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DJ Hero 2 is more DJ Hero. 1

2009′s DJ Hero was a breath of fresh air for the Rhythm Game Market. Releasing into a Marketplace flooded by 5 gazillion versions of Guitar Hero, it was a fantastic change of pace for those players out there that had become tired of the genre. DJ Hero 2 continues to impress and it gives players more control over the music, making it a more involving and exciting experience.The first DJ Hero didn’t have much of a story mode, it was there, but it was mostly just a menu where you could choose the m...

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Sonic's back! I wish i could say it was with a Vengeance... 0

Robotnik (I’m going to call him that until the day i die) is back stealing animals and Sonic is back to stop him. There’s no plot, there’s no voice work, there are no annoying sidekicks, this is pure unadulterated Sonic fun… mostly.Developed by Dimps, this latest Sonic game harkens back to the simple 2D Side-Scrolling platformers of the original 3.5 Sonic games. Every level is a throwback to levels from those previous games, with only one exception.There’s a Green Hill type Zone, a Casino type, ...

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Explosions minus replayability 0

Split/Second, with the added subtitle of "Velocity" for the EU regions for whatever reason, is the latest racing game from Black Rock Studios who bought us the fantastic Pure a couple of years ago. It lives up to its pedigree but is over way too fast and doesn't have much of a reason to come back.   Split/Second is mostly a Kart racer with real cars, similar to the recently released Blur, but the difference with this game is that instead of weapons being fired from your vehicles you make the env...

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A return to Silent Hills roots 0

Volcano be damned, i just finished Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and while it was worth the wait, i'm not sure i fully understand what i just played.Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a remake of the original Silent Hill on the first Playstation way back in 1999 and, story-wise, it doesn't mix it up too much. Harry Mason is travelling with his Daughter to Silent Hill when they have a terrible accident. Harry wakes up and his Daughter is missing, so he sets out to find her. Harry finds that the...

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Modnation for the win! 5

Modnation Racers is the latest in a series of games that Sony calls "Play. Create. Share" that originally started with Little Big Planet. Where LBP allowed the user to make their own platforming levels and upload them for other users to play and rate, Modnation Racers lets the user make their own racing tracks, but also takes it a step further with a deep Character and Kart creator.The actual racing portion of Modnation Racers plays exactly like you would expect a Kart Racer to play. You drift a...

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