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@TMThomsen said:
"   The Nintendo 64 release should be deleted. Duke Nukem 64 already has its own page and differs from the PC version by a lot.   EDIT: A question: Does a digital release count as a release? Like or steam? "
You and whoever else nominated Duke Nukem 64, Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem for Saturn for deletion are absolute idiots that have obviously never played either game. The policy for merging games with identical names on this site is fucking retarded.
Thank god Mobygames actually has some semblance of standards and quality moderation. Jesus Christ.
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@Joseppie said:
" @Halberdierv2:
 Now, as for your hasty creation of the page, don't do that in the future. As Hamz said, wait for an official response (staff or moderator) before you act. "
Why even bother giving people editing rights if you just want to moderate everything they submit?

Maybe he read the site FAQ and decided that that + the previous posts were more than adequate and that he didn't need for a member of the staff or a moderator to tell him that it's ok to create a page.
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@Joseppie said:
" @roushimsx: Actually that page shouldn't really be in the database at all because there's already a page for the game here. "
They're entirely different games.  Who cares if the name is the same?

edit - Different developers, different games, separated release times. Ninja Gaiden / Batman / Prince of Persia argument.
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I've been using OpenGameLister for a few years now. It's pretty basic and not really supported any longer, but since it's PHP and uses a MySQL database, it's extremely easy to make modifications to.

My Page
A Friend's Page
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@Ignor said:
" Fine, then I'm going to make an American Villains page, brb. "
Why not China? They're the biggest country in the world, after all. There's plenty of room for Korean, Japanese and Mexican. Those are all easy ones, though.

You should have some fun and find some more random country to use. Canadian Villains? Can we think of any?
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Whoever wrote the DICE page really likes Wikipedia. May be the same writer as the Wikipedia article, who knows. Too lazy to check the version history.

Main article should probably be named "EA Digital Illusions CE AB" anyway with "Digital Illusions CE AB" added as an alias. Looks like there's not a page for Refraction Games yet? Bummer. They may have only had one game, but once DICE bought them out they became the bread and butter for the company.

Trauma Studios should probably be renamed "DICE New York" since that was their last name before they disbanded.

Looks like we have a duplicate of Sandbox Studios (old name) and Digital Illusions Canada Inc (new name)

Has DICE Simulations AB actually put anything out? Limited googling is turning up nothing. No sense in creating a page for a company when there's zero information to contribute to the page. Is it like Bohemia Interactive's arm that puts out VBS and stuff? Anyone know?
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Upscaling over component -> Always
Upscaling over HDMI -> only if the small amount of latency it induces doesn't bother you.

Smoothing on PS1 games -> Mostly a waste of time
Smoothing on PS2 games -> Sometimes a slight improvement

I love how clean and crisp PS1/PS2 games look on the PS3, but I know a lot of people can't stand seeing something so obnoxiously low resolution that they're used to seeing blurred and obscured by analog noise and low dot pitch CRT screens. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Too many WW2 games set in Europe, not enough set in the Pacific.

It doesn't help that major series like Call of Duty rarely even try to infuse any sort of storyline and instead degenerate into replicating scenes from major movies/tv shows. One of my few gripes with World at War was that they took a promising introduction that followed the style of Modern Warfare's storytelling and then pissed it away by shoving in a bunch of Russian missions that felt completely out of place.

For as weak as a majority of the Medal of Honor games are, at least they try to put some sort of story in there. Granted, it's generally threadbare and the games themselves are questionable more often than not, every now and then there's a nice diamond like Pacific Assault (!) or Spearhead. Shame Rising Sun sucked, because its opening level was absolutely tits. Hell, I directly blame the anti-WWII movement to the overall lackluster quality of the Medal of Honor series. Frontline, Breakthrough, Rising Sun, European Assault and Airborne? That's quite a string of weak games for such a majorly promoted series. Garbage like Call of Duty: Finest Hour doesn't help things at all, either.

There's some really nice WWII games that get little exposure, too. Deadly Dozen and Hidden & Dangerous were both absolutely fantastic series well worth turning up in the bargain bins. Ever play The Outfit? Many other sci fi games are little more than WWII games with a fresh coat of paint. The easiest example is Killzone, which is a schizophrenic mix of WWI/WWII/Korea/Vietnam all in one title, though if you pay attention, you'll find quite a few other games with obvious WWII influences. Remember the assault map "Overlord" in Unreal Tournament? Guess the WWII-themed movie that directly inspired that one.

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Open world allows you to roam around and explore a large area. Even something like Headhunter on PS2/Dreamcast could be considered an "open world" game.

Sandbox games seem to be defined by games that are "open world" while having "asshole physics" (or emergent gameplay. whatever). Crackdown, GTA San Andreas, Oblivion, etc.

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Woops, I misspelled Star Wars: Episode I - Racer

Trying to dig up my instruction manual to confirm a proper name for the games anyway. It looks like the games should be called "Star Wars: Episode I Racer" (according to this press release anyway).


(for fun, read how many different ways they spell the game title throughout the press release)