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@jstaunton: UK time is 8 Hours ahead of Pacific time. Should be 10am on Thursday so you might still be OK Duder!

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PSN ID -Rourkey2008

Timezone - GMT

Games - AC4, Killzone Shadowfall, NFS Rivals and all the free games

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Trainer: James

Friend Code: 0387-8765-0852

Pokemon Y

Shoot me a message if you add me and I'll add you back.

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0387-8765-0852 I'm James. I'll add any and everyone! (That counts twice if your turnip prices are higher than 100)

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Xbox - Rourkey2008

Genre: Anything is fine with me

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Battletag: rourkey#2799

Difficulty: Normal and up

Region: Europe

Class: Currently playing Demon Hunter at level 23 but i am up for rolling a totally new class for some co op

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Help me duders.

I just reached a room in Fez through a door in the lighthouse stage that you can only access once you lower the water level.

In this room is a sculpture type thing that is split down the middle. (I thought it maybe looked like a tuning fork) Also in this room the controller starts buzzing weird. Listening to this buzzing I thought it sounded like god damned Morse code.

Am I just losing it? Or is this game just that bloody complex?

I got this:

. - - . . . - - - - . - - . . . - - - - . - -

Looks like maybe its a repeating pattern but i cant work out where it starts or ends.

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Well... er... rather embarrassingly my first gig was Nickelback in 2002... I used to really like them. Then it was Rammstein and Iron Maiden in 2005 ( I have seen them 4 times since) and honestly i have lost count since then.

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Worth a shot. Thanks Duder

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Last time i checked yeah i am