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It didn't cost me much (Steam and all) but I'd have to say it was The Path. After half an hour walking aimlessly through the woods, with no sort of direction whatsoever, my suspension of disbelief was wearing really thin. I'm still not sure if that game has any sort of story, or if it's just a walking simulator.

Oh yeah, there was also Drakengard for the PS2. It's kind of fuzzy at this point, but all I remember was being utterly underwhelmed. God of War 3 was also really terrible... you'd think that by the third game in the series, Kratos would have had some character development. It's one of the few games I had to stop playing because it actually made me feel bad for the world I was killing, just not fun.

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The longer the U.S. puts off updating their archaic system, the harder the transition is going to be. We're talking Internet Explorer levels here. Might as well count things in furloughs while we're at it.

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I once sent the duders a package full of salty Norwegian sweets and candy made from bugs, which Ryan prompty put in the communal office plate. Hell of a guy, truly inspirational. It's been a year but here I am, tearing up again.

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Living in Italy for most of my life, I'm not too sure what the average white American looks like. I could probably spot Neapolitan from a mile away, but I'm just out of luck when it comes to the States. So when I came across this piece from the Body Measurement Project, which apparently was created using anthropometric data provided from the CDC, I couldn't help but wonder: is Jeff Gerstmann the archetype of the average American? The model is a bit shorter and skinnier than him, to be fair.

Does everybody look like Jeff in the U.S.?

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I can't even imagine how much this must be affecting those close to him if this news is already having me feel torn apart. As morbid as it may be, at least some of the best years of his life are archived here on this website where he'll be the jolly host of TNT for eternity. However, Giantbomb as an institution, as well as a family, will never be the same again. I can't even begin to comprehend what Patrick, Jeff, or anyone must be going through right now. Here's hoping that the trek out of this emotional abyss will be a steady climb towards brighter days.

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Just to reiterate, 8 years in jail is enough to destroy a person's life. We have people willing to destroy a young man's life over a comment, made in jest, in a competitive online videogame. I don't think I even need to explain how ludicrous this is. At most, the whistleblower should be examined to make sure she doesn't cry wolf over innocuous comments again.

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The more I think about the XBOX ONE reversal today, the more I'm upset. Please allow me to vent...

STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. Their original policy could have been a game changer. Now it's just a 360 with better graphics. I wanted something truly next gen.

Imagine going across the country to a friend's house, and not having to lug all your discs with you but having all your games available to you when you arrived. COULD HAVE HAD THAT! Imagine living hours away from a relative and sharing a game with him, digitally, for free. COULD HAVE HAD THAT! Imagine that same relative sharing his games with you too, meaning, you'd actually only pay for HALF the games you played. COULD HAVE HAD THAT! Imagine that the average prices of games dropped (like Steam) $10-$20 because of a substantial digital distribution. COULD HAVE HAD THAT! Imagine that your money would go back to the actual developers who made the games, instead of some fat cat CEO at Gamestop who bought your $60 game back for $6. So GLAD we have the right to do that again.

The angry mob of idiots got their way, and set this generation of gaming in reverse. So now the Xbox One will be no different from what's Sony's offering, which is a shame, because it was on track to be something truly special.

these people are hilarious.

I know, it shows a complete lack of understanding of the mechanics at work in the industry. Besides the fact, you can already do the whole digital thing he wanted so badly: it's called "logging on to your friend's Xbox One with your account and downloading everything", and we can already do that this generation with digital titles. Also, the idea that Microsoft would willingly drop the average price of AAA titles just because they're digital is ludicrous. Look at what EA did with Origin; huge digital push, games cost the same if not more. Publishers will just keep sucking up all the profits as long as they can get away with it.

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This is possibly one of the worst PR management fiascos I've ever seen. You don't go to E3 to 'test' the public opinion on your policies, you present them to the public when you already have an idea of what will sell. Do they expect everyone who payed attention to them all these past weeks, as they justified anti-consumer policies as if WE were the ones at fault, to suddenly have renewed faith in them as a company just because they forced themselves into a compromising situation?

It's obvious that Microsoft is changing it's ways not because it's good for the industry, or even its customers, but because they've screwed up so much that the only way for them to look even remotely attractive is to copy the more successful company. They've already shown their hand, have let us see first-hand the future they would prefer come to pass had it not been for the enormous public outcry. While Sony could have enforced the same spiteful measures against gamers, they at least have the benefit of the doubt when it comes to all this DRM atrocity. We honestly don't know how the company really feels about it all, and that engenders trust. But we know that, given the chance, Microsoft would see fit to treat us like cattle, and what goodwill they had shriveled up once they flew their true colours.

While this is undoubtedly better for everyone in the end, it's still surprising to see people hailing Microsoft as saviours; you don't get to threaten people with the absolution of their rights, apologize, and have everything be just dandy afterwards.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


Anarchy Reigns


and God of War 3.