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Holy shit guys, this second scene...

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@gaspower: Haha, if someone said "Get Bopped, Son" I wouldn't have written this post.

@flacracker: Yeah, definitely don't think I'm hot shit, haha. I think I said that I'm not very good. If I suggested I'm great at DOTA, then that was my mistake. I guess I'm just saying that I don't think that 3K MMR is where I should be, given what other 3K MMR people have been doing. A good example is actually that I don't feel as though I can play as a carry, because most of the time that means we never have a support, never have wards or a courier.

@rowr: Thanks duder, this is great advice. I've been trying, for sure, but I think I could be better about supporting the hard carry. I was watching some Purge videos, and he played this crazy, roaming support alchemist that seemed to wreak havoc on the other team. I might try that kind of thing too.

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Maybe a slightly off-topic but related question; what's the appeal/benefit of playing ranked? I have yet to give it a try, not because I fear words on a screen but more because I am not really seeing the point.

Honestly, I started playing ranked because I thought that once I got to a high enough MMR, that I would be playing with people that mostly knew what they were doing. I didn't realize that solo ranked is where a lot more of the toxic community resides. And, yeah, I like the other meter too ;-)

Roaming support can work, but if it doesn't pan out it can backfire if you don't find the ganks because you don't get the levels and money you would in lane. It really depends on the teams composition, if you have someone who is a good offlaner and can be left to solo lane, or a lineup that requires a single farmed carry (like a spectre or am) then you can trilane/roam more effectively. Generally you will want someone with a good stun, like a venge, sk or tusk. Just being off the mini map can help your lanes out for the fact every one has to worry in their lanes that you could suddenly pop up, especially if you manage a few successful ganks early.

Also to answer the other question, i've found ranked to be much better in general as far as toxicity and especially abandons because people care a lot more about winning. Thats probably where a lot of the toxicity also comes from though as people hate to lose and will generally pick others to blame when it goes down hill. People are likely to get upset about smaller parts of the game also because they care more, where as unranked is just whatever.

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Hi all,

I just need to vent a bit, and then I'll ask a favour, haha. Apologies if this is shit people have already went over in detail before.

I recently played enough ranked games to get an actual MMR. I started at 3000. At the time I received it, I wasn't sure if this was good or not, but I just rolled with it. It turns out that 3000 has consistently landed me with people who are not very good at DOTA. That was OK with me at first, but it started to get on my nerves as my team would feed, and I'd play support and still beat out our carries. I don't need people to be awesome, god knows I'm not, but there was no semblance of team play at all, and it seemed, to me at least, that I was consistently playing better than other people on my team (I've played probably 15 games at this MMR).

This might've been OK if it weren't for the absolutely awful, disrespectful bullshit that happened almost every game. Besides being called a noob and getting "EZ" all the time from the other team (which feels like the DOTA equivalent to teabagging), my own teammates almost always freak the fuck out at everyone else. Being called a "noob" isn't really a problem, despite it being childish, but it's another thing when people start calling me a "Peruvian ni**er" or some other crazy, bigoted bullshit. And if that doesn't happen, people just blame everyone but themselves for losing, even if they're playing horribly. There are always a lot of rage DCs or rage AFKs in my games, even when we're not that far behind.

So, a few things. Is this everyone's experience playing ranked at this MMR? Is there a way to stop this from happening, besides just not playing solo MMR ever? And, lastly, if you're not a fucked up miscreant, can you please, please, please friend me on DOTA so we can play together?

While you may be playing well individuallly, it could be that your making some poor choices in regards to helping your team to actually win the game. I'd suggest keeping an open mind to peoples criticm. As was said, it's easy to say "im better than these scrubs" but ultimately if thats where your mmr landed (and especially if its where it stays) that's where you are at.

Then again, yes solo matchmaking is full of fucking assholes sometimes. Try and pick your time of day when your not getting arrogant kids or basement dwellers - usually like afternoon and evening. Sometimes it's just worth muting everyone - even your team.

