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I think a most RPGs have a more complex fighting system and character development than pokemon. Pokemon seems one of the most simple to still appeal to some modern gamers.
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Yeah sure It isn't the only part. What my post is trying to say is that formula is the core of the game and a game based on what seems so boring just shouldnt work. Your point about it being all the other small adventure and collection parts to the game which help make it so addictive is probably very true though. I guess that helps to separate out the grind.
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I wouldn't call catching training and battling a 'small' part of Pokemon, its the main concept of the game. Sure there's exploring and items to find aside from the main path through the game, but I just find it interesting how such a simple concept can be so addictive even without those elements.
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Yeah that's true. You take a 30 second gamble on entering a random encounter just because there's a possibility something rare comes along. 30 seconds seems worth the chance, hence why you do it again and again maybe for even 15/20 minutes at a time.  
I think its funny just to think of how many hours gameplay a person who has collected all pokemon must have spent shuffling their little character about in the grass.
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Yeah sure I get that, but even the catching of pokemon seems fairly monotonous. Shuffling around in grass forever until that one your waiting for appears shouldn't be fun. But it is! 
Witch magic.
I guess it's just the need for completion that drives you on.
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The formula for a pokemon games should just not work. 
Catch pokemon, train pokemon , fight trainer. 
Especially considering the last 2 in that sequence are usually completed by continually pressing A and then walking back and fourth to a poke centre. 
I can only put the insane popularity of the games down to some kind of witch magic. 
Today I added my 30th hour to SoulSilver...

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What you sayin about my gran?