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Im going to play some commodore 64 games later in the week. Ill update when i get a better idea of which ones have held up over time the best.

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im 1000% percent behind this.

Vaxadrin said:

  • If you're going to pick an emulated game, make it one of these: NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis/Megadrive.  The emulators for anything above that could be too taxing for people's systems.
I assume anything less than this will be ok?

such as Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari etc.

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stalker africa?

O i mean farcry 2.

Yeh for sure. An upgrade to my computer this year is becoming inevitable.

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was it newish when you bought it?

if so yes.

I think this game probably scales down alright.

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The cake is a lie.

although i probably deserved to have that one rejected?

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ill try this tommorrow.

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I never saw this before last week, but its appropriate in this thread for its time period and its relevance to gaming.

Its pretty great.

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Might as well turn this thread into something.

Post your favourite childhood cartoon/show here. Youtube embed's of intro's encouraged.

heres another favourite.


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It did when i was like 7 or something.

I still have the first show on vhs kicking around.

The plot was brilliant, I was fucking heavy into dinosaurs at that age as well. It also featured some of the biggest names in cartoon voicing, including the dude who does megatron.

The show was actually created to sell the toys.

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my all time favourite