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Wheres the option for "wait and see how badly they screw up the PC version" ?

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@sweep said:

(it's not spam, you wrote plenty enough to justify the video)

Fuck sharks right in the face. I hate them and I'm not playing this game ever, either. I honestly don't know how you're still alive in that ridiculous country. Get out, Rowr! Get out while you can!

And take V with you I guess? If you've got room?

There's no time! Survival of the fittest!

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You do realize that because of bullshit like nat geo's shark week, certain sharks are now endangered species? Shark attacks are not common in the slightest. More humans die from animal-related bullshit like crashing into some stupid deer on the road or being trampled by a cow or a donkey kicking them in the throat than from sharks. Coupled with that spurious data about "reports" about shark attacks, said "reports" have varied from people saying "I think I saw a shark in the water" to "I cut my foot while paddling; it was a shark".

Feel free to follow that nat geo link i posted and to observe that the last 6 attacks or something are where i live. Most of them involve witnesses watching the shark leave the scene with a freaking body in it's mouth.

Also this thread is mainly to highlight recognised "irrational fears".

I've got no interest in a shark culling/endangered debate here.

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I was perusing the "your queue" thingy on steam this afternoon when I came across this.

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Unlike you're average Australian (probably), sharks are my not-so-secret greatest fear.

Parts of my childhood that I swam at the beach I lived in paralysing fear, skulking around in the shallows expecting to be eaten at any moment. Some would say my fear is irrational, I say IS IT?, IS IT REALLY?

When I play Farcry 3, and fall in the water, I physically freak the fuck out. The Assassins Creed 4 diving missions were an ORDEAL for me. My greatest fear fighting my completion compulsion. I enjoyed throwing sticks at those fuckers from the hunting boat though.

Any one else got any unreasonable fears that manage to pierce through the illusion in video games? The most likely one I can think of is arachnophobes, since spiders seem to make a regular video game occurrence.

Anyone else struggle through those AC diving missions, or am i completely alone in this..In a swimming did this shark get in here...where are the ladders for the love of God WHERE IS THE LADDER.

(Also this game looks pretty cool but i will NEVER play it.)

p.s. If a mod wants to decide this is youtube spam for some reason, feel free to take the video out of my post or whatever.

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All in all, it sounds like this abusive spouse simulator is a success!

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@chilibean_3: It's not Twitters fault. But that doesn't mean it's not a bad thing.

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@franticrain: I hope you are keeping the boxes so you can build them into some sort of giant statue at the end.

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Also I heard Patrick wants to go to Hawaii, lets raise funds to send Patrick to Hawaii!!!

It sucks that Patrick lost his phone, but it wasn't exactly stolen and he isn't exactly going to die without his top of the line smart phone.

I feel there are better things worth raising money for, like sick kids or something.

If you want you could raise some money for me so I can afford to buy a top of the line smart phone? Mine is kind of old and janky.

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@jesus_phish: That's rough. Well hopefully he can negotiate some sort of apology with valve or something, this has got to suck for anyone who helped make thiis.

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When are you all going to realise twitter is the devil yo.

On the bright side this should give the game some publicity when he launches it on gog...right?

Also is it ok to start the catchphrase "yo just got twittered fool!"

Nope. The problem isn't with the tool, it's with the person using the tool. It almost always is.

I mean, just how stupid does someone have to be to do that.

Just how emotionally and mentally immature does someone have to be to react this way?

Well the reality is that some people under a lot of pressure can crack and make mistakes by flying off the handle. It's always easy to judge people when you aren't in their situation.

This could boil down to a gun control argument, but I really don't want to get into that.

Basically humans aren't perfect, we all have different coping measures we have learnt in life - often from those we grew up around and they aren't always the most constructive. Throw some common modern issues like depression in the mix and it's not suprising things like this come about - "mental immaturity" or not.

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When are you all going to realise twitter is the devil yo.

On the bright side this should give the game some publicity when he launches it on gog...right?

Also is it ok to start the catchphrase "yo just got twittered fool!"

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@ntm: It's not actually a case of optimisation so much as this game was release with a ton of graphical options available for "the future". I guess you could say it's an optimisation issue in a sense, but it's actually the fact they threw all that stuff in for when PC's could actually take advantage of it through brute force. Naturally later on people found more efficient ways of running the same graphical options.