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O God there is anime in here.

I was tricked.

Umm.. enjoy whatever the hell is going on in here i guess..

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If they release this shit on PC locked at 30 fps for absolutely no reason, I'm fucking done with this company.

I don't trust them at this point to be smart enough not to do this, but they are seriously reaching a point where the PC audience is just going to rip this company to shreds on the internet.

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@t_wester said:

@rowr: Apparently its a simulation of a race day. presumably to see if there was problems with car reliability, radio signaling "fanboost" and all the other stuff. A rehearsal of sorts.

The race simulation, which included a full standing start and car change pitstops, marked the first time the 10 teams ran all four of their fully-electric Spark-Renault SRT_01E cars, with the day following the same timetable as all one-day Formula E events.

Huh, weird. I guess it makes sense, it sorts of works as a mini advert I guess as well. Maybe they send that video out to investors or something.

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@t_wester: Can you explain to me what this is? What is a race simulation exactly?

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It was made by WB montreal as opposed to Rocksteady who did the first two, so it's sort of put into that category of "cash grab" sequels.

I haven't played it, but from what I've heard i'm sure it's competent.

Basically by the time you are getting around to the third game in a series people are already getting fatigued of the gameplay so these retreads tend to turn people off.

Also there's something about a different developer taking on a loved series that rubs people the wrong way. I'm sure most people consider the upcoming batman the true third game whilst this is sort of a side thing on it's own.

It's almost exactly the same as what borderlands the pre-sequel is. More of the same for people that are into it, but hardly the next step blockbuster that people want.

That said, it is what it is and there is no reason anyone shouldn't take it for that and enjoy it.

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Generally i'm not sure that artists and graphic designers are clamouring to undermine the value of their time by doing free work for random people on the internet.

But hey good luck I guess you might get lucky.

I think maybe if you threw in the possibility of like, offering a gifted steam game or something that could potentially be more tasteful than saying "hey artists do this work for free for me"

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@sjqpersonal: Thanks for the impressions! I'm sort of in the same frame of mind on this so I might pick it up after all.

@rowr: @flipperdesert: Turn off the settings off and play it like it's real life, that's what I say.

I like your style.

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    We just knew we wanted to get something related to recent releases up today for people. Borderlands QL up soon, too.

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    We’re running this week’s Unprofessional Friday as a free archive since it deals entirely with the PlayStation TV. Not a regular show.

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I would lean towards a new mobo, since I'm taking a guess and assuming that's a pretty decent processor (I have the 3770K).

But really whatever is more cost effective so long as you can get a decent processor for 2011. Last I checked 1150 Mobo's were more cost effective.

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Worth mentioning since it's come up that this is on sale on steam for like $2.50

Or bundled with the game for $6.45

I just grabbed the DLC, haven't tried it out yet. To be honest I still feel like i've got a fair bit to uncover in the vanilla. Great game though if not a bit of a time investment for a rogue like. It's good to fire up once in a while, I find it a bit too stressful to play in anything but short bursts - though leaving a saved game can make it difficult to come back to later and know what the hell is going on.

I'm not very sold on this idea of having to deal with the rain, it kind of just sounds like more work. But i guess people who have mastered this game need some more challenge probably.

I saw they are working on implementing co op which seems pretty rad.