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I rely on the Android Video Buddy app to be able to watch UPF in the living room. I'm always a bit gutted when I wake up on Saturday morning to not see it archived yet. First world problems and all but hope the team can find a resolution.

edit: it's up :) Saturday night saved...

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I caved and finally got myself a subscription with one of the codes :)

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Personally I'd rather they just played their favourite games of the last generation. Make it a weekly premium video and not have to worry about really making a ranked list.

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I'm almost certainly going to subscribe for the first time once a sale is made official. Actually not too bothered by the prem vids weirdly enough but I just want to show my support for the GB crew since I started visiting 18 months ago. That, and having access to the HD streams when watching on TV will be worth it for next gen quick looks.

Hopefully at some point in the future Gamespot UK will store some of the tshirts available to make it cheaper and easier for us Europeans to get a VinnCo shirt :)

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I'm hoping Sleeping Dogs gets 2013's 2012 GOTY.

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Last year was the first Xmas in a long while that I didn't ask for any. I don't think I'll be asking for any this year either mostly because of a combination of a backlog as well as nothing this year really enticing me.

I used to know someone who would buy himself games on release, get his folks to wrap them so that he could open them on Xmas day. Dude had patience.

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Request sent. PS3


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Always liked the guy. I'd like to imagine that he sometimes sits in his Wedbush office in the middle of the afternoon watching UPF.

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@kishinfoulux: I reckon other GameTrailers staff such as Ryan Stevens, Jeremy Hoffmann, Marcus Beer will give their tributes to Ryan on this weeks Invisible Walls podcast.

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Thanks for the podcast. I listened from start to end with no breaks which is something I've never done before. The podcast has started to help me with the beginning of acceptance and closure.

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