Posted by Rowr

...I hope i dont get shot.
Posted by ZeroCast

Stay away from Chicago, that's all i can say!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Where you headed, specifically?  I imagine it'll be a really long flight, no matter where :)

You may be surprised how incomplete a picture you get of the U.S. from domestic news.  Just keep an open mind.

Posted by Sweep

CRAB CLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Disgaeamad

Why would you put yourself through that?

Posted by WallacetheGreat

I'll summon the rose bearers for your arrival, Sire.

*turns to the rose bearers*


*claps hands*

Posted by Pepsiman

You should come to Denver and try your Denver jokes on the natives there. :D

Posted by ManlyBeast

Just don't run up in my yard... I have dogs.