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Really sad to see you leave Patrick. It's just sunk in that the Interview Dumptruck has probably made it's last stop at the depo :(

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I'm sad GB didn't do a commentary livestream. Had to make do with TWiT

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Already a member but wanted to support the guys a bit more so just bought a VinnCo shirt. Even with shipping it comes to £15 / $25 so not too bad in the grand scheme of things :)

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I guess this was how it was always going to be now that the hype around the new console launches is relatively over. Shame to see another site cutting down on content, feels like GB is an anomaly. I'm not heavy into GameSpot but I have certainly noticed that my interest in GameTrailers has dropped completely ever since their recent cuts. Hope everyone involved finds success elsewhere.

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Really happy for this. Quick question, I don't get home until 7:10pm (UK) at the earliest. Am I right in thinking I can use this link: to rewind an hour while they're livestreaming? Thanks.

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@soup_menu: Good news, some of the combinations work!

0, 1: No improvement.

3, 11: Full screen working again and you can see the playback buttons & scrubber.

7, 15: Full screen works but playback buttons & scrubber disappears.

So I'll try 3 and 11 and post if anything crops up. What are those composed of? Thanks again for your help! I really really appreciate it.

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Just done a clean install but still the same problem unfortunately! :(

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I love the app for a long while now. Is there anyway to bring back true full screen though? The android bar fades away but I can still see three dots and there are black bars around the video now. I use an android box hooked up to my TV to browse the app. Am I better off finding a way to revert to prior 2.0 when it went full screen?