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So, like @rapid said, we are in the process of upgrading the clan to fit a 100 people. To be honest I didnt really expect the clan to fill up that quick, but such is the power of GB Quick Look I suppose. In anycase, you can send a friend invite to me in the game and I will remember to invite you to the clan once we have increased the number of slots.

I write up something nice once I collect my thoughts, but for now this will be it I think.




These are the people you want to add to your friends list, once that is done we can start sending out the invites.

Thank you for your patience and thanks to the guys at Heavy Alliance, and @rapid for the help.


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@zagzagovich: Zag, you little shit, you are a warlord in the clan, cant really send you a request silly.

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So, I put in a request to join the clan, but, as you pointed out, I also figured that you guys were being swamped with requests from people. Early on in the games life I created a clan with a bunch of guys who played the game semi regularly, and we have kind of gotten back into the game. The clan is still active, and we have been adding some people on to it. I like the idea of having an alliance, and not increasing the size limit of your clan right away, so I, and the others in that clan right now, have no problem with being a sister clan to yours.

Right now most of us in the clan have the permission to take invites and such into the clan, so if you want you can provide our clan as a overflow clan.

The name of the clan is Batman Batman Batman.

Anyone interested in joining can send friend request to me, Roughneck117, or you can send one to Mageknight in the game.

Additionally we also use a mumble server were we hang out and play games, not limited to just Warframe, which people can use if they want to., port 64738 <<< the address and the port for the mumble channel if anyone wants to use it.

Hope to see some people in game duder.

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yo, id like an invite to if possible, roughneck117 is me name in game

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@samstrife: Youre lying to me, why must you lie to me you lying hedgehog.

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The main character in the game isnt actually seeking justice, hes out for revenge, and he will do anything to get it. If he wanted justice hed wear a mask and a cape and call himself something stupid, like manbat or shooterman, and go around punching minorities.

Other than that, yeah, the game is entirely middling. Its not bad, its just...meh. Kinda like Firefall, and Defiance.

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Hello Akrid, do you want to play ArmaA 3?

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Its like ive traveled back in time to when DICE made these changes to the assault class in BF3. The reason for there mostly being engineers is that its a battlefield game with vehicles and shit and to take them down you need explodey stuff which is something the engineer class is built to do, even more when youre playing china rising.

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Bro, we should totally get a server for BF4 bro.

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@andorski said:
  • Prologue
  • Priority: Mars
  • Priority: The Citadel 1
  • Priority: Palaven
  • From Ashes DLC
  • EDI is Offline
  • Priority: Sur'Kesh
  • Priority: Tuchanka
  • Priority: The Citadel 2
  • Omega DLC
  • Priority: Geth Dreadnought
  • Priority: Rannoch
  • Priority: Thessia
  • Leviathan DLC
  • Priority: Horizon
  • Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
  • Citadel DLC
  • Priority: Earth 1
  • Priority: Earth 2

Also, would you recommend any of the single player weapon DLC? I know there just shameless cash grabs, but I enjoyed the DLC weapons in ME2.

I would say you have a pretty good list of sequence for the DLCs in terms of story. I would put Citadel above Cerberus HQ, cuz that the point of no return, I think. Omega after Citadel 2 makes sense cuz you would be wanting to hit back. Leviathan after Thessia also makes kinda sense, considering how Thessia ends.

I have heard some people mention splitting the Citadel DLC into two different parts. Do the beginning after Rannoch. You have all the crew necessary for that from then on. Then once youre done with Thessia and Leviathan do the second half of Citadel. Or just do all of Citadel after Rannoch. You, potentially, come out of Rannoch on a high note, which can lead into Citadel and its balls out crazyness.

As for the SP Weapons DLC, theres only 2 this time around, and as someone who has bought every single piece of DLC for the game (what...I really fucking like Mass effect), I would say just getting the FireFight pack would be enough, the Cerberus Harrier that comes with that pack is probably the best weapon in the game, ever. You also get the Lancer just from playing the Citadel DLC, which is also a pretty good gun.

Also, play the Multiplayer. If you need any help go to the subreddit for the multiplayer, its pretty helpful.