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Well, this is a rather interesting development! :S

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It is definitely live because I just completed it. Very cool quest for the day. Very easy as well. I have a hint to add... this should help you get three...

One has all the recessive genes, one has all the dominant genes, and ones is a pure replica of the real thing.

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Has anyone found anything for #8 yet? I'm looking but eysa havin no luck chuck. :( lol

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So my friend has a Sony Ericsson S60 5th edition cell phone and seems to have lost the tools icon/application off his phone. Does anyone know how to retrieve it or any website that could provide reasonable help? I looked it over myself, high and low and couldn't figure it out. You'd think it would be an easy fix.

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@Sooty: It was for a job though so Idk if that would have been a good idea. But definitely thanks for the tip! If I ever need to send pics or something to a friend, I'll totally do this!

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I was just wondering if an email I sent with attachments totaling around 1700 KB would be considered small, super huge or somewhere between. I'm just worried I sent it and it didn't make it to its destination. Any help would be appreciated. And guess while this is off topic, what's the biggest file size you've sent in an email?

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I'm pretty sure this is a minor bug, but I am unable to clear out my outbox messages. I click delete and it kicks me back to my inbox. I have no trouble deleting messages from my inbox.

1. What browser are you using? ( Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, etc. etc.) Firefox
2. What Operating System are you using? ( Mac, Linux, Windows, etc, etc) Mac
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This should be awesome.

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That's alot of games!

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If you post on my wall, I'll post on yours.