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Owning both consoles this early is kind of madness i'm afraid, you will possibly regret it.

At least wait for the exclusives to come out, you are more likely to be able to grab a nice bundle or something. It doesn't hurt to wait and see how the games pan out review wise either.

If you are just one of those people that needs new gadgets, buy like a vita or something.

I mean unless you are going to miss multiplayer with friends or something, don't feel like you are missing out on anything - there is nothing out for these consoles at this point.

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@zevvion said:

@rowr: There was literally no game that played as well as GTA until Saints Row came out. It was the first clone that did it right. Open world games are viable now no matter the setting. But at that time it was GTA or nothing.

I absolutely agree. I just wanted to say I don't necessarily think they were "doing it better than GTA" in the sense there wasn't any GTA out to actually draw a comparison, but I 100 percent know what you mean.

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@ntm: sysreqlab. I think it treats graphics cards with the m as the desktop version, or at least I had that problem in the past. That could be why it's giving you iffy advice regarding crysis etc.

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Holy shit I want that vib ribbon one.

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@zevvion said:

@notnert427: Saints Row was the first game to actually do GTA better than GTA though. That is worthy of mentioning. The only thing GTA had over Saints Row at that time was the vibe. But Saints Row was a better playing and more fun game in all other aspects.

In actual fact the case at the time was that there was no GTA available for next gen till 4 came out. I'm not sure it could be argued it was "doing GTA better than GTA" since there was no GTA available that wasn't a few years old. Saints Row wasn't exactly mind blowing on it's own, but it was the first to take advantage of the GTA gameplay with the new technology which really showcased the jump in physics etc - being practically a launch title it was a lot of "right place right time".

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@nightriff said:

I would be surprised if it couldn't run 2, Infinite maybe on the lowest of settings so if frame rate and graphics aren't necessary for you, you should be ok.

I also use:

I prefer it to but either should help give you an idea of how well your computer will run the games.

They may have sorted it out by now but I used to have some issues with this site accurately judging laptop versions of graphics cards. So just be aware.

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@badnews said:

@tobbrobb: @rowr: So Moe basically kinda translates to a female at the cusp of becoming an adult. A young girl that isn't an adult nor a child and gives feeling of someone who is still young and innocent.

So Moe Anthropomorphism means young girl with traits from an inanimate object or concept. The reason for all the anime is because it's most common with Japanese products like cute anime girls to represent their brand. To give you an idea think of the mascots for cereals. That could be considered anthropomorphism. Now if they were cute young girls it would be moe anthropomorphism. But there is a distinct lack of that in western culture.

This does not mean only anime counts. It's just the most common.

Rowr I would love to see others take a crack at this. If you have your own design ideas I wouldn't mind doing "fan art" of it.

You had me at "Inanimate objects or concepts with obviously human attributes"

You lost me at "young girl"!


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I couldn't get past the first several hours.

I still cling to the idea that one day I might finish it but I just couldn't deal with the overblown ham fisted presentation of the story and the characterisation of shepard.

I don't know maybe it sorts itself out later, but the cringe factor was just way to high.

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@skullpanda1: Is the razer sturdy? I've bought a Naga before and it malfunctioned about 2 months afterwards. It had (virtually) adjustable sensitivities and just went complete bonkers one day.

The software package for razer is ridiculously dodgy and a big resource hog.

That said, I found the naga to be a pretty decent mouse. I get keyboard malfunctions pretty regularly though.

Also take your time picking out a chair, no matter how good it seems to be in the shop i've bought chairs that just aren't good for my back a couple of times. Tell the salesman to leave you alone, and try and put it up against a desk or something to get a good feel for it for a few minutes.