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I would advise not overly stressing about skill builds and what the "standards" are too much.

There generally isn't any single best skill builds because any given game is probably going to require different things.

Even the pro's (and especially the pros) run non standard builds fairly often. Just play a few games and experiment and decide for yourself what works best, obviously some hero's work better with rigid builds than others but most of it comes down to common sense and what you are trying to achieve in any given game, what synergises better with your laning partner etc.

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I agree this game seems overhyped and overambitious at least from the way people have interpreted it and probably will never live up to that, I think it's silly to suggest it doesn't exist in some early stage and to assume it wont get developed into something playable (and probably kind of awesome). There's definitely a little peter molyneux going on here in the sense that what is being explained sounds amazing in concept yet will likely realistically turn out to be a little less exciting in execution.

Still, I'm a firm believer that if you shoot for the stars you might at least make it to the moon, so good fucking luck to them I hope we end up with an interesting and fantastic game.

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Witcher 3 wont sale for any more than it already is for preorder, that's unheard of while also making no financial sense for a game considered one of the most anticipated. If it did have some sort of crazy ridiculously dumb sale you would likely see it on GOG first I would of thought.

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"Just read through Polygon and listen to Joystiq."

I think I found your problem.

Don't do those things.

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@cleric22 said:

@rowr: That sentence about Sid Meiers Pirates just about spun me around, because I have a pretty big obsession with that game, including my xbox version, my pc version, my ipad version....

In that case, get it!

It doesn't have the depth pirates does, but it's a similar sort of thing.

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Sorry they are dead.

It looks like you might see some weak ass themed conker content in project spark, thats probably it.

At this stage I fear the results of them trying to reboot a game series that rides a very specific comedic train.

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If i were you I wouldn't burn yourself out playing 4 and just wait for 5. Unless you are a big sid miers pirates fan like I am or are pretty interested in the setting.

I just finished 4 and i think it's the best one since 2, though the story is a little lighter than in past titles.

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I got kind of excited when i saw this, and then checked origin.

Then I realised I don't really want to play this or even BF4 which is also basically half price.

Steam sale is coming up i guess.

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Holy fucking shit. Glad they are ok, sunsfan is one of the coolest guys on the scene imo.

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I have the lowest expectations for Microsoft, so I guess the they have the highest potential to impress. They really need a good showing vs sony this year and i'm sure they realise.

My biggest worry is Microsoft seems to come off too big corporation in the way they try and sell their franchises and it always comes off a little too smoke and mirrors/marketing hype to the point you don't really buy anything they say at this point, especially with the numerous back tracks in recent years. They really need some suprises here, I don't think showing off the usual stuff is going to cut it, nor is anything regarding tech with their kinect functionality since thats all been pretty much written off for the second time as mostly a gimmick.

I think they need at least three unexpected big title exclusives, and more than like 3 indie titles. I don't think they should show anything tech related or social media related. Just big exciting games.