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Absolutely not. Video gaming will always be a part of my life because I enjoy it. There are games that make me laugh and some that make me think. Some games just simply terrify me and there's others that just help relax. It's a medium that can create bitter rivalries or bring people together. Why would I ever regret that?

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TWO HOURS without distractions from life and priorities and stuff!? NOOOOOO!!!!

Farewell for now and good luck moving, Giant Robot.

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I pay just under $50 for 15 Mb/s ↓ / 2Mb/s ↑ - 300GB/Month (Unlimited between 2am - 8am)

Average internet speeds in Canada, as is tradition.

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Will there just be cans, or are there bottled sodas as well? Will there be different sizes of bottles? These are very important questions because I like diversity in my soda dating sims.

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I don't think anyone would've seen that coming. I can't imagine what the hell happened.

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Absolutely not. We reached a point where WWII games were released ad nauseam. Then we moved on from that with "modern military" shooters at the same pace. Now futuristic/sci-fi/post-modern military and Zombie/WWZ shooting seems to be the latest thing.

I'd rather see a setting that hasn't been covered yet instead of backpedaling.

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Did the mixlr channel enter a windtunnel?

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Is this the site where I can see some fat, naked cartoon pussy?

It seems I have arrived at my destination

Thread is over. Nothing else to see here. We've reached the ultimate conclusion.

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Fucking bizarre! Woke up this morning and turned on the radio and caught wind of his passing. He was just on RAW and the timing of it all just feels very eerie and tragic. Seems like he was just holding on for the proper send off. His final words in the ring now make it seem like he knew his time was up.