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The WWE Network is coming to a TV channel only. Ouch.

That is all

Because WWE 24/7 worked out so well the first time around. FML and fuck Rogers. First they ruin hockey with a 10-year deal. Now they ruin wrestling with a 10-year deal.

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@somedelicook: A new Half-Life being the next DNF would require it to exist in the first place.

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Wow... This game is turning into another DNF.

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I know this will probably come off as dickish considering the situation of people losing jobs and all but Tom McShea's articles were the absolute worst thing ever published. GameSpot will probably thrive a lot more without his insufferably ignorant and baseless negativity he's published on there which really contributed to nothing. I personally felt that it really put a stain on all the awesome work that everyone else has been doing on the site.

I wish all the best to those who got future endeavored. It's too bad GB couldn't hire some of those let go like Justin Calvert. It would not surprise me if some of these individuals find a new job in no time.

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@patrickklepek said:

I have to imagine paying a few dollars to start playing Dragon Age: Inquisition nearly a week before release is going to be awfully tempting, especially since your progress will be saved. Any takers?

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Without the prior knowledge of their relationship I'm not sure how much weight of that emotion is carried through by just the one game. But if you're into the origin/story between Cortana & Master Chief (The Fall of Reach novel does a good job of setting that up if you're unfamiliar) then I would have to say that Halo 4 can deliver a pretty emotional story through its conclusion.

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@drx25: I heard the Jamie Noble chants loud and clear. I was surprised to see on twitter that so many people misinterpreted it as 'This is awesome/awful' chants. Especially when I couldn't make out the 'Jailbird' chants earlier on in the night which no one else seemed to have trouble hearing.

That being said, if anyone told me that Raw would close out with 'Jamie Noble' chants I'd laugh and call bullshit. I don't recall he ever got that kind of ovation as an active WWE Superstar.

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I usually ignore. If it's on a site I have an account on like GB then I'll flag/report it and move on.

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Jamie Noble, boy! Totally forgot about the guy until tonight. Glad to see he is still with the company.

Oh, and Steph being back in the ring... what are the odds they actually go through with her wrestling again and not doing some bait & switch?

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So, CM Punk seems to be enjoying himself not being with WWE anymore.