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@rotnac: Heyman and Lesnar are Ivan Ooze and Hornitor, respectively. A powerful player and his monster, but not the main antagonist (as he was only in the movie, if memory serves).

And yes, Steph and Triple H are Rita and Goldar. Orton and Kane are those other two idiots that were always in the background on the moon base... You know what? This metaphor is lining up surprisingly well in some ways.

PS: Damien Sandow and Bo Dallas are Bulk and Skull.

So, correct me if I'm wrong. What you're saying here is we've got "Plan C" backfiring on The Authority and it's up to Roman Reigns to put an end to it but Seth Rollins will fly in from out of nowhere to cash in his MITB briefcase to defeat Lesnar after receiving a beating from Reigns?? This sounds plausible.

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Thinking about Roman Reigns has got me thinking about Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I'd always wondered "why don't they just bring out the Megazord at the very beginning of the fight? The fights always end with the Megazord fighting the giant monster, so why not just cut to the chase?"

But now it makes sense. The Rangers on foot could jump and flip and punch and kick and generally make a fight exciting and believable. The Megazord can't do any acrobatics, it's way too big and bulky. What it CAN do is deal a decisive finishing blow. An all Megazord fight would be boring, just a guy in a bulky robot suit blindly flailing around and slapping at a guy in an equally bulky and restrictive monster suit. As the exclamation point at the end of a Ranger vs Putty -> Ranger vs monster -> Megazord vs giant monster sequence, the Megazord is fucking awesome.

What I'm trying to say is that Roman Reigns is a goddamned Megazord.

Does this mean that Paul Heyman is the Green Ranger and Brock Lesnar is the Dragonzord?

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Have you considered using iTunes? Subscribing to a podcast is far more convenient than downloading individual mp3s. It also has an option to remember and resume where you left off instead of restarting at the beginning if that is what you're talking about and looking for.

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Also Cole is commentating on main event :/


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@fateofnever: No. It's not even really a game. It's more of a time waster on the same levels of Mafia Wars. If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10. 1 being playing Uno by yourself against 3 computers and 10 being Hearthstone then I would give it a 3.

Also, how is everyone able to get matched up with Jeff? Over 200 games for me and never came across MonsterDunk. :(

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Portal 1 was the first game registered to my account as a Complimentary item for downloading the Mac version of Steam. First game I purchased though was The Binding Of Isaac.

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I've had no issues playing those videos in HD and my DL/UL rate is much lower than yours.

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@liquidprince: where are you buying games? Because every retailer I go to has new games at 70. It's why I mostly get digital now,

I too would like to know. Also, living in Ontario and upcoming new games like Destiny, COD: Advanced Warfare, WWE 2K15, and NHL/FIFA/Madden 15 for 360/PS3 are releasing at $69.99 for regular non-collector editions.

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Mario Party Parties are the best and GiantBomb needs more of them!

Drake is the most overrated "rapper" of all time. I am baffled whenever someone talks about him like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. His music really sucks and is on the same level of Rebecca Black's "Friday".

Sonic Generations is the best Sonic game to come out since the Sega Genesis era of Sonic games. Sonic Colors is a close second.

The Dualshock 2 (or any Playstation controller except for DS4) is not and never was a better controller than The Duke. Stop lying to yourselves, people.

Half Life 2 is the first game I fell asleep playing, its awful and unoriginal.

I can agree with Half-Life 2 being extremely boring and unoriginal. It's average at best. I couldn't get any enjoyment from HL2 until getting into HL2: Episodes 1 & 2. The ending for HL2: Ep. 2 is the only reason I want a HL3. Other than that, yeah, fuck HL2!

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$70 for a new game at retail in Canada has been the norm for a really long time, unfortunately.