 magic, equipped with Izanami and 100 accessory capacity. I see much better weapons in the store but I don't know where to get some of the components like Trapezohedron or some of the weapons like Romulus and Remus. Sorry for the lack of knowledge but I hope you can help!

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So I've beaten the game and am going back through to unlock all of the gates and that kind of stuff. I have 5 out of the six roles for Serah and Noel at 99 but they still feel underleveled. I need help just understanding maybe accessories more and which monsters are in the higher echelon. Right now I have a level 45 Flanitor as my medic, a level 40 Gremlin as my Ravager and I just got a level 20 Golden Chocobo Commando. Any info/suggestions would be great!

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it will most likely be staying there until I get all of the fragments along with the Lightning DLC.

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Anyone know?

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Hey all. I was wondering how to change or get rid of the picture that is next to the description of a list. For example on my top five games list, there is a picture of the Starcraft box art because it used to be on the list. However, now I've changed the list and don't want it there anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It's an acquired taste, but I personally really enjoyed the game. I really didn't see many of the things that the OP said to drag the game down so much to where I had to stop playing.

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@Berserker976 I apologize if I offended you, man. I just feel like the general gaming populace has changed in terms of the lengths of attention spans which is why the CODs and Battlefields are the top selling games today. I obviously did not find a great way to relay that message.
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@Commisar123: It's not that I am complaining, this is just my opinion about my both types. Like I said early on Skyrim and Mass Effect are great games. The sentiment I was trying to express was that I am hoping that JRPGs will return to their glory days so we can have great games in both genres. I just feel like JRPGs have been slowly declining in general quality since FFX and I want it to change that's all.