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#1 Posted by Row (30 posts) -

I'm hoping Sleeping Dogs gets 2013's 2012 GOTY.

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Last year was the first Xmas in a long while that I didn't ask for any. I don't think I'll be asking for any this year either mostly because of a combination of a backlog as well as nothing this year really enticing me.

I used to know someone who would buy himself games on release, get his folks to wrap them so that he could open them on Xmas day. Dude had patience.

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Request sent. PS3


#4 Posted by Row (30 posts) -

Always liked the guy. I'd like to imagine that he sometimes sits in his Wedbush office in the middle of the afternoon watching UPF.

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@kishinfoulux: I reckon other GameTrailers staff such as Ryan Stevens, Jeremy Hoffmann, Marcus Beer will give their tributes to Ryan on this weeks Invisible Walls podcast.

#6 Posted by Row (30 posts) -

Thanks for the podcast. I listened from start to end with no breaks which is something I've never done before. The podcast has started to help me with the beginning of acceptance and closure.

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I just still cannot comprehand the news. I've been listening to the podcasts (as well as watching as much video content) religiously for the past 9 months. Hearing the familar voice of Ryan was a safe way for me to get away from the real world while I was commuting to and from uni. If anything, Giant Bomb got me through my final year of uni having to deal with exams and deadlines. Tomorrow is my graduation but I just feel so numb having heard the news a few hours ago. I will miss him dearly. RIP

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RIP Ryan Davis.

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Great article Alex. You hit a very good point not touched upon by others - the used market may die as most of us slowly but surely go towards all digital.

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There's no denying the quality Drew would add. But I reckon Drew already has a lot on his plate on the production side so maybe can't spare the 3-4 hours.

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