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I can't help but feel that Brock publicly announcing he's resigning is setting up everyone into a trap. I think they're gonna make Brock lose the title. It would be way too obvious he would retain.

At this point I don't even know if I'm just tricking myself into being surprised about something for Mania. The build up for everything has been subpar.

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I'd totally get the red shirt if the "B" looks like a fancy looking "R". I can't unsee "Giant Romb". D:

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Maybe Daybreak can finally bring back Tanarus. It's the only Sony game I've ever given a shit about. It's extremely disappointing that nothing remotely close to a spiritual successor to Tanarus has surfaced. Once they removed the $15/month subscription I played nothing but that game. Was super bummed they took down the servers. A new Tanarus would do fantastic in todays F2P market (i.e. pay for cosmetic shit for your tanks).

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This popped up on the main page of Steam and after seeing the trailer I immediately thought of how bad I want to watch the creeper side of Jeff play this on a UPF. It's been forever since we've had creeper Jeff play something like this.

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It's too bad these things don't finish with the WWE Title match because that was by far the best Triple Threat title match I've watched in years.

The Rumble match had some real awesome surprises like Bubba Ray (I hope it's not a one time thing) but overall was super deflating. What really derailed that match was having DB get eliminated extremely early to the point that the crowd couldn't get over it for the rest of the show. Roman Reigns winning was expected but is definitely getting the push too soon. He desperately needs a manager like The Rock or Heyman to speak for him because that is by far his biggest shortcoming. It was especially hard watching him talk next to The Rock during the Fallout show, you can really tell how green he is on the mic regardless of it being improvised or scripted garbage. I'm sure he'll get over at some point but it's definitely not this year.

The Rock's confused look at the reaction to the boos at Reigns winning was pretty great.

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This looks fantastic! That being said, so did 'Project Natal' and we all know how the Kinect turned out both times with 360 and Xbox One.

Also, what's with Microsoft releasing their exclusives on the PC? Do they not want people to buy their console? As years go by this console gen, it seems more and more fitting to invest in a new PC and buy a Wii U for the Nintendo stuff.

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who designed that website? it is not very good. D:

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Put a dog in your sink. problem solved.

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It sounds like you're playing the game on Normal. You really shouldn't be playing on normal. Higher difficulties are more challenging but reward better loot drops and greater EXP which shouldn't be avoided. Also playing in bigger groups increase difficulty and EXP earned. Your initial goal should be trying to be survivable in at least Torment 1 when you're 61-70.

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motherofgod.... awesome!