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This website is pretty great.

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Now that this game is officially out, any opinions duders? I agree with @Jazz_Bcaz and his point about the hands on screen being rather clunky, but I am interested in a game trying to innovate in a well worn genre.

I thought about asking this question a few days ago, reviews seem pretty positive for the most part. I think i'll probably give this a whirl in the next few days when I get home. From what I can gather it seems pretty fun.

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I find this kind of hilarious given how difficullt it is to get a refund on stuff in this country, compared to like the USA which tend to be super customer friendly.

Our government loves to chase up on a technicality though, we inhereted that british empire order and buerocracy.

I can see the issue though, I mean if we buy a game for 90 dollars on steam (why its ninety dollars no one fucking knows anyway since the usual excuse of shipping wont work on digital distribution.) and then the fucking game wont work thats a pretty strong case for getting upset. The ACCC protects customer rights in this country and without it the average person is pretty likely to get fucked over all the time given our absolute lack of competition for anything - thus our shit house customer service.

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I cant see civilians doing anything but detract from the tone and gameplay.

This seems like one of those things that people would think would be a good idea and make sense for some reason, but actually it's a terrible idea. For them to spend the time and money to implement it would be wasteful. If they did implement it and actually try and make it more than a lame cosmetic thing, they would have to build systems around it and it would just become a completely different (probably worse) game by nature.

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Pre-ordering games is always a bad idea. Always.

Unless you are in some remote area where you expect their not to be enough copies and you absolutely need to play it day one there is no point in preordering games. Every time you preorder you kill puppies.

Well you at least become a part of a pointless initiative where the end result is shitty exclusive side content omitted from the game.

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This seems like it would matter more if anyone gave a crap about reviews anymore or took them with anything more than a grain of salt anyway.

I mean i dunno, Patrick for example seems to be friends with zoe quinn and seems to do a lot of write ups that involve her. Is that some sort of conflict of interest that he writes articles involving her because he is invested as someone who is friends with her.

I'm aware that's a pretty bad example, tbh I haven't read any of it so i'm just speculating to make a point.

All the bounds and rules of journalism I used to care about kind of mean less and less to me by the day since it kind of feels like traditional responsible journalism has pretty much fallen apart in the tide of sensationalist attention seeking and money hats in recent times.

I dunno maybe i'm just getting old and jaded.

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It feels like they did nothing with the extended episode time except pad it out and rush past the plot points with some throw away dialogue.

Not a great episode, very disjointed with a lack of the production value introduced in previous seasons.

Still it showed a few hints of promise for future episodes, the leads seem to have a decent back and forth going on. It definitely wasn't the awesome introduction like they had when they introduced the 11th doctor.

I have faith it will hit its stride in the next few episodes.

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Cool writeup, interested to hear your thoughts.

"In HotS, since you’re always going to run around as 5 anyway – whoever wins the first fight has probably won the game, because now your whole team is a higher level than the other team and since talents are all your playing with, it’s real hard to lose. They’ve mitigated this somewhat with underdog bonuses. Higher level teams gain less experience per kill, and lower level teams gains more. So every individual kill is worth much more to the lower level team which can even out the game for a bit, but like I said, it’s hard to lose if you win the first team fight."

The whole please everyone strategy you have described sounds awful, though I guess this game isn't targeting existing moba players. Really though, is there actually a market for people who want to play dumbed down versions of games like this. Once you take out all the depth and strategy, what is the actual point anymore?

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I'm hoping they can just drop a new IP out of no where. Rockstar are great for that.

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