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Posted by Rowr

Can you imagine a more shameful blog title.
I couldnt.
So you should all play the sword fighting showdown mode on Wii Sport Resort with the Wii Motion Plus.
It's pretty much the awesomest thing on the wii, they should make more advanced games based on the concept. 

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Posted by nanikore

Who's Jef Gerstmann?

Posted by Rowr

This guy i know, lives two streets over.
O..you didnt think i meant...

Posted by MysteriousBob

I'd rather have sex with Jeff five times than play that shit.

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i guarantee its better than you think.
*Edit = sex with jeff gerstmann i mean

Posted by Elazul

This thread has gone bad, man. Really, really bad...

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Posted by demonbear

I'm not sure Jeff ever had sex with anyone.
Yeah I said that.

Posted by Sil3n7
@demonbear said:
" I'm not sure Jeff ever had sex with anyone.  Yeah I said that. "
*cricket* *cricket*
Posted by starrjack1
@Rowr: You fucking defend that.  It was ahead of it's time!  The upgrading system was great!  It had a little jankiness but so did pschyonauts!
Posted by Hot_Karl
@demonbear said:
" I'm not sure Jeff ever had sex with anyone.  Yeah I said that. "
Nah man, Jeff loves boobs. How would he know that he loves boobs if he hasn't had sex before?! EXPLAIN THAT
Posted by Griddler

At least you are aware of it's shamefulness.
Also, Table Tennis>Sword FIghting

Posted by Ben99

I hate this thread

Posted by jakob187

Jeff must've made a shitload of money for fucking you. 

Posted by Hamz

Rowrsie, Rowrsie, Rowrsie.....time for bed my furry little friend. 
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