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@machofantastico: Not sure it's quite going to scratch that Kingdom under fire itch but good luck, Kingdom under fire was much deeper. These games don't have much in the way of controlling armies directly, it's more indirect by taking supply bases and defending/attacking officers. It's still fun, but definitely not as cerebral or strategic. Also where is new kingdom under fire? Someone is making that right? I wan't it.

For my money DW games have always shined in co-op, where you can split your priorities in the missions and have some casual fun with it.

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The most important thing to take away from all this is that there are people who identify themselves as mojangsta's.

Also on further reflection, for the sale not being about the money, they sure did pay 2.5 billion for it...Surely he would of had pretty good offers for ummm i dunno slightly less in this time he has been willing to let it go.

Also if you are here carrying on over whether he sold out or not, you are a moron. Of course he did and who gives a fuck anyway. ( O GOD OUR AMAZING COOL INDIE CHAMPION THAT WEARS A COOL HAT SOLD OUT. ITS TOO MUCH FOR MY COUNTER CULTURED HEART TO BEAR)

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You got Patricks hair wrong.

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Who has both new consoles this early in the cycle, i don't freaking know...

Of course it is collecting dust, there is like three games out for next gen, and you have both consoles to play them on.

I guarantee you will buy another one within 4 years.

Some people are just serial console buyer/sellers.

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O hey it's people being dramatic about politiics, that never happens!

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@heyguys said:

I thought those reviews mean that we're in a console transition period and reviewer's expectations have outpaced what games that straddle the generational line can provide.

I don't see any evidence of this. If anything after the huge drought everybody should be ready to eat up whatever gets thrown at them.

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Whoever the fuck decided that loot driven games need to have repetitive mission design with a complete lack of story can go to hell.

Everyone has kind of just accepted it's got to be that way, whether it's the multiple failed MMO attempts that just cloned WoW in this regard. Or something like destiny which could have easily kept all it's loot/grind mechanics intact and ALSO provide some compelling mission design and story. They fucking did it with the Halo series, it's not as if they aren't capable.

I am completely perplexed, it's almost like they have done it deliberately, it's as if they say "o hey this is a loot driven game, so we don't need to make any other components compelling." What a terrible waste of an opportunity to make something with the best of all worlds.

Have they done some sort of personality testing to say that people who like one aspect ignore another? Because that's certainly not the case for me.

I still hold out that one day someone can merge the way these genres work without compromising so hard on either, there is no magical reason it's not possible.

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12 year olds hating on old classics is my new least favourite part of video game forums.

I assure you I am much older than 12. Don't worry I was playing games before the original MGS came out.

Sorry I just assumed, I would of thought if you had played it at the time it came out it would be glaringly obvious how far ahead this game was in many ways than anything else at the time. This feels like a troll thread.

I'm not heavily invested in the MGS series, in fact I barely got a few hours into the second game and never played any since. Also I fucking hate Anime.

I've played games of all genres on almost all platforms.

Yet i'll always regard this game as one of the best I ever played.

Judging this game through modern eyes is hardly going to give it a fair shake, you won't find anything else of it's age that holds up any better in a genre that has continued to be developed on.

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Divinity is probably my pick for the year.

I've had some fun with lichdom battlemage, it does have some progression issues though.

Otherwise same as everyone else, revisiting Diablo 3.

Seems like more than ever the steam store is flush with small releases and less than ever is there anything compelling.

It's definitely been a good time for back logs.

Was broken age this year? I enjoyed that also.

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12 year olds hating on old classics is my new least favourite part of video game forums.