My advice (as someone playing in the same sort of mmr dealing with the same shit) is to try and choose good support heroes that transition well into mid game (such as mirana or ss). Lane with your hardest carry and do everything you can to secure their farm as far as pulling and harrassing the enemy. It seems like its 50 50 that your carry will farm effectively so in the case that they are hopeless you can catch up on farm going into the mid game by strategically and carefully pushing outer towers (but make sure to defend if its needed) while everyone is screwing around being inefficient mid game. Rarely expect any thanks or glory as most of your team wont notice good support play they will just assume they are playing awesome.

If your efficient with your last hitting you should be able to catch up on farm and help pick up the slack for your carry while also giving them some space to catch up themselves. Try and take on map awareness for your entire team and call missing and ping if you see your team in vunerable positions.

In my experience if you decide to hard carry you put yourself in as vulnerable a position as if you support. Your supports (if anyone even picks any) are probably not going to ward, they will probably push your lane and autoattack your creeps. The worst part of this is they will probably blame you when it all inevitabley goes to shit in the mid game because you got no farm. Your lack of map vision will probably lose you the game (especially if the other team is warding effectively.) So if you are playing carry and noone is warding, just buy the fucking wards. If you can get one pickoff from them or they save you from a gank, they paid for themselves.

Some games you just aren't going to win, and there's nothing you can do. Accept that and recognise that you played your hero correctly, and did everything you could.

The draft is one of the most important aspects of the game, pay attention. While you dont need to agonise over counterpicking every member of their team, just pay attention to the important stuff. Do they have a lot of sneaky gankers with burst damage? Dont pick someone squishy and/or needs to jungle a bunch. Have they picked a bunch of carries that take forever to come online? Pick good early game pushing heroes to make them suffer the early game. The entire game is about countering and disabling the enemies lineup (items choices play a big part in this.) Dont buy a high damage item if they are just going to kite you or chain stun you to death anyway, pickup some utility items - the whole game is positioning.

For god sake, if you are playing invis heroes, dont go off alone and CARRY DUST ALL THE TIME. There is very little excuse that a team should be able to snowball out of control on invis heroes such as riki or clinkz.

The biggest thing that will make a difference to your mmr at that level is effective farming (and smart item choices), so practice and work hard at your last hitting.

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Destructoid have been generally known to unapologetically write opinionated reviews.

Which is why I never go near that site and the snarky assholes it attracts.

This sort of just comes back to what reviews mean and how they should be interpreted nowdays. People writing a load of bs about a game they don't understand the fundamentals of in a review is certainly nothing new though.

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There is a distinct lack of Pokemon being mentioned here.

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File this away under "things we look back at and cry about post apocalypse"

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Noise cancelling headphones

I used to fly out to Seattle from London semi-regularly as I did a degree in Portland. Nothing helped me zone out on the 9hr body-clock ravaging west to east journey as much as noise cancelling headphones.

Suggested reading: BK Vaughan's Private Eye or Brian Wood's The Massive

I have a pair of in-ear earphones I use that do a decent job of blocking out the noise but I think a proper set of over ears is necessary. Any recommendations? Also, Private Eye is so good! I need to catch up on the latest issue.

Last i checked the bose ones had the best noise cancelling.

I have a pair of PSB m4u2, pretty expensive though.

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Noise cancelling headphones make a big difference to tuning out the fact that you are even on a plane.

You want a game such as civilization where the hours disappear that you can just zone into.

I dunno maybe try to stay up a long time before you fly so you will be so exhausted you sleep. Take a neck pillow.

I fly from the west side of AUS to Portland OR like twice a year so 10 hours sounds like a freaking picnic.

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SPORE was a pretty harsh hit against it's expectations.

And then I found out i couldn't even give it away to my sister because of some shitty DRM. Fortunately they loosened that restriction slightly and she got some fun out of it so i guess it wasn't a complete waste. The new sim city was pretty awful to. RIP maxis.

Anyone else care to vote for the PlayStation Move? Useless piece o' crap.

I got some small use out of it, okami alone almost makes it worthwhile. I actually played a bunch of killzone 3 with it and it was pretty ok - preferable to the shitty dual shock sticks even. Hey at least they didn't bundle their POS camera so you HAD to pay for it!

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I bought this ages ago and didn't finish the first act.

Can anyone incentivise me?