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Just checked this out again now that it's fully released and I dunno it's pretty much what you would expect. I'm never going to play something like this competitively so it's a little upsetting there is no proper single player campaign, I'll probably play through a little galactic war anyway to get my monies worth. The whole server game stuff or however it's handled really gives me the shits though, and I still run into fucking interface issues with the camera getting stuck zoomed in or things lagging out or I don't know it's something new everytime - In all these cases the usual solution is to quit out and start again, unfortunately i think that just records whatever map I was on as a loss though and it takes a LOT of motivation to reboot the game at that point. When I first booted it up I got an unskippable opening cut scene which was fine if the youtube player with them announcing the changes wasn't running simultaneously in the background - it's those things. I guess you get what you pay for though and you can't expect triple A delivery every time out of a kickstarter launched game.

edit - This hasn't really topped the steam top sellers as much as you might expect and the full release has felt super quiet, but I really think that at this point they probably actually made their majority of sales during the early access period - which is kind of interesting to me in terms of when a studio might decide to call it done and move on etc. (not to say anything about this release, I just think in general it's interesting.)

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I bought the game due to the idea of fighting across a solar system and crashing moons into planets. All that is in there unfortunately are the camera controls just awful, I can't shake the feeling that I would enjoy the game more if it was on a flat rather than spherical plane but then it would just be supreme commander.

I will continue to play the game more to see if I can get used to the camera or find the sweet spot in the settings but I'm skeptical.

Im pretty sure you can pretty much entirely control the camera with the middle mouse button? I've definitely found that relatively smooth and simple.

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By then we will be old people and probably decrying whatever new stupid thing young people are doing to further wear down the fabric of decent society.

Or we could be open minded, but that's no fun. I'm already on the X is causing the downfall of society train when it pertains to social networks, so whatever.

I'm only 30 and i already hate anyone under 18!

Ok not exactly, but it's just the way it goes. When we are 60 and beyond we will probably look at society and for the most part be all WTF. Who is to say we are wrong. Who is to say our grandparents are wrong now. Lets be honest society is a bit of a shit show and has in many aspect degraded in recent times. Not to say it hasn't improved as well. At the base of it, humans hate change and blame things they don't understand.

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By then we will be old people and probably decrying whatever new stupid thing young people are doing to further wear down the fabric of decent society.

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Pay special attention to the stats on your gear, the real end game here is getting the best possible synergy between your chosen spells and runes and your gear (including passives that are very important). Critical hit chance and ummm, critical hit amount or whatever it's called (been a few months since I played I've forgotten the exact terminology for a lot of this) are fairly important for doing enough high damage consistently in higher difficulties, in some cases higher offense is your best defense also. Definitely make an effort to try and understand how the properties of your gear work as opposed to just picking the thing that shows up as the highest of something, because if you have a hodge podge of gear without focused properties your going to struggle. Specific advice is fairly class specific, but unless you are playing with some other people consistently and working together you probably want to focus on having some good spells for crowd control, a good single target damage, and a reliable escape or two.

It's possible to play through this game without "farming" and I hate it when people refer to it as something you should be doing. Just make an effort to continue to improve your build sensibley and the legendaries etc will come over time. Remember there is no actual "winning" this, so "farming" something earlier rather than later is entirely pointless, there is no one special item that you absolutely need. Just enjoy playing around with the different builds, and when you find a difficulty level your happy with stick with it until you find it getting too easy.

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The idea that games live and die the week they're released feels crazy to me.

The difference though is the zeitgeist around this game.

Anyway I'm planning on putting in a preorder tomorrow so yes, last minute.

Unless they can pull a Halo:combat evolved, which I doubt.

That game just never stopped selling.

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Ninja Theory are amazingly talented and I have no idea what you are talking about.

I didn't play heavenly sword, but odyssey to the west and DMC are amazing games IMO.

It seems like they don't make games you like fair enough I guess, but your half rants about the games being designed poorly are about as weak as pointing out that they aren't running at 60fps (which is basically every game at the time of release for these games anyway. No one started crying about the 60fps stuff until the last few years.)

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Does Sony really have much say into what goes into a trailer? I thought, at most, they throw money at them so they can put the Playstation stamp at the end of it.

And this trailer doesn't even have that Sony stamp at the end. Sony had absolutely nothing to do with this trailer.

That sort of says how much Sony has managed to successfully brand this game to their console even though it's not even an exclusive when people pop up in forums trying to flame Sony over it.

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When I was an apprentice in a workshop I had to punch holes with a hydraulic metal worker in metal plates for 10 hour days for three weeks straight. I mean there was a lot of that sort of thing alternating, but in this case it was the single task and nothing else.

I've definitely done more tedious stuff than that since I think, but that really stood out at the time.

Last year working at the mines I worked 12 hour shifts alternating days and nights during summer temperatures between 40 and 55 celsius for 5 months with two days off. Was getting pretty wound up by the end of that.

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Huh, wasn't ready for this already.

Hope it's running better than it was a few months ago, I was having some server issues or something and it basically borked my single player campaign. The fact that it's running games in that manner concerns me for launch day.

I'm kind of sad that instead of a fully fledged single player they went with more of a conquest mode, but it is what it is i guess.

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Ok guys I gave this another shot after watching the recent quicklook where Dan is about up to where I left off and decided to start a new campaign. I put some effort into working out the crafting this time which I think will be the stumbling block for most people, but goddam just do it because the crafting is pretty much the whole game. After beating the first cache I messed with it and crafted three epic items, an ice pool infused with mastery and a fireball which casts a little quicker and does more damage. Also a shield upgrade. So yeh all the sudden throw down an ice pool in a hallway and hit a guy with a charged fireball and he pops at about 570 crit. Ocassionally the stars align and it crits for a whopping 2000. So yeh this is just messing around in the first level.

So yeh just thought I would mention cause i wasn't really putting the time into working it out the first few hours and ended up accidentally crafting all my stuff away not understanding how the upgrade system worked and after watching the quicklook with Dan being completely ignorant in the same regard (as you would expect because crafting is dorky yada yada yada MERICA) I thought I would mention and advise for anyone making the same mistake to give it another shake.

If you hit the J button in game it gives you a pretty good run down on how it all works. There's also the tutorials I guess but personally I skipped them because the audio was juttering and lagging for some reason.