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"your people"


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ItalyCanadian9 said:
"Mourne said:
"ItalyCanadian9 said:
"No his videos are correct. Oh, No i don't I worship Jesus mate."
No, mate, his videos are a bunch of bollocks. I just showed you why that is the case. You just are not capable of rationality. It's unfortunate, but the internet allows those without the ability to think logically and come to reasonable conclusions to make YouTube videos to find like-minded fools. Unfortunate, indeed."

What makes your people so right?"

The fact that they think they are right of course.

Jesus exists, but you must have faith. Its a test he set up for you to prove your worthy.

You see how it works. Its very subtle.
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atheistium said:
"Haha I hate usernames that work in the hobby gender number system.
Like gamergirl69 lol. those suck!"
The best ones are when the username is very individual, but then has a large number attached.

Like "TheOne78"

why bother.

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Omega said:
"Omega said:
"I have a serious question to the Christians on this board.

How do you know the god you worship in the bible is really god? How do you know Satan didn't trick the men who wrote the bible into thinking that he was the almighty God. After all Lucifer was an angel so it stands to reason that he has god-like powers in the eyes of bronze age men, or whatever era they were from.

So if hypothetically, Satan penned the bible, (with the help of ghost writers mathew, mark, luke etc.) how do you know that the bible isn't leading you astray from gods true intent.

So if you die having followed the teachings of the bible wouldn't you then be a follower of satan, and sent to hell?

Maybe God will show mercy on the athiests who chose to think for themselves instead of act like sheep.

    Or *gasp* maybe there is no hell at all. Maybe it is in the bible purely as an attempt to terrorize humans. Maybe, just maybe God (if he/she exist) truly is a just and loving God and gives all creatures in the universe a place in paradise no matter the mistakes they made as a flawed mortal. Maybe We'd all live forever in total bliss and harmony. Noone exluded, noone punished all sins truly forgiven.

Kind of a scary thought don't you think?"
[If shawn can repost due to the flood than I can too. I never got an answer because of all the arguing with IC9.]"
aha thats funny.

Dont break their fragile minds with original thoughts.
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VilhelmNielsen said:
"She's the devil! The devil is not attractive!"
are you kidding the devil is always attractive.

have you seen bedazzled?

(you probably shouldnt)
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Patchinko said:
"Interpreting scripture to make it seem like it's talking about scientific facts is not evidence of God.

It's evidence of creative interpretation skills."
The answer to this thread.

Would you believe in god if their were scientific evidence? The answer is of course yes.

Is this legitimate evidence. The answer of course is no.

wtf are the +400 posts for.

arguing religion online is about the most futile thing i can think of.

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I am actually a fanboy of these types of threads. I hope to see more of them.

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Lies said:
"Rowr said:
"Its not awful.

Its just not perfect.

put in some better lightsaber stuff, put another coat of polish on, and im fine with it.

get rid of that godawful font. I dont know whether its supposed to be the "star wars" font, but it brings the whole look of the game down.

There ain't no more polish coming buddy. Game's out in three weeks."
often game developers polish stuff up to the end.

Either way, Its easy to recognize this isnt a Great game. But its entertaining enough. Accept it for what it clearly is and we will all move on.

Its unfortunate i was hoping for a great game when i heard good things about it early.
We're moving in to the rollercoaster ride of great games coming from now to christmas, so one less game isnt that much of a dissapointment. Star Wars and quality havent been two things i generally put together in recent times. Aside from KOTOR and RC.
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They are awesome. Im a big fan.