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Never have I been as saddened by the death of someone I never personally knew as I have been today. It doesn't feel real. We'll miss you, duder.

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EDIT: Funniest intro to anything ever.

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Marry me Jeff... Is gay marriage legal yet? Also, can two straight guys get married?
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Legend's fantastic. I never finished Anniversary and i'm still struggling with Underworld... I may pick this up...

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Anything on the Smodcast network is great. I like the IGN podcasts as well. Thinkcast is alright too, but i might be biased because i host it...

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I'm getting Kinect for Dance Central, that's it. I suppose i'll play some Adventures too, but that's only cause it comes with it. I wonder why they packed that in and not Sports? Too obvious maybe?

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Well they don't comment or anything, i have no idea who they are. The i is there because without it, it's just SYDHT, and that looks dumb.

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Hello fellow G-Bombers,  My name is Aaron and i run a site called SYDHiT ( ) which stands for So You Don't have To.
We're a News and Reviews site based in Australia that covers both games and movies and we're looking for some viewers and listeners. Yes, listeners, because we also have a weekly podcast called Thinkcast (We just recorded our 30th episode, which was our final for the year but we'll have a special video podcast in December and be back to regular eps in January ). 
The site is voluntarily run by me, i'm not being paid to do this and neither are the other people who sometimes submit their reviews or appear on the Thinkcast. We have ads on the site and we sell Merch, but the money we make from that (which at the moment is zero) goes back into the site, not into our pockets. 
We currently have about 120 regular viewers, which might as well be zero. We really think the site is great and could be a lot greater but we need support. You don't have to be Australian to view the site obviously, our reviews aren't specifically catered to Australians, but our news can be.  
All i'm asking is that you help a fellow Whiskey Media member out and visit the site just once, or listen to one episode of the Thinkcast and let us know what you think, or leave a comment on one of our stories or reviews. If you like the site a whole lot and think you can contribute in some way, either by helping to post news or reviews or by advertising then we could really use you as well. 
I know this was a lot to read, if you made it this far and clicked those links then i thank you a whole bunch. We'd like to create a community around sydhit, with forums and everything, but we can't do that without viewers or contributors. You guys are the best and i know there's gotta be some of you who'll help us out.  
Wow, that made me sound like a desperate whiner didn't it?... maybe i shouldn't click send... hmmmm... Nah  

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I'm in Australia and signed up day 1 about 5 minutes after i was able to and i still haven't received my shirt. Sad face.

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