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I bet the punchline in all of this will be that everyone will get Halo: Spartan Assault/Strike. I'd like to imagine 343i know that would just antagonize the fanbase even more, but something makes me doubt that.

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Interesting deals

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My diet would basically be all of the pulled pork and poutine imaginable. Maybe some Taco Bell from time to time.

I'd still avoid McDonalds like the plague.

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First thing that comes to mind is cock. Second thing that comes to mind is Corn Flakes.

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Looks like WWE is making good on the Woods/Kingston/BigE group. They just need to show a Big E video package and all will be right in the world.

Also, I just need to vent right now regarding the special guest for next weeks Raw. Grumpy Cat!! Fucking Grumpy Cat!! They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to explain how dumb that is. It's like they got their own Raw Roulette of incredibly moronic ideas and decided "YEAH! CATS!! LETS ALSO HAVE TYSON KIDD ON AGAIN FOR NO REASON AT ALL CAUSE HE LIKES CATS TOO! CAATTTSSSS!!!!!!".


Oh, and for people in the UK, don't feel bad if WWE Network isn't a TV thing. Canadians are getting shafted and still have to pay $12/month and aren't getting November free. Some people in Canada without access to the network still have to pay $50 for Survivor Series. Soooo, yeahhh.

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Damn. Maybe they'll figure it out when they come out with the Wii You.

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Anyone else on OS X having issues with the game during some boss battles where the screen will flash black? I can't even complete the Mom's Heart fight because there are long parts of the fight that stays black (the HUD stays normal though) and I end up dying cause I can't see what's attacking me.

I initially thought it was some dumb new "by design" choice to make things more challenging but after seeing the Quick Look, that flash of black doesnt happen when Monstro slams down on the ground. So it's obviously a bug. I'm just curious if there's anyone else playing on a Mac having the same issues.

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Are any other people playing this on a Mac having issues? I was enjoying a couple of runs but was starting to find everything to be a little too dark. I figure I'd see if messing with the Gamma setting would help but after doing so I'm stuck on a black screen and there's no way for me to fix it or reset the settings back to default because I cant see shit now.

I've tried deleting all traces of the game from my computer and reinstalling. Does anyone know at all if there Is a specific text file where I can change it back to default manually? I've looked everywhere and couldn't find any fix for this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's really weird going back to Flash Isaac after playing Rebirth for 2 hours.

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I'm still playing Diablo 3 on PC and waiting until Rebirth is released. Even after it's release I'll probably still be going back for more Diablo 3.

I've been pretty burnt out on Borderlands 2. Not sure if it's cause I'm just exhausted on FPS types of games lately or if everyone else I was playing with stopped playing Borderlands 2.

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The most recent thing I can think of is the release of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for PC